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People- Liberty- Equality-Fraternity-Responsibility


“To overcome ignorance one must enlighten ones mind”

“Our mission is to improve the over all standing of the Tamils in the world forum”.

To meet this task, we have devoted our efforts and energy to re-energize our minds worldwide. We are not asking for any financial help, we need your commitment to it.That is all we are requesting from you. You take care of yourself and the community will take care of it self. All we are humbly requesting you is to propagate this initiative, with just a click of the mouse you have done great duty to your own culture and heritage.Look back at Late Dr.Martin Luther King, he single handly united his people and they are surging worldwide. We can and must do the same.

In this New Year we request you to ponder over the following:-

1. Family building and family stabilizing
2. Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship.
3. Social, Political and Financial Capital building
4. Planning for the future and providing for future generations.
5. Focus on mutual respect and help to each other and to everyone.
6. Freedom and Prosperity.
7. Savings and Investment. and the creation of a Global Tamil Investment Bank.

Please add to this list and forward to 10 of your family and friends.

Worldwide, 85 million of us are suffering due to our ignorance and inability to come together as one people. Today we are in much greater danger than ever before. Only we can stop it and reverse it! We always look upon South India to come to our rescue but it seems to be not having any impact. The Jewish people had a simple solution, they took over the whole world of finance, for they realised that money is the most powerful weapon in the world. Money is the common denominator which can manage so many events.

Therefore our primary effort is to bring our people up to world class level and then to surge forward ahead... All we are asking is for you to improve your social, political and financial standing in the world. Simple isn’t it. Now go out and do it.

There is no point being a big frog in a small pond, but to be big frogs in a larger pond which brings about cultural and social stability. If you want to preserve you, you must preserve your people, and their social, cultural and national identity.

If 12% people in USA can elect a President, we can do it too!