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People- Liberty- Equality-Fraternity-Responsibility


Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Subramaniam Masilamany, I am Tamil, I am determined to bring about justice in Sri Lanka at any cost. Therefore today my subject is:-


In 1948 when the British left Sri Lanka, they handed over to the Sri Lankans a nation that was well organised in several ways. Singapore at that time wanted to copy the Sri Lankan model of government and economy. But in 60 years this Singapore was made into Somalia by the politicians of Sri Lanka.

The Singhalese did some thing that no other nations except Somalia, will dare to do to their country and people; they created a fanatic-nationalistic ideology. But we Tamils told them that is not the way to go, but for some strange reason they thought Tamils were aliens to Sri Lanka and they must leave Sri Lanka. We didn’t know why we should go because we were born there; our parents were born in Sri Lanka. What made them to think that Tamils are aliens?

We realised that repeated Singhalese governments had identical policies towards the Tamils. For few years we thought one Singhalese political party will be better than the other. But we found out that the policy towards Tamils were identical irrespective of what party they belonged to. If it is identical, then there must be a common source from which these polices were made and implemented. The involvement of the religious establishment of Sri Lanka in the policy making and government making became obvious to the Tamils.

We have identified an organization called Mahasangha that is responsible for ethnic cleansing of Tamils in Sri Lanka. This Mahasangha is simply implementing the agenda of Mahavamsa which makes claim for a Supreme race of SinghaleseThe head the Mahasangha is called The Mahanayake, who is in charge to implement this supreme race concept. The concept, policies and procedures of the Mahasangha are almost identical to Hitler’s Germany in the early part of 20th century, where Jews were persecuted and killed in millions. Maha Sangha is the organization that decides who gets elected to the government to implement their secular state policy. Therefore the focus must be on MahaSangha. The United Nations must obtain a copy of Mahavamsa and study to understand the seminal source of this on going genocide in Sri Lanka. The Mahanayake must be brought before the International court of justice along with Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cronies.

Over the last 60 years, Tamils born in Sri Lanka to parents of Indian origin were sent back to India and every 5 years or so there were racial riots to terrorize, plunder and loot Tamil property and lives. Libraries were burned, businesses were nationalised and property taken away. LTTE was the result of such repeated terrorization of the Tamils. We Tamils are not terrorist

This policy has not only ruined the lives of Tamils but also made them refugees all over the world. This policy also ruined the life of Singhalese. The country is virtually bankrupt. So then Maha Vamsa is the root cause of racial strife in Sri Lanka and the Maha Sangha and the Mahayakes are the real culprits. Therefore Sri Lanka needs a new operating system based on freedom, equality, fraternity, universal justice and respect for life.

If the operating system is religion the application is Fanaticism, if the operating system is Language the application linguism, if the operating system is Race the application is racism and if the operating system is caste application is segregation

As long as the Sri Lankan and especially the Singhalese give importance to their religion, language and race, there will never be peace and the country will never prosper. What Sri Lanka needs is an ideology based on freedom, freedom that creates its own products and own markets. When there is creations, production and consumption the basic needs of the people are satisfied. Equality creates equal opportunity, fraternity creates mutual respect and universal justice breeds fairness.

I don’t say that we don’t need a national identity, we all do, but we must not fanatacise. The use of religion, language and race against another race of people will not bring about peace. Peace happens as a result of total freedom, commitment to equality, mutual respect and fairness to all at the street level. No man wants to leave a free society, where equality, fraternity, liberty and justice are upheld as supreme law of the land.

Ladies and gentlemen it took us 60 years, 100,000 lives of loved ones, 300,000 homeless, 50,000 children without parents, 70,000 widows, 800,000 refugees to bring our struggle to the attention of the world and into the United Nations but that is not enough, we have to continue to create that awareness among world nations and people till every Tamil is free..

The solution to the Tamil issue depends on how we remove religious fanaticism, Singhalese Nationalism and criminal politicians from the Singhalese mindset. We have lot of work to do. It is a work in progress.

Read in the link below about what Mr. Gordon Weiss, United Nations spokes person for Sri Lanka says about Sri Lankan fanaticism.

Thank you

I am subramanaim Masilamany

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