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People- Liberty- Equality-Fraternity-Responsibility

Global Tamil Resurgence Initiative

I am so unfortunate that I cannot see the bad.

Why do the Tamils have division among them? Worst, why do some Tamils connive with the enemy of the Tamils? When and where did we lose our greatness to be great-full and grateful people?

It has now been forced upon us to recognize the need to put aside the differences and unite irrespective of the differences. Differences are needed to grow not to wither and die off.

We are asking every Tamil, who is against the Tamils, to leave the Tamils and join the not Tamils, for if you are a Tamil for the cause of the Tamil discuss the differences with the Tamils but not with the enemy of the Tamils.
We want every Tamil to be assured that we will redeem every inch of self esteem and real estate from the barbarians, but let’s identify the enemy within us first. It would not have been possible without the help of the pseudo-Tamils.

Remember that the recent set backs are temporary. When India, China, Pakistan and other rogue nations join the rowdies prudence is the only choice. There is something gone wrong in the world. We lost some real estate not our hopes and dreams. Out of one now we are three, the Freedom Fighters in our mother land, the Financial force and the Diplomatic force.

Work hard, stay united and never ever give up for there is anything to give up.

Give my freedom or give me death