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People- Liberty- Equality-Fraternity-Responsibility


The road to freedom lies along the food chain. I came from Sri Lanka some 40 years ago leaving behind all of my possessions. Today I have reconstructed my life much better than I would have done in Sri Lanka. The pathway I took was the road to economic fulfillment.

As human beings we are a stomach driven creatures and the rest is after that satisfaction. I was watching the war in the Middle East and I saw two solitudes, on one side is nation of prosperity and other side is nation of pan handlers. Both sides claim Palestine belong to one at the exclusion of other. Also I noticed that the people of Gaza are well fed and look healthy and lots of children. I wondered if I am struggling when do I have time to make children. I saw about 10 little boys playing on the street, that is only half the story, where are the girls? So in 32 square kilometre area there are 1.5 million people! That is 20square metre per person! And all these people are fed by the international community for there is no room for any other activity other than making children. The Palestinians forever will live like this as long as they are driven in the wrong direction. If the Tamils do not become pragmatic and practice economic freedom we will end up as esteem less people in the North and East of Sri Lanka.

We, Tamils have a lot to learn from these Palestinians. The current war in Sri Lanka is financed by the contribution from the Diaspora; it has been going on for the last 20 years. When we suggested that part of the money should be invested to improve the economic situation of the Tamils, we were told that we need all the money right now. My opinion is that the dream of separate state will be a pipe dream if we do not make effort to build enterprises that can multiply wealth several times. The safety of the Tamils depends on the economic strength of the Diaspora as well as those left over in Sri Lanka.
As it is we are classified as terrorists, which cannot be changed if we do not change our outlook. Modern wars are fought with money in the board rooms; I hope LTTE quickly metamorphoses into a modern financial power. Wars do not achieve anything except destruction of infrastructure and families. Quicker we realise faster we will emancipate our people in Sri Lanka.
When we are hungry and lack financial wherewithal, we are bound to become second class citizens. We cannot imagine one of the world class people living as second class citizens. We have got to learn a lot from our African-American brothers and free our self from this situation in Sri Lanka.

We have suggested to our Tamil friends in Sri Lanka that freedom through economic emancipation is the less painful and more satisfying pathway. Watch the war unfolding in the Middle East and you will see how financial power of Israel has produced unmatchable power. In this modern world war are fought with economic power. I hope we Tamils learn this technique faster. Let us all build up our economic strength so that we can preserve our heritage and culture.

It is the duty of every of Tamil. Do not expect any help or concession from the government of Sri Lanka, they do not have the desire to prosper the Tamils.

Let us make use of the greatest opportunity given to us to roam the wide world to seek freedom and prosperity.