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“Human Rights and Freedoms are not in the hands of the office seeking politicians, but in the Statues of the Constitution”.

In a democratic nation there is (always) a constitution, which is the seminal source of all other Laws, Statutes, Acts and Regulations. The powers of all persons are taken away and enshrined in this constitution. A constitution thus becomes the supreme commander of the nation. Thus the natural and instinctive powers are converted into rights and privileges. Under this constitution are designed Acts and Regulations. Any act or regulation that is contravened by a person or by another act and or contradicts the constitution then the constitution is null and void. I am not a lawyer, but that is the way it is and that is the way it should be. Any act or act of a person that takes matter in to its control will nullify the constitution, which will lead to anarchy. What we saw in Sri Lanka for the last two to three years was anarchy and barbarianism.

If the constitution is the supreme power and force, how can a politician promise promises when he or she cannot override the constitution? Whatever he or she promises has to be put to the parliament and has to be passed with two thirds of votes. So if a politician promises some changes it is an idea or a manifesto or a declaration of intentions. Within the constitutional frame work an office seeking politician can make promises. An offer of a ministerial appointment or where to allocate ministerial funds are within the powers of the executive functions of an official elected or selected. That is all Mahinda or Sarath can do. Fundamental changes such as language rights, territorial rights, and changes to the constitution cannot be done by an individual or even with 49% of the legislature. So Tamil people beware that what TNA may get is some remote and obscure ministerial post and some funds to be spent for Tamils. If you are expecting fundamental changes it has to through some other massive effort.

My first question is directed towards TNA, Tamil National Alliance, What agreement was reached with Sarath Fonseka? Secondly, what ever the agreements reached, they have to have two thirds votes to pass it in the parliament. Therefore Tamil people must not be duped. Will there be two third majorities in the parliament? I doubt it; can the President unilaterally alter the constitution? He cannot. So what is this nonsense going on? But we as Tamils have one leverage flexing our financial muscle. There are at least three ways, one reduce our remittances, two boycotting Sri Lankan products, and three revving up our international campaign. Our International campaign is working very well, thence why would this selfish, self seeking, illiterate TNA alley with the worst enemy? People, take it from me, it is all about me, me and me. I can understand human nature.

I hope Tamil people are educated and experienced enough not to be fooled by any politician or TNA. My contention is also why Tamils should participate in this election. The blood has not dried in the hot and parched patch of vanni and tears of the women have not wiped off yet and you want to support a heartless, senseless animal to office. TNA is either suffering from Amnesia or Alzheimer disease. If you want to defeat Mahinda Rajapaksa, what good it will do to Tamils? Sarath Fonseka is as bad as Mahinda, in fact Mahinda could not have killed the innocent people without Sarath Fonseka. Both a culpable.

My advice to Tamil people is stay away from this election. If by chance Mahinda wins we will be in trouble again. If we stay out things will be as they are now. You want to have one bird or you want to let this bird go and hope to catch two in the bush? In my opinion we don’t need either. Tamils must begin to think like citizens if a United Tamil Nation, A nation without border. The Sri Lankan future is in the hands of the Tamils worldwide. It is the mighty dollar, Euro, Swiss francs, British pounds are the in control not Mahinda or Sarath. Tamils must stop treating them as second-class subjects and stop negotiating as the vindicated. When we have elevated ourselves to world class citizens, why would these losers go begging? I will never blame the Singhalese for our demise in Sri Lanka.

What Tamil people must understand is that they are in control and must not over look that power. Neither Mahinda nor Sarath can do a damn in Sri Lanka. All they can do is to print money. Money without production is inflation. They can bring in foreign corporations to invest, that means sweat shops. When we have got them by the throat why is TNA cutting our throat? It is time to dump the oldies and bring in new faces. If Singhalese women are going to Jaffna to work in brothels, what does it tell you? One, there is no employment opportunity in the south, two, there is money in Jaffna. The money in Jaffna is Diaspora money. Tourism has created a new culture of money for sex and allied services. Tamils want a country based on socio-tech economy. The modern economy going forward is based on socio-tech infrastructure of Human rights, Freedom, Environmentally friendly work models, Healthcare, Pollution free transportation, creative association etc. Today’s hiring trend is to hire associates with independent and creative capabilities. All of these are only possible in America, because people are absolutely free, freedom spurs up creativity, and we are creature, from the word creative. The natural instinct of people is to be creative. How far behind are Sri Lankan people? If Indian Ocean is a pond, then Sri Lanka is a frogdom and the people are frogs, frogs do not have to think and be creative. What Sri Lanka needs is international intercourse and interlude.

If Sri Lanka wants to come out and join the international forum of eminent people they have to take control of their economy first. It is we the local people who must invest in Sri Lanka not foreigners. When will the Singhalese realize it? When will the Tamil politicians leave the Tamil people alone?

I will not blame the Singhalese for our (Tamils) ignorance and stupidity. If we can elevate our self esteem and stay steadfast like the blacks of South Africa we will have freedom, but these cronies keep somersaulting and spoiling our endeavour. They are like monkeys that tasted ginger. In the USA, Blacks are only 12%, but they convinced sufficient number of Non-blacks to vote for them. That is what we have to do. We have to reach out to the Singhalese and offer them a better alternative. We will also have to ensure that their unique heritage is not inundated with Indian garbage. They confuse Indian garbage with Sri Lankan Tamils. They are caught between the Indian Garbage and Indian Ocean.
I am with the ordinary innocent Singhalese. The Tamils in Jaffna and north have to act as cushion to the Singhalese not as knives in their backs. Our future lies in being family with Singhalese, not with the Indians. As long as we associate with Indians, the Indians will stick the knife in our back and the Singhalese will always want to war with us.

Tamils are not second class citizens any more; TNA does not know that we have graduated to world-class level. Now we are ready to reach out to the Singhalese for an open and honest discussion about the future of Sri Lanka but not about Tamils. We want all Sri Lankans to be world-class Sri Lankans. That is the gift awaiting for the Singhalese people if only they will about turn and discard these three cronies Mahinda, Sarath and the TNA.

I hope some one will translate this into Singhalese and publish it in one of their national dailies. We have to rescue all Sri Lankans not just Tamils

Subramaniam Masilamany