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Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Subramaniam Masilamany, I am a Tamil
Today my topic is the continuation of last week topic


The Jewish people struggled for 2500 years. The Romans and the Germans, the Sumerians and Egyptian treated them like slaves. But Jewish are also people like any one else, Europe belongs to Europeans, America belongs to Americans, India belong to Indians and China belongs to Chinese, but why is that Israel should not belong to Israelis?

Now, let’s talk about Tamils; there is a parallel between both these races. For 2500 years Tamils were never treated with recognition, we were told that we do not belong to Sri Lanka.( If you don’t believe me call Mahanayake of the Malwatte chapter).Over the centuries Tamils were treated as second class subjects by the foreign powers and as well as the Singhalese. I am not fanning the flame of racism, but history. Over the centuries Tamils were degraded systematically, then called terrorists and massacred indiscriminately, a modern day genocide and holocaust. 40,000 people were killed with the help of China and India. This genocide was watched the President via satellite video online real time. He enjoyed every second and every human being killed now talking about reconciliation through proxies.

We Tamils learned two things, one man is still an amoral immoral animal that can be made to kill, and two men also kill for food and property. So the killing is the right of the might. The Jewish people understood it, some Tamils refuse understand it. Israel was not borne out of sympathy or goodwill; it was borne out of the hard work of Jewish people. They after 2000 years of wandering realized that they have to unite. It is now time for the Tamils to unite.

Today Israel is rumoured to possess nuclear deterrence and round the clock, round the year real-time early warning system. Israel is a tiny country in the Middle East surrounded by vast territory of Islamite with oil revenue and reserves yet they want Israel to be wiped out. What does it tell the Tamils? Why do the Indians and Singhalese want to wipe us out? However much we apply the human kindness the basic human nature cannot be changed, it may be suppressed, but for how long? Only a person who is naïve of human nature will believe in peaceful co-existence. Existence is possible only in balance of power.

Putting Tamil in Sri Lanka in the position of Jewish people, I am asking every Tamil who said we must reconcile with the Singhalese, what makes them to think that this racism monster will not raise its head 60-90 years from now. The government has said nothing about reconciliation but it is the Tamil proxies that are talking about it. I am yet to see a written evidence of it. Singhalese have mastered the art of deception. Any one who read the lessons of history will accept that human nature cannot be bargained hence it has to balanced, I hope my Tamil friends get this clear. Human nature is non negotiable hence it has to balanced with appropriate measures. Look USA and Russia are balanced give or take couple of nuclear bombs. Otherwise one will over run the other. Agreements, covenants, contracts are feasible and agreeable between two friends, but between enemies we need the balance of power.

Democracy is not freedom, it is set of condition to conduct your life orderly, but if majority of the people breach it, and then there is not democracy. What happened in Sri Lanka is that majority has consistently broken and bent the covenants, articles, rules and regulations of the social contract and over the years they have systematically degraded the Tamils in every area of human desire. So when a Tamil speaks today he speaks as degraded citizens who has lost the rights but does not know he has lost the rights. It is like slowly heating a live fish in a pan of cold water and as the temperature rises slowly it does not feel the heat but it will reach a point that it will die. The Tamil civilization in Sri Lanka was killed that way. That is wrong. Today that people have been reduced to insignificant percentage and are allowed only consolation and sympathy from the victor.

Can any one tell me a country where the minorities are treated well and as equal citizens except in the USA? The African Americans made sacrifices and made tremendous efforts to rise up and put a man at the pedestal. We are trying but to some feeble Tamils it sound like they say we don’t need it. No free man will ever live below par. He will look for freedom. As Patrick Henry said, Give me freedom or give me death. Until such time we unite there is no salvation, there is no freedom. Please hate me not.

Some Tamils want to join the reconciliation parade. Reconciliation has to come from the victor not the vindicated. If they are genuine the President, the opposition, parliament and the constitution will unanimously proclaim that from here on all citizens are equal. Some Tamils, Please don’t fool us, don’t fool your children, fool yourself if you prefer. To my Tamils, peace is period of cheating, not a period of understanding and acceptance. In the known history of man kind 3000 years of war and 250 years of no war. Tamils must get a few books on history and familiarize with the what happened during the course of history and decide what they have to, what they must do, what they should do and what they ought to do.

The west has provided us safety and sanctuary till we find the way out in Sri Lanka. Do not run them down, as Rev Dr. Chandrakanthan has done, the inner conspiracy of the Mahinda plan seeping out of the holy man’s mouth. Divide the West and the Diaspora then divide the Diaspora, it is too obvious, true or not Tamils should not divide, must not divide, and ought not to divide. Too many divisions too many falls. We don’t have to wait 60 or 90 years to find out what will happen if we make haste and agree for short term concessions, let work on the grand strategy. This is the time. This is the place, we are the people, this is the opportunity and this opportunity will never come again let us not miss it. Tamil must think positive, let bygones be bygones, lets work to unite the people under one objective, then work out a strategy. Israel will not be real if not for the help of the west, but they offered something in bargain, we Tamils must learn, educate, work hard, develop, penetrate the universe for knowledge and find something that will give us invincible power.

Thank you very much,
My name is Subramanaim Masilamany, a world-class Tamil
Powered by convictions, commitments and conscience.