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We hope most of you are aware of our UNIVERSITY15000 project, which is well into the second year with tremendous success. But Financial and Economic stability of a society of people depend mostly on business formation. No one will dispute the fact that social upheavals and civil commotions are the result of failed economic activity and policies. People need two basic things food and freedom both can be achieved by having a sound economic program, to this end we have initiated this BUSINESS5000 project.

Our mission is to encourage Tamils worldwide to start 5000 business in the year of 2009.
Averaging an income of about $250,000 per business, the Total Tamil Income will be $1,250,000,000 (US$1.25Billion). Our mission is also to achieve a critical financial mass so that we have the leverage at the world capitals. Money talks, there is no un-talk about it.
We are business people and we are very successful in forming and growing businesses. So if any one needs help please contact us at People have raised the question as to why, the reason is Sri lanka had the highest percentage of Tamils worldwide and most of the people of Sri lanka were Tamils once upon a time. Sri Lanka is our country and will be our country. It is the centre of the Tamil universe.

To this we are also contemplating to set an investment bank exclusively for Tamil businesses. We think the time is ripe for it for there are several Tamils with unused surplus cash lying in the banks accruing service charges.

We also would like our recipients to send us your ideas Our earnest request to you is go out and start a business any business. We are not asking for your contribution or donations but just improve your economic strength. From the Strength comes power.
The enemy in Sri Lanka is lack, poverty and ignorance. We can solve all these aliments with one medicine called money. Money is the universal medicine for most of the social ills, let make them.

If you have a product or service that can be sold let us know if we can be of any help.
Please forward this to 10 of your family and friends