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People- Liberty- Equality-Fraternity-Responsibility


Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Subramaniam Masilamany, I am a Tamil.

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“A clearly defined mission, extreme focus, unwavering determination and relentless perseverance will reach any goal”

Talking about Tamils, in every nation where ever we are, we are a numerical minority, psychological inferiorities and 2nd class citizens. Minority refers to numbers but that does not mean that we have to behave like second class citizens. Every community is in some way a numerical minority so let us not talk about it, but Inferiority is a state of mind, a state due to our anthropology, but we can always evolve out of this state. Both numerical minority and psychological inferiority can be changed, has to be changed, must be changed, and we are going to change. That is what we are going to do; we are going to offer such a compelling and convincing program that people will want to convert to our nature. If we Tamils don’t offer a formidable alternative to our Tamils they may also switch allegiance and alliance and become Singhalese as what happened along the North West coastal areas from Negombo to Puttalam in Sri Lanka. It is not about race or religion, but who has a better plan that will give us economic control, respect and recognition. There are no Singhalese, no Tamils or no others in Sri Lanka; we have people, children of Mother Nature.

To my Tamil friends, I am going to give my advice as to how to become modern Tamils and assert their birth rights. I see Tamils all over the world living like second class citizens. I see them behaving like slaves, coolies and subservient to other communities, but you were born equal, free and clear and you are a free man why would you stoop down or kneel down? The problem in Sri Lanka is we behaved like second class citizen, until Prabaharan appeared in the horizon, He changed it for us; I don’t care what other people say about him. Because of Prabaharan the Singhalese and the rest of the world treat us as an entity with integrity.

Tamils all over the world must elevate themselves to world-class level; they must study The Magna Carta, The Social Contract, The Constitutions, The Bill of Rights and Charter of Rights. As a born human you are automatically conferred certain rights, why don’t we make use of them?

Freedom of association, freedom of rights and trial by a judge are basic inalienable rights of people. How many of our people know it?

The Bill of Rights says, “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”. 575 years ago the Magna Carta declares, “No freeman shall be taken, imprisoned or in any other way destroyed except by the lawful judgement of his peers or by the law of the land. To no one will we sell, to none will we deny or delay, right or justice. So go on the web down load the Bill of Rights and Charter of Rights of your country and read them, apply them, live by them, live as a world-class citizen. But do not get involved in violence, criminal activities, terrorism etc. These are criminal offences and are enforceable beyond borders. The International government is developing and we all will one day become citizens of the world government, until such time Tamils in Sri Lanka must keep fighting. Keep your hopes and sprits high above your head. When Sri Lanka becomes a signatory, they have to, then Mahinda will be charged and sent to gallows, until such time let him live. The day he loses the election he will be handed over to The Hague. He knows that. Murders and Genocide have no time limitations and the charges do not expire. He knows it too.

There are approximately 85 million Tamils worldwide. There are between 65-70 million in Tamil nadu, in India. It is time we the Tamils all over the world unite and manage our welfare. The concept of a nation with borders is fast disappearing so it is pointless segregating ourselves with the outdated idea of separate states. We are bound to enjoy more when we become world-class Tamils. Therefore let us not focus on separation. Wherever we are in any nation we are going to excel at all endeavours with our combined force, and always remain united. Political problems arise when people look upon the government to solve their problems. If we, each one of us, become an economy and a nation unto ourselves, we become strong economically, politically and socially

We must not forget that the world government is lowly developing so one day we all become world citizens. In that respect we Tamils are one step ahead of other nations. Mother Nature didn’t put us through this test of time for no reason; she wants us to be the first to lead in this direction. So my encouragement to my people is take advantage of this great opportunity and let us be the architects of this new world order I can see all these superpowers and other fast developing nations supporting the world government. We Tamils should too.

Singhalese in Sri Lanka are imbued in the primitive qualities such as religion, language, race etc. We will leave them alone. But we Tamils must forge forward with our evolution into world-class high trust society.

We Tamils must learn from the Jewish people, for 1000 years they kept their community alive without a nation, without a government but with strict moral codes. Ten Commandments are part of it. Then code Hamurabi numbering about 282 codes of ethics kept the Babylon alive. We all need those internal gyroscopes.

Thank you very much,

I am Subramaniam Masilamany, A world-class Tamil,

Powered by convictions, commitments and conscience.