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People- Liberty- Equality-Fraternity-Responsibility


Fundamentals of why unity is essential and important.
Here I am explaining why unity is a must and the benefits to us individually

This was copied and modified from social contract by Jean Jacque Rousseau.

The articles of association (unity), rightly understood, are reduced to a single one, namely the total alienation by each Tamil of himself and his rights to the Tamil Enterprise. When therefore every Tamil gives himself absolutely, the conditions are the same for every Tamil, and precisely they are the same for all Tamils, it is in no Tamils interest to make the conditions onerous for the other Tamils.

Secondly, since the alienation is unconditional, the union of Tamils is as perfect as it can be, and no one individual Tamil has any longer any right to claim, for if rights were left to each Tamil, in the absence of higher authority to judge between him and the other Tamils, each Tamil, being his own judge in some cases, would demand to be his own judge in all; and in this way the association of Tamils inevitably becomes void.

Thirdly, since every Tamil gives himself to no one, and since there is no Tamil over whom he does not gain the same rights as others gain over him, each Tamil receives the equivalent of everything he loses, and in the bargain he acquires more power to preserve himself than he had. That is each Tamils gains more than what he gave in, but some may gain more than other but in total we all gain more than what we gave in. This is the fundamental of unity.

To effect this process all Tamils put themselves and their powers under the supreme direction of the general will of the Tamil enterprise and the enterprise incorporate every Tamil an as equal and indivisible part of the Tamil Enterprise.

The key is through unity we all gain more than what we can gain individually, but some may gain more than others. That is okay as long as we all gain more than what we gave in.
This is the fundamental concept on which democracy and free market economy is built upon.

All Tamils must unite, should unite and ought to unite. There is no reason for not uniting.
Various groups claim to be fighting for the rights of Tamils, if it so why are they not united? Is it ignorance or selfishness? The current strife in Sri Lanka will sort out and the true leadership will arise from the ashes. The current strife is the crucible in which is forged the Tamil future. True leadership is not person but an absolute supreme proclamation.

We will win this struggle through purification process.