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Read on to understand his mind and my mind.

Quote from “The Social Contract” by Jean Jacques Rousseau.

“Secondly, since the alienation is unconditional, the union is as perfect as it can be, and no individual associate has any longer any rights to claim; for if rights were left to individuals, in the absence of any higher authority to judge between them and the public, each individual, being his own judge in some causes, would soon demand to be his own judge in all; and in this way the state of nature would be kept in being, and the association inevitably becomes tyrannical or void”

The essence of this portion of the social contract is that, no one is above the law and the reason for it.

Mahinda Rajapaksa is trying to be the judge of all, above all and above the supreme will of the Constitution of Sri Lanka. He wants the constitution to be amended to make it less relevant or even redundant. He is virtually telling the constitution of Sri Lanka that the very constitution is powerless or ineffective. Imagine man making slavery of another man but to make the whole country a slave to one individual is going back to beginning of society.

Today in Sri Lanka you are virtually living in a dungeon with the Cyclops with its tentacles spreading all over the place. Powers are given to uniformed thugs to impose self rule. Even the Magistrate of the city of Jaffna high Court was threatened by one of Mahindas cronies.

Prof G.L.Peiries, Mr Palitha Kohana and others are virtually working as slaves to Mahinda Rajapaksa for they have to go back to live in Sri Lanka or work as Janitors in Europe or America. Mahinda Rajapaksa also has institutionalised intimidation, violence and murders by promoting thugs into uniformed and organised group called the Military. Basically the country is run by an organised gang headed by Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family. What then is the difference between Al Capone and John Gotti and Mahinda Rajapaksa? Either obey or get obliterated, law and justice is what the strongest thinks is right. Mahinda has virtual control of the nation’s people. Who can salvage them? Here is G.L Peiries, the bureaucrat form Sri Lanka standing at the white House podium asking America to give him mandate and time to kill rest of the Tamils. There is a very silent genocide going on in Tamil areas one man at a time, one night at time, one bullet at time people are disappearing. HOW CAN WE STOP IT? WE DO NOT know WHY THEY ARE KILLING. If we know the why then we can find ways, we only see the how but not the why.

But the good new is Rousseau also says that one man cannot have absolute and entire power over all people for then there is nothing to barter or bargain for. Power without sharing has no power. There should be some bargaining power. So what is the future of Sri Lanka, total destruction of the nation into a natural environment, where the people will wake up by sunrise and see which men I can kill to get my food from? Isn’t where we are getting towards these days? Isn’t what Mahinda Rajapaksa is doing? Isn’t what the police and military is doing? Isn’t what the thugs and thieves are doing? Soon there will be nothing to even steal. That is how man began and that is where Sri Lanka is heading towards. People, who thought LTTE is terrorist organization, THINK and Think again!

Very early in my like I learned how to make my enemy powerless. Just walk away and he will lose his power. All power comes from friction and a potential. If there is no relative potential there is no power. If the Singhalese want to take away our property we become useless so they killed us en masse, 40000 people. No small crime. The action of the Singhalese amount to barbarianism, it is genocide, it is denying life, and it is no different from a man killing an old lady to steal her purse. When some one kills another person he has no mind for negotiation, he simply wants to impose his will, and the question is upon whom? Then tomorrow he has to kill some one else that is the only way he can live. Isn’t it what Mahinda Rajapaksa was doing, he kept on killing and then he wants to kill the Tamils overseas. Otherwise there is no need for his Foreign Minister to come running to America. He has to keep on killing otherwise he becomes the target. If USA is a weak nation like India he would have his way. He has no mind for negotiation, he is an anarchist, and he is a monster with no remorse. The idea is to eliminate the bargaining power which is the land mark of democracy. If you take away the bargaining power then there nothing to bargain but little he knows that he himself will become a powerless man. That is ignorance that is why we call them Modayas.

So then LTTE is a legitimate organisation because what other defence people have? Hillary Clinton calling LTTE a terrorist organization is not correct for how else people can defend. Hillary Clinton is basically telling me that if there is wild animal ready to attack me I have no recourse and my suggestion to Clinton is to enter the den of lions and see what will happen to her. She is also against democracy because she wants to deny us the bargaining power. Leaders, lessers and losers! Under this present context I will never point my finger at any Tamil man however wrong he may be. He is wrong, by how much? Am I wrong? One life or 40,000 lives? Time to wake up Mr. Morality. What is good for me is the right morality!

The difference between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is that he understood the plight of ordinary people at the very basic level such as what to do if a wild animal is about to kill me. Two excellent people, but the difference was Hillary could not feel the heart beat of people the way Obama felt. Made a huge difference, isn’t it?

Where are we beating the Singhalese and their murderous regime? At the grass root level among the world community of ordinary people. Ultimately it is the collective conscience of the people that decide the fate. No government, no corporation or no religion can survive without people. What Mahinda Rajapaksa is trying is to hoodwink the Singhalese and the world community, but not the Tamils we are one tough race of people. He never dreamt that we will turn it around within one year and then to call for justice. If Napoleon could not succeed or if Dutta Gamini could not succeed what make him to believe that he will succeed.

Dutta Gemunu or Dutta Gamini lost; Mahinda Rajapaksa lost and end of Mahavamsa.
Maha Vamsa and Mein Kampf reveal the narcissistic nature in the deep recesses of the mind of men.

Every Tamil must now join our effort for we have successfully globalised our freedom movement, invented an idea for the salvation of all minorities around the world through Transnational governments. I hope from hereon the Tamil people will live with self esteem and the feeling community first. We will not live forever but it is the duty of the future generation to stand guard for universal Justice.

And an advice to our Singhalese brothers yesterday at the white house your Foreign Minister conceded defeat to your nationalism and the injustice to Tamils. You wasted 60 years to subdue our will and destroyed our deeds. It is time to chart a new direction.

We forgive every Singhalese who killed Tamils. But please do not do it any more.