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Sooner after the 2nd world war and during the collapse of the communist ideology a group of people initiated a moral rearmament of the minds of people especially in Europe. Today Europe is enjoying peace because the way people thought changed, but in the last 60 years this moral status degraded itself and as of today countries are abusing various moral codes.

Even though the judiciary is well organised to deal with abuses of basic human rights, at the parliamentary and political caucus level there is abuse of human rights. Politicians have found a way to abuse several of the legal systems. The parliamentary system functions on certain basic assumptions or moral codes; such as elected officials are morally sound therefore they will safe guard the covenants of the constitutions.

The executive branch of the government consist of “hired people” by the government and they are invariably “Government officers” therefore they cannot speak their mind and hence the morals. They are told what to say. They have to, for they are paid employees. So then there is a gap or crack in the system through which corrupt politicians are wriggling their way through.

I am not a fan of Sri Lankan politicians. S.W.R.D Bandaranayke, then J.R Jayewardene and M.P. Rajapaksa have been abusing the parliamentary system. These three people are the main cause of Sri Lankan problem. They have been abusing the Tamils and getting way with it. They have the perfect defence, sovereignty and the territorial integrity. So if they unleash violence against Tamils there is no one to stop it. Tamils are at loss to understand what the issue is. Is it language or is it religion or both? It cannot be for most Tamils are can speak, read, write and communicate in Singhalese very well. Is the religion a problem, not at all because Tamils follow Buddhist Philosophy, there is no religion in Buddhism, it is a philosophy. It is an art of living.

Then there must be some objective among the Singhalese people or among the Singhalese politicians. What is that objective? There is no objective other than a few personal objective of the elected official. Is it a platform that gives good traction during election times?

Secondly, for some reason the Tamils are wealth builders and community builders. There is common determination to educate the children, commitment to excellence, strict moral codes, industriousness, entrepreneurship and community building etc. Every culture has it and they do it, so then it cannot be a problem. But we have noticed over the last 60 years is that violence is directed at plundering the wealth of Tamils and as recently as now misappropriating land from traditional Tami, areas. The Sri Lankan problem is world known and does not need elaboration. Some one starts the riots and the thugs and hooligans plunder the properties. What has happened recently is the Government of Sri Lanka has institutionalized and legitimatized the act of riot and loot mindset.
The question is, using this Sri Lankan issue as a model what we can do to improve the condition of minorities all over the world. In a parliamentary democracy the majority rules, when that majority is based on race, religion or ethnicity, there is discrimination, violence and subjugation of the minorities. There are several ways. One is to empower the united nations, but the united nation is partisan politics, the other way forward is Transnational Government where by minorities of a certain ethnic groups join together and become lobby group ands also economic force providing various helps. For example of all 85 million Tamils unite they can put pressure on India and Sri Lanka and for that matter on any country to be fair just. Something new has to betried.

The whole issue is Human rights and Human freedoms. Are the minorities free in multiethnic nation? USA has perfect constitution there by all the people have freedom to choose their lives. There is not ethnic divide hampering any endeavour. The society has been so well institutionalised that there is no any other basis of choosing, the best gets chosen. That why USA is always able to come out of their troubles. President Barrack Obama is classic example of a “visible” minority chosen by invisible morality of the best to the top. But still USA is not ready for female president. But most countries around the world are not ready for non ethnic based administration. At the grass root level

International Government is slow to develop. But that may be too late for people who are living under difficult situation and also people who were subjected to torture is Sri Lanka.