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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we have gone one step up on our effort to reach our community of Tamil people. We have successfully installed, besides our emails and posting on our website, audio-video system which you can watch and listen at your own time and space. This is our first out put and as you are aware we are new comers to this field. Please forgive us if our quality is not up to standard.

Today’s subject is social immune systems. Every living organism and every social system has built in immune system. In any society when the social immune system breaks down foreign invasion is unavoidable. Social immune system is similar to our immune system in our bodies which prevents us from diseases.

Every Tamil knows that we are constantly under threat from natural enemies. Nature is an aggressive invader. We are animals in the form of people in nature, we are also like germs and bacteria, and we invade when there is room for invasion and invaded when our social immune system weakens or breaks down. That is how we live, all lives live like that. It is human nature to be invasive. So it is the duty of every person, every family, every community and every nation to build up its immune system to fend off invasion. Disease, pestilence and war are all the same, they are all invasions.

Think of our living body and think of a dead body. As long as the body is “Alive’ it lives on, because its immune system is alive and active, but when it is dead it begins to decay and stink. That stink is due to invasion from natural enemies such as germs, bacteria and viruses. We don’t see wild animals eating dead bodies in the cities but in the jungle. So invasion and being invaded are natural and we have to live with it.

We invented and devised societies to fend off natural enemies and calamities. We have been very successful in doing so with predators, parasites and diseases but not so with the human invasion into humans. Due to our un-human nature we are sometimes in-humane, when the opportunity is available. We are the only living nature that invades our own kind with non natural morphism such as class, caste, religion, language, sexism etc .

As human sense, human rights and human freedom developed we developed mutually beneficial societies to serve each other and every one in the society. If you are living in the free world you are very fortunate. I came from a repressive highly fanatic, racist, barbaric country called Sri Lanka. They are not emancipated enough to divorce fanaticism, racism, barbarianism etc and invorce equality, fraternity, freedom and justice. The Singhalese in Sri Lanka are a frantic fanatic society, they need help but they are not willing to receive it or accept it. That is their problem but they are invading us because they found us numerically smaller and socially weaker to them. Our immune system has been weakened by our own fault.

We Tamils have a greater problem, we are our own problem, and we are greedy, selfish and sometimes amoral or sometimes immoral people. There is so much infighting among us that even a tiny mice can invade and wreak havoc in us. Our social immune system built on sound principles broke down. I do not know whom to blame, that is pointless. We have to accept that we have problems and move on to fix it.

When any society abuses its basic human values that society is bound to break down. As humans we are social animals and we need covenants, articles, rules and regulations to live in a civil society. That civility has to be ingrained at home, at schools, in public and in the field and factories. We have them all, but we in our greed and haste compromised or abandoned them. That happened and good that it happened. We are humans like any other living thing and have the capacity to reinvent, regenerate, resurge and go to a higher plane of living. We lack certain social traits that go with the evolution of our minds. Our existing social immune system was not strong enough to withstand invasions. We have to add new protocols and provisions to improve our immune system. The immune system we had was not strong enough.

The system or the immune system we had was good then but not for now. Or may be that we have it but we stopped preaching and practicing them. It is time to go back and reinvent ourselves. As my best friend in Singapore said forget about the Singhalese, see what we can do ourselves for ourselves. So ladies and gentleman let us reexamine our minds and morals. Are we living by the universal norms of Honesty, Trust, Sincerity, Loyalty, Care and Compassion, Fraternity, Unity, Hope, faith, love courage, enthusiasm, aspirations, vision, serenity, co-operation, transparency, peace etc. we got lot of learning to do.

I undertook this adventure because when I looked back at the road I traveled there were giants who helped me to become a fairly reasonable man. I got a lot more to learn. I think I can learn more by net working with other like you.

There is a great task ahead of us and for people who are searching for something to do with their life here is great endeavour and challenge. The challenge is to rebuild our heritage, once the pinnacle of human advancement but today lay shattered. We are in search of a path in the dark, but we have to light the candle of hope in our peoples mind to get up and assert ourselves firmly and effectively.

Thank You

I am Subramaniam Masilamany

A world class Tamil powered by conscience, convictions and commitments