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Three years ago I went to my doctor and he said I am diabetic and also my pressure was high and my cholesterol was high too. An excellent candidate for all kinds of life threatening diseases.

He prescribed medication and was told to go for classes. I did. But I cannot control my blood sugar level. So I decided to read about it and experiment about it. Here I am with my blood sugar levels well under control. I want to share this finding with my friends.

There are six disciplines one has to follow. I will give them below. If you cannot adhere to this plan or function within in this plan you may not get good results. As you know diabetes is a progressively degenerative metabolic disease. Remember that sooner or later we all will die; the idea is to live longer.

Discipline itself
Relaxation and response

Discipline, is the most important of all, if you cannot practice what is given below there is not point reading any further. Any ways no body progresses in life without discipline so, get on with it. This article is not for people who do not care how the day opens and how the day closes. To me and my friends it is the key for tomorrow. We want to be as fit as possible for next day life. To me life is a breeze.

First discipline is when you get up in the morning, brush your teeth, wash up and pray to God or go into meditation. As I told you earlier it is comprehensive plan and program. This is life style metamorphosis; not over the counter remedy. Planning and preparing your mind for the day is decided at this very moment of silence.

Second, check your blood sugar level. Write it down. Did you hear what I said? Write it down on a sheet of paper. The sheet may contain date, day of the week, time, food eaten, type of activity, blood sugar level, pulse and pressure. You have to monitor your progress and the target the blood sugar to be between 5 and 8

Thirdly, if the Blood sugar level is say 9.00 mmoles per litre do not add sugar to your tea, avoid coffee. Take one tablet of PGX a high fibre food supplement from any health supplement store. Eat about 50 grams of Rye, or Multi-grain bread with some protein such a ham or fish. Avoid White bread, White sugar, Potatoes, white flour or anything high is simple carbohydrates. PGX will ensure that massive amounts of carbohydrates do not get absorbed into your blood within a short period of time. the idea is to release the carbohydrate in small doses. If the blood sugar level is about 8 you are in good shape.

Fourthly take you regular medication as prescribed by your doctor. See it is comprehensive program so you have to follow it carefully. It is worth it, you life after 50 years is worth every minute of it. Live it up.

If you want take a good high dose multivitamin with anti-oxidants. I will recommend it.

Around 8.00-9.00 am eat another 50 grams of food. Avoid high density food loaded with free sugar. Take another cup of tea, preferably green with milk or cream but no sugar. Free sugar is your grim reaper.

At 12.00 noon the sun starts its down word decline, so is your pancreas. He becomes lazy and does not want to work. We will do something else. We are going to turn you into a cow. You are going to fill your stomach up to 50% with good quality leafy vegetables and then another 50 grams of food and half an apple or any fruit.

During the period between 8.00 am and 12.00 you are going to get a job or turn your job into exercise. See I do physical work in my factory. That will burn your sugar in the other end. On one end you reduced the intake through right food and on the other you burn out the excess. Walking is good, or get a dog or start gardening. But get a job where they will pay you to do exercise. Think positive and think right. Money and Health come in pairs.

The time is now 4.00pm time to quit, not so fast. Grim reaper likes darkness but we are going to get ready for him. From here on till tomorrow morning you need very little food.

So you are going to be a cow again, eat lots of leafy vegetables, not fruity or grainy vegetables The ideas is to eat food that have very low caloric density or low glycemic index. That is the key to healthy living. Avoid coffee. Go for a walk 20 minutes is good.

In winter find an indoor shopping centre. Check you blood sugar level and maintain around 8.00 mmoles per litre.

1. If anything looks white and tastes sweet avoid it completely. They inject heavy dose of sugar into your blood.

2. High density food such as grains and fruits eat in moderation.

3. Avoid or reduce meat, eat fish

4. Avoid fried foods

5. Avoid take out or restaurant foods.

6. Shop in the produce area of the super markets.

7. Learn to read the Nutrition facts or data on the food labels.

8. Avoid alcohol especially beer.

9. Internet is full of information, read.

10. Form a support group and share the knowledge.

11. Make your fridge look colourful, not the outside but the contents.

I am not writing some thing that I read somewhere but this system put my blood sugar level so good that I feel breezy. I person in good health will feel light and breezy.

Try for week and let me know how you feel.

Last but the most important

“It is Life style change, not some quick fix or on and off action”