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People- Liberty- Equality-Fraternity-Responsibility



Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Subramaniam Masilamany, I am a Tamil.

Today my topic is going to be, “Tamils- What will it take to unite the them”

We Tamils have never sent one clear, concerted and unambiguous message to the Singhalese in the South. We are always divided in our objectives, I wonder why? It has been like this for the last 80 years. So time to unite and formulate a common policy and then go for bargaining. Do not let the wrong people negotiate with the Singhalese; they may short sell the community. At the same time we don’t see any sign of Tamils coming together as one unified force and voice. We have to find out why? We have at least wasted 60 years without knowing what we wanted as one community. It is time to sit down and remove race, religion, class, caste, language and sex and replace them with Trust, Honesty, Sincerity, Loyalty, Fraternity, Unity and Responsibility. The current Tamil political establishment in our motherland must reach out and unite the people all over the world. At the same time they should communicate with the United Nations and other nations to safe guard their civil rights, civil responsibility and civil liberty while uniting the people. We seldom hear the word unity among our people and leaders But we have successfully added a new dimension to our struggle, that is the international community. We have successfully taken our struggle to the international level, more remains to be done. We want our people to be patient and proceed relentlessly because we are in the right direction.

We kept on asking the Singhalese give our rights, but what are we willing give in as bargain? You see it is selling job, we have to offer something for something but we are asking for something for nothing. There is no motivation for the Singhalese to address our issues. There is a price at which every thing is negotiable. What is that price? We have to talk, we have to find out, we have to know what price we are willing to pay.

We had the Federal party, the Tamil congress, TULF, LTTE, EROS, EPDP, EPLRF, now we the TGTE, GTF and Thamilar Peravai. Why so many? If the objective is one how can there be more than one organizations. People are fed up with these cronies. People are angry and disappointed. Okay fine, we have more than one but can we at least talk to each other. We will not, it is because of self pride, greed, ambition and selfishness cloud our thinking. We have a heap of garbage and everyone wants climb up the heap and proclaim ownership not leadership. Among Tamils we have owners not leaders. Leader is a person who works for the people and owner is a person whom the people work for. Tamils don’t need owners they need leaders who can empower and show them the pathway out of the dungeon. There were elections held recently, in 2010, Can we have a peek at the elected member’s education and employment status, their credit reports and criminal records and their assets and liability position? I bet some of them will not pass the test of integrity. My dear friend we need clear conscience to be an invincible hero. Leadership, control and responsibility all go hand in hand.

Whatever happened in Sri Lanka for the last 60 years is due to our weakening of the social immune system. Also the corrupt elements in our own community have wreaked havoc on our community. These are the internal cancerous elements. So we are a diseased and destroyed community. To recuperate will be an enormous task. We need four things to help us out. Our believe system, our leadership system, our remedial systems and the support systems. We need the support of the United Nations, the Super powers and the non aligned nations to support us.

If we can unite all our people under one banner, then we can negotiate but then who are these TGTE, GTF and Thamilar Peravai. So we are a divided community, but some people, say it is hard to unite the horses, but it is hard to unite the jackals too. Which one are we? There is a limit to ignorance. We are a community strongly divide by our caste segregation and weakly united by language and religion. Had we been in another part of the world what would have been our language and religion? What happens when you are segregated? You become a low trust society and when you marry within a small population inbreeding depression sets in and all forms of diseases start manifesting.
This is a message for a few of our Tamils.

The behaviour of TGTE, GTF, and Thamilar prevail cronies is sending the wrong message to the world. Too may chiefs no Indian? Or are we busy infighting? It tells the world we are not serious. The Diaspora is the solution but at present we are the problem. I am yet to see a mesmerising, mobilising coagulating, and galvanising unity speech by any of the owners of TGTE, GTF and Thamilar Peravai.

I think in Sri Lanka we lived as not a minority but as secondary citizens. We always behaved like inferior, insecure and guilty people. We still do. There is severe animosity among and between us, but when it comes to the masters we are tail in-between our legs, hind legs. So as second class citizens we keep begging, but we must become world class citizens and must sit down with the Singhalese and bargain. But what do we have to bargain with? Unity comes to my mind first. What the Singhalese are saying is you are being selfish and self serving. Did any Tamil dare ask the Singhalese what is that we have to do to live as equal citizens, NO. What we do is we behave like criminals asking for mitigation. Time to Change or Change your race, religion and culture. No wonder Tamil children are marrying outside. They had it enough with our old petty beliefs and hypocrisy.

Unity can come if each one of us have self respect and self esteem, but we are caught in the Self Pride syndrome. We are competing for the first among the last, not better than the best. Every Tamil must become a force unto himself or herself, every Tamil must empower himself or herself to be a world class citizens. Once you become a great world-class citizen then you can reach out and ask the Singhalese what we can do together. But where are those people who can have the courage to ask that question?

My progress in my life came from my nurturing, I made a few commitments to myself and worked on them and I discovered a great person within myself. When I was put as a defendant I proved to the Judge that not that I am right but I am a man with certain un-compromisable principles which I am not willing compromise. The judge caved in.

Progress needs hard choices and hard work. Therefore every Tamil must become a greater person, greater than himself or herself. To grow with age one need tropism, that is a vision or a goal to work for. A plant has tropism, it grows looking for sunlight. Why don’t you grow towards your light, your enlightenment? That is the true meaning of life. What is your sunlight my friend?

Thank you, work hard stay together and never ever give up.

I am Subramaniam Masilamany
A world-class Tamil powered by conscience, convictions and commitments.