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Tamil National Alliance and Sarath Fonseka- an unholy alliance without allegiance!

Tamil National Alliance and Sarath Fonseka- an unholy alliance without allegiance!

I am beginning to believe that the Tamil problem in Sri Lanka is NOT the making of the Singhalese people. It is the making of the Tamil people. Firstly, Tamils living in Sri Lanka, they are more concerned about their rights and the plights than the nation as a whole. Did any one Tamil stretched out his hand and heart and asked the Singhalese what should the Tamils do to live in Sri Lanka? We neither have the social capital nor the political capital. Or neither do we accept one of our kinds as Shepard or Saviour.

If Tamils behave like second class citizens then what we will get is second class treatment. Deep in our heart we do not believe in our own self esteem and self respect. A person is respected not who he is, but what he is. If we are nervous, inferior, chicken hearted people then that is what we are. What we have to do is to start a dialogue with Singhalese people and ask them what we have to do to live as Sri Lankans and what they should do to make us feel part of the land. We neither have the will or courage to stand equal to others. We behave like sheep, serfs, slaves, servants and coolies among others. There is no dignity or self esteem!

I am sure, after living, in the west for 3 decades I learned from the Afro-Americans that if you stand up for what you are, you will be who you are. They said we went to the white people and showed the American constitution and asked them to show where in the constitution we are either slaves or second class citizens. That was the day the “White Man” began to treat them with respect. A man’s conscience is beyond the control of his realm. It is a self sustaining gyroscope. What the Tamils have to do is to reach out and touch the collective conscience of the Singhalese!

I am sure if we go to the Singhalese and said, Brothers and Sisters lets talk in the interest of you and us. If we continue to live with hatred and suspicion we both are losing and we have already lost 60 years of progress. But when Tamils behave like second class citizens, they are discriminating themselves. A young Black boy told me, if a white man thinks I am a second class citizen, it is not my problem, it is his problem. If the Tamils have self esteem, self respect and clear conscience they will confront the Singhalese in board rooms and ask the Singhalese what is the issue. We are backbone less worms scared the hell of people. Why? Guilty conscience at play! We behave like a lower life. That is what the problem in Sri Lanka. I am yet to meet a Singhalese or any human being not afraid of his or her conscience. I do not think one human should be afraid of another human, but his own conscience. Clear conscience is an invincible power. Tamils don’t have it, for they are foxes in disguise. Every Tamil must, first of all shed their greedy, selfish desires, I am serious and think of Sri Lanka as our mother land and what can I do to make it better for all.

Recently I wrote an article, “Time for a Tamil President in Sri Lanka”. The response from Singhalese was over whelming, not a single Tamil commented. Because they cannot sleep well knowing that a fellow Tamil has risen to the pinnacle. That is what the problem of the Tamils. We are like crabs in a basket. A fisherman was catching crabs and was throwing them alive into a basket care freely, his friend asked don't you think you should cover the basket? He replied they have Tamil genes in them, if one fellow tries to escape other will pull him down. When did this aberration of our gene happen?

Ellalan and Prabaharan are my Heros, not that they fought the Singhalese, but they tried to unite an un-uniteable basket of crabs. How can one comprehend the stupidity of some Tamils who deserted, crossed over and helped the enemy? There is a limit to ignorance beyond which it is evolution. There are a few poorly evolved Tamils. I will never blame the Singhalese. For those poorly evolved Tamils if you don’t understand this statement, “there is a limit ignorance, beyond which it is evolution” consult some Singhalese and they will explain you why they call you “Themila Pararya” or Para Themelo". TNA is the total manifestation of the aggregate pariahs among Tamils. And to my friends at the international forum, pariah means a man of very low conscience.

Sarath Fonseka is the man who slaughtered the Innocent Tamils along with Mahinda Rajapaksa, then how can Sarath Fonseka be our saviour? TNA is suffering either from amnesia or anaesthesia. I want to be a minister before a hit the pyre, that is what is in their thought processor. As I told you folks earlier we are a collection of tribes not sovereign people with heart, soul and conscience.

What will happen if TNA fields their own candidates and then negotiate an agreement which will bring the people together? The problem with the Tamils is they want to be with Sri Lanka and without Sri Lanka. You cannot have both. During the last 30 years every Tamil living in the area of the LTTE got their pay cheque, rations, medical supply etc from Sri Lanka in the south. You want to be in Tamil Eelam and you also want to be in Sri Lanka. Let me have it all. That is why we are failing. There should be a social contract and every Tamil has to put in his effort into the nation of Sri Lanka, but the general consensus is let me garb what I can from the Singhalese and also I want have my own state within a state. The Tamils have to quantum leap into the next level of human consciousness. We are backward people. We have the right conscience to live with animals in nature but none to commingle in a modern state. Am I arrogant? Yes I am.

That is why we started this adventure called “World Class Tamil” to educate and enlighten my Tamils to become sensible people, modern people. Even in Canada where I live the psyche among the Tamils is to grab whatever we can grab through misappropriation and fraud. They are innocent people, but they do this, where did we get this habit? It is all about selfishness, self centeredness and jungle mindedness. I am sure why TNA joined Sarath Fonseka, because they cannot join Mahinda Rajapaksa. He has his hands full of Tamil cronies.

We supported Dr. Wickramabahu Karunaratna, because of his party’s tract record. Only time Tamils got something from the Singhalese was when Dr.N.M Perera was the finance minister. Both belong to the same party.

If the Tamils want to live with respect and self esteem they have to begin to clean up their moral standing and their immoral garbage. I am sure the Diaspora is shocked by the act of TNA. By the way, where was TNA when Sarath Fonseka was slaughtering innocent Tamils? And it is ludicrous to support a man who just indiscriminately slaughtered innocent people. No wonder the International community didn’t heed much attention to our plea; they knew who Tamils are than we know who we are!

What is in it for me? Oh, I will go to the finest supermarket, buy some of the finest food the world has to offer me, go home and enjoy a hearty meal and go to bed. Not a penny from any one, I worked for it. But when I hear hypocrisy and stupidity I get into high gear to educate my people to grow up.