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Tamils, are they TERRORIZED or TERRORIST? International community you decide.

Until now it has been a one-sided story. As a plaintiff The Sri Lankan Government presented its case and the defendant did not appear or was not invited to presents his defense. There was no forum for us to present our case or we were not invited to present our case or may be the benign and peaceful nature of our culture we just absorbed all mud and muscles thrown at us. We also had the problem of re-establishing in new domains. Few of us have now graduated from that task.

When a friend of mine suggested that they may throw me in the jail and you will lose everything, I told my friend we have nothing to lose, everything including the modesty of the women was taken away at gunpoint in public! He sat there shocked and spell bound. He didn’t know he lost everything. I cannot replace my mother, I cannot replace my father, I cannot replace my sister, I cannot get back my soil and I cannot replace my heritage, I am a refugee in a foreign land nervous and desperate. When you evict a man from his soil, you are a terrorist. People who call us terrorist; if you didn’t know the meaning of terrorism you got it today. The definition of terrorism in the dictionary must be changed. Terrorist is a person who evicts a man forcefully from his soil (Terra = Soil) he was born. Did the Tamils evict anyone from his soil. No and Never. Then why are we called terrorist? Is it people vs. Politics or is it that people of world are too nicer and naive? So it is not terrorism. The ignorant State of Sri Lanka is terrorizing the Tamils. It is never the people it is their ignorance. I learned this after coming to the west.

Since 1956 there is terrorism going on in Sri Lanka and the Tamils have to run and hide every three years or so. If I am wrong how do you explain 800,000 of us thrown all over the planet?
Now terrorizers are trying to brand all of us as terrorist. We are not; we are great citizens who undertake civic works to improve the society. 800,000 displaced people are 800,000 evidences of state terrorism. The problem is we are fighting a sovereign state by the world standard and they are hiding behind this sovereignty and committing atrocities. I hope the world understands it.

This is a case for the National Lawmakers and International Peacekeepers to deliver a verdict on who are the terrorists. Let us get The LTTE out of the way first. LTTE is a response; it is a symptom of a syndrome. Why I call it a syndrome, because the symptom is the result of various diseases. A group of ailments producing the same symptom. If LTTE is separate from Tamils then we are with you to reform them, but it is a symptom appearing in the Psyche of the Tamils.
So then how do we remove the symptom, definitely not by removing the symptom, but by treating the underlying cause of the symptom. The cause is inequality. The cause of inequality is ignorance; the cause of ignorance is poor evolution of the mind. We are not animals we are human being and can learn from others. What we must learn is that for us to progress and live well we have to treat all people as all free people. That freedom has to conceded and enshrined in an irrevocable document called a social contract or a constitution. Mr.Mahinda Rajapaksa did you get it? So what is the issue here? You don’t want to do it for it is not politically possible but if you are clear in your conscience and if you are true man of the people do what is right and the let the people decide. I am sure you will lose the election so what? You came into serve the country. Touch your heart and deliberate in your mind and tell us that I am not serious about it. I just want to make money getting my commission from the arms deal. I see you becoming more and more reluctant to speak your heart or is it that the world is catching up to you? I know what you are thinking; I wish this bastard were in Sri Lanka, I would castrate him.

During the colonial era, the Singhalese claimed that the Europeans favoured the Tamils. No, they did not, it was natural selection that favoured the Tamils it was the survival of the fittest. The Singhalese are trying to go against nature. When we go in for a selection interview the best and the brightest gets selected. If we select the dumb and the diseased we are trying to go against nature. Which cannot be sustained. The proof is in 1983 we left in desperation due to state sponsored genocide and within 25 years we raised to International Standards. We learned from the Jews, Scots, Germans, Americans, British, Japanese, and Italians and lately from Chinese and Indians that if you persevere you can come up. As they say you can live or lived. Some people get up in the morning and wonder what to do while other get on the highway and get to work. As I said earlier we left with nothing, I spent my first 3 days and night at the pavement or side walk in Paris, then a Portuguese lady asked me to come and work for her doing menial jobs. I was so good at it she referred me to the President of Scientific American. I was so good at house keeping he introduced me to the Director of General Motors European operation. He told me go to America you will do well. I never looked since. During my life in Paris I helped various Tamils to get jobs. It is mostly housekeeping but a good start. That how we came up, we helped our people. At that time a housekeeping job was fantastic. Today we are sitting in boardrooms. So I want my European friends to relax you don’t feel guilty.

The point here is the Singhalese are making a case that the Europeans favored us that is not true they simply favored the persevering.

This is the background on which the current strife developed and crystallized. I have to presume that the jury and the judges are totally unaware of the situation.

As a remedy to the imbalances in 1956 The then prime minister S.W.R.D. Bandaranayake came to power on one platform that is if elected he will make Singhalese the Official Language in 24 hours. This is the beginning of the trouble. How can the Tamils and other non-Singhalese speaking Sri Lankans conduct their lives? Then in 1958 the first racial violence was unleashed against the Tamils. Homes and businesses were looted people were burned etc.
In 1961 the Tamils protested that they cannot accept this uni-language policy and went to non-violent sit in protest. As a young man I saw innocent people were beaten up severely.
People just complaining that they cannot communicate in a language that they do not read, write or speak and what was the response assault and thuggerism by the then State. You see the parallel between the current situation and this one in 1961.

Repeated political parties came to power on one and only one issue. The Tamils. We were their scapegoats. The Singhalese people were led to believe that whatever economic difficulties they experience are due to the Tamils. This has gone on for 60 years and today the Tamils are called terrorists. The war is happening in the homestead of Tamils and is called terrorists. When I defend my terra = soil, tell me gentlemen who is the terrorist? Who is terrorizing whom?

