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People- Liberty- Equality-Fraternity-Responsibility


“Our mission is to initiate, develop, sustain and proliferate the socioeconomic condition of Tamils everywhere”

As you are well aware there are calculated destruction of one of the world-class culture and people of the world. It is the inability of these people living around us to live up to our standards that propel them into violence against us. Therefore it is imperative that every Tamil living anywhere makes effort to initiate and promote this Global Initiative of Reemergence and Resurgence.

In the year 1965 we planted the seed of resurgence and we made remarkable progress world wide we put the Tamil name on the world map and in the minds of Tamils living anywhere all over the world. The socioeconomic standard of Tamils improved at least one hundred fold. We have produced thousand of Intellectuals who hold vital positions in academic, bureaucratic and political fields.

But the community demands much more to be of world-class stature. The best thing ever happened us was the exodus into the wide world and see that our capacity, capability being recognized by other world-class communities and envied by the low class uncivilized barbarians.
We thank the world for having given us an opportunity to sustain our great culture from the barbarians of Sri Lanka. When a tiny group of uncivilized fanatics unleashed violence against us the world great cultures took us and propelled us to their level. I hope one day we can help the Singhalese people of Sri Lanka with this great gesture.

Our immediate plan is to revitalize our education that was destroyed by the barbarians in Sri Lanka. When one door is shut they say another door opens, but in our case the gate to paradise opened because we are nonviolent world-class people. Every Tamil must live up to the world-class stature at home and elsewhere. We have now access to all the world class educational institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Sorbonne, MIT to mention a few.
We must make an effort to enter these facilities and faculties and meet the future leaders of the world.

So here are our targets for each year this is the target for year 2008/2009

1. 15,000 Tamil students must enroll in a University
2. 1000 students to enroll in legal profession
3. 1000 students to enter Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT etc.
4. At least 95% of the 15,000 must enroll in Engineering, Computer Science, Investment Banking, Business Management, Accounting, Chemical engineering and advanced material management. Political Science etc.

The easiest way you can help the community is to help yourself and your family. Today the Community is divided because of the lack of education. Therefore lets focus on it.
Please do not create one more Pillaiyan or Karuna. If these two boys had any sense of community they would not do this to us. Our community historically suffered from Eddappan syndrome now manifested as Pillaiyan and Karuna. Let us not continue it; let us get well educated so that our children do not become one of them.