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People- Liberty- Equality-Fraternity-Responsibility


Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Subramaniam Masilamany, I am a Tamil

Today my topic is the continuation of last week topic


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“Alone, I may be a small winner but together we can be great winners, that is the power of community and communion”

Here is the good and the bad news. The collapse of the Sri Lankan social, political and economic system is unavoidable and the good news is, it opens up a huge opportunity for Tamils, especially the Diaspora to set in take over the economy and show all the people of Sri Lankan and especially the majority Singhalese that there is a better pathway. Instead of building barricades and bases we must build banks and bridges, Instead of fermenting fear and fever we must ferment farms and factories, Instead of building stadiums and swimming pools we must build schools and shelters, Instead of exporting our national treasures and mothers as maids and live in mistresses we must export high tech high quality products made from our inexhaustible, replenishable brain and mind power.

Tamils must become magnanimous and marvellous and lend their Marco Polos to rediscover Sri Lanka for all. One Singhalese statesman has written to me and asked for forgiveness from Tamils for all the atrocities committed to them, it is our turn to reciprocate his grand gesture. Let all Tamils get together and forgive the Nation of Sri lanka. Mahinda Rajapaksa and The Mahanayake can only be forgiven by an International tribunal, for they are guilty of genocide.

We,Tamils also have our own problems, we are our own problem. We Tamils at present time are a fragmented, selfish, greed motivated people; we have to change, if we have to preserve our great heritage that brought us so far. I see with my own intellect the communities that do not stay and work to preserve their cultural heritage lose all their socio-economic advantage. Tamil community is divided in Sri Lanka, dispersed all over the world and disputing in every nation, what does it tell you? We are on our way to extinction not distinction, When did this great culture of givers become a culture is takers, grabbers, misappropriators, swindlers and impostors? Time to change or change the culture and move on. It is not the culture that makes the people; it is the people who make the culture. We have made a bad culture.


We Tamils must ask ourselves are we producing any results. Or did we produce any results? Or are we just reacting instead of responding. Reaction is emotional, response is intellectual. So when there is some trouble in Sri Lanka we take to the streets or when a ship load of refugees come we react to that news. There are several things to be done; Political, Social, Economical and Cultural. Economical is the most important and most difficult, it is the mother of any society but where are the Tamil “Leaders” who are not willing die for a cause. I appreciate some of those including myself taking to the media and street asking “Others” to do our dirty laundry. Forget about freedom if you are not willing to fight and die for it- Patrick Henry’s quote exemplified.

We Tamils are hard workers and book wormers. Our Parents push us to become Doctors. I do not know why we should ask all our kids to be doctors?. Why not a social worker or a journalist or a politicians or a lawyer? So if we keep producing doctors who is going to take care of the society? If our children lack leadership qualities, how can they excel when they are forced into an area of knowledge they are less suited to. One has to grow in his natural talents to be the best in his life. An acorn can only become an Oak tree not a Redwood tree.

We Tamils do not push our kids into confidence and courage building endeavour. One of the reasons why Americans go to work is to select the best leaders. War is the ultimate form of competition, the one who survive has the natural qualities of a leader.. Only the strong can lead a nation. Look at Tamils, we are very caste conscious. Caste system leads to smaller interbreeding populations and when the choice is limited it leads less vigour progenies. So when you produce physically weaker individuals you are bound to lose the war, as I said war is the ultimate form of competition.

We Tamils had one excellent leader; who led us into world prominence through his valiant efforts. That was my leader honourable Vellupillai Prabaharan, to organise a community to be a well disciplined military force is no small task, Fidel Castro is sill alive, he was killed several times till the world stopped believing CIA.

As a community without a government and a nation called Tamil Land, we have to do more than what others do. Firstly we need a set of code of discipline or moral code of ethics. I have listed a few in this link below

About 28 of them, but we need more, we have to revitalise some of the treasures that were burned down with the Jaffna Library by the barbarian invasion from the south. In my opinion The Mahanayake should be hanged and the Mahavamsa a narcissistic epic like mien kampf should be burned and banned.

The Singhalese people are led into the slaughter house by this Mahavamsa and the maniacal Mahanayake. All over the world lord Buddha is a symbol of peace, tranquility, harmony, and calmness. He is revered and a symbol of peace all over the world except in Sri Lanka he depicted as a terrorist and barbarian.

We believe nothing happens till a man pick up his tools and do something. That first man is the man who till the soil and produce food for all. From here on takes the shape of rest of the economy. Everything else depends on the man who tills the soil, manufacturing is the next, any thing beyond that is lazy mans world. Look, Germany and Japan are the two best cultures of people, they never get too mush outside farming and factories.We Tamil are proud farmers.

Toronto is bursting at its seams with Tamil entrepreneurship and their creativity. If the Europeans and North Americans have found these geese that lay golden eggs all day, whatever happened to the Singhalese in Sri Lanka, Tamil have a great responsibility to take the Singhalese away from their masters and show them they can be world-class people too. So my dear Tamil folks and friends, don’t fork, but form and focus and force you to the top of the heap and proclaim your freedom and independence.

Tamil have to get out of their tribalism or something like it. I do not know if it is caste induced division or tribe induced division. There are always more than two parties indicating deeper social issues at play. I left Sri Lanka 40 years ago, but in Toronto I see this caste issue is very much alive killing the community. Education is the pathway to get our people out of this Dark Age.

My advice to our worldclass tamils is work hard, stay together and never ever give up.

I am Subramnanaim Masilamany

A World Class Tamil, Powered by convictions, commitments and Conscience.