Ladies and Gentle men, first it was language, then education, then employment, then business formation, then de-citizenship by terrorizing people to leave the country and now they want the world to take action against the Diaspora. Where will these ends? When will they be happy? Where else can we go? You see the birth of LTTE. If not for LTTE and the Diaspora pleading with the International community we would have witnessed a silent massacre of people similar to what happened in Rwanda.

The trouble in Sri Lanka is the Politician uses the Tamils as a platform to get elected. He has no desire to improve the socio-economic condition of the Singhalese. The Singhalese people are also kept in the dark by the lack of communication through a common language. It was English before now it is Singhalese.

In 1956 then Prime Minister S.W.R.D Bandaranayake came to power stirring up racial hatred and the present President came to power promising to eliminate LTTE. He has not said anything about eliminating the terrorizers. When he came to power there was a Cease-fire Agreement in place and LTTE was on its way out. When the disease was identified and the international community prescribed prophylactic treatment the symptom started receding. The support for LTTE was waning in the Sri Lanka and as well as among the Diaspora. Who started the war and who started terrorizing who? Ladies and gentlemen, let the President Sri Lanka present his side of the story. He got elected on the platform of destroying the Tamils. They are not killing the LTTE, they are hidden but the innocent citizens ate terrorized. There is no need to kill the symptom but the cause of the disease.

They claim that LTTE is terrorist organization but as lawmakers and peacekeepers you know how violent organization sprout. There are deep compelling reasons for some one to organize and resort to armed struggle. The problem is Tamils are reduced from about 15% in 1960 to a mere 6% in 2008. What happened to the people? 800,000 left the country but that does not add up to the total. Most of them were silently killed in the Rwanda style. The politician is applying the right strategy; use the Tamil as long as possible as a political pawn to get elected.


At the time of independence Sri Lanka was the most affluent of all South Asian and South East Asian countries. Then Singapore Prime Minster wanted to create his country in the similar fashion. Today Singapore has a per capita income of $30,000, Tamil Diaspora at $50,000 and the Sri Lanka at $1300, some estimate puts it at $650. If the Politicians from SWRD Bandaranayke to Mahinda Rajapaksa were really interested in the well being of the Singhalese the Per Capita Income will be the true measure of it. That was 60 years of fooling the masses. Every time there is an economic problem they start a war or racial riots and everything is forgotten. Tamils are also to be blamed they never participated in the community where they were doing business. It is all about grabbing from the Singhalese masses.

I notice that the Singhalese are appreciating our courage to discuss the issues but the Tamils have not responded at all. So the key is get the Singhalese masses going in the right direction. The right direction is economic emancipation. As expatriates in the west we are exposed to parliamentary democracy and free market economy, which addresses the true need of the human mind. Language, religion and race are not at all important but when people are not liberated and educated they tend to believe in superstition. The world has left behind voodooism and witchcraft longtime ago but Sri Lankans are kept into it by the politicians to manipulate them for their own ego satisfaction.

To a hammer everything is nail to be hammered and to the Singhalese politician they only see Tamils as the cause of all the problems. They are yet to accept they may be part of the problem.
To the Sri Lankan political establishment getting elected and plundering the country is the only motive. They do not want to grow the economy and then plunder. They have no know how so they keep plundering from the shrinking bowl of wealth. Occasionally they get some assistance for richer nation and then they plunder a little more. There is no desire to grow the crop and harvest the produce. They think this little island is a cornucopia or golden goose. The killed the Golden goose, the Tamils.


Ladies and gentlemen I have presented my case but there remains one doubt. Who is causing terrorism in the traditionally Singhalese areas and in the Capital city Colombo? If the Tamils are causing terrorism in these areas then I accept your verdict in favour of the Singhalese and I will take down my website and join the Singhalese and the International community to totally wipe out the LTTE. When some terrorist attack happens in the Singhalese areas it is immediately blamed on the LTTE. But we feel this is the only way to tell the world that the LTTE is terrorist. There is no LTTE terrorism in the north and east of Sri Lanka. But to convince the world that LTTE are terrorist one have to have terrorism in the Singhalese areas. Our Contention is that these acts of terrorism are sponsored by the Government and carried out by the paramilitaries. How can the LTTE call for world sympathy and then counter their own plea with violence?
So the evidence that LTTE are terrorist is wrong and that the Sri Lanka government is terrorizing the Tamil is the true situation.

Ever since independence the Tamils have to bear the brunt of the inability and inefficiency of the Singhalese leadership. Today it is at its peak in a civil war waged exclusively at the homes of the Tamils. They are being systematically driven from their homestead. They are forcing them to flee to India. This is a better way, for India may not accept them in any other way. That exercise of ethnic cleansing is totally unnecessary in the modern context. This is primitiveness on the part of Sri Lanka politicians to have brainwashed the Singhalese that the Tamils are the curse and cause of their failure and then get them to go to war into their homes and then call them terrorist. Who is terrorizing whom? Are the Tamils being terrorized or are the Tamils the terrorist. Let the international community make their own deliberation and deliver a verdict. We will accept your verdict.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no right way to do wrong act. When the act of the Sri Lankan government is wrong this country will never regain its stature as a democratic nation. At the end if LTTE is wiped out this atrocity will continue. LTTE has nothing to do with the Sri Lankan problem except LTTE is the symptom of a deep-rooted syndrome. We have to address those components of the syndrome. I think the cause is lack of intellectual development. In the last 60 years the world has grown exponentially in knowledge and information. The people of the world have become intelligent, industrious and independent where as the Singhalese and Tamils are kept into religion, Race and Feudalism. We have to release these people from the clutches of the pseudo politicians and plunderers.

We don’t need any help from the international community but your sympathy and understanding.
Can you please understand our plight.?