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People- Liberty- Equality-Fraternity-Responsibility

It is not the LTTE stupid; it is about the liberation of the people of South Asia.

South Asia is in turmoil and at a turning point in history. The seed of change was planted by the Tamils and is defended by the LTTE to free the people of South Asia. It is not a war between Tamils and Singhalese; it is about the total change of the political landscape of south Asia. People of South Asia must rise up and proclaim total freedom. We in Europe and United States are with you; go for it. We have to overcome race, religion, language, regions, and caste and class systems. We cannot prosper without total freedom, equality and total unity. We are all going to be Americans, America is not a country it is an idea of free living. It is about TOTAL FREEDOM. The people of South Asia cannot live fully in the current feudalistic system. The strife in Sri Lanka is not about Tamils and Singhalese; it is between the old school and the modern school. It is about bringing every one into a participatory democracy and economic prosperity. No society can fully enjoy the life without the participation of every member of the society. It is the creativity of every one of us makes this world a better place to live. I have met a large number of people from India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh and other countries and I found that these people have limited knowledge about freedom, Human rights and self-determination. What makes the west the best is because of total freedom self determination flourishes. Without every ant in the colony works relentlessly no prosperity is possible. If we can free and get every person in the region of 2 billion works we can create a peaceful world. Peace is only possible when there is plenty for all and left over.

A military never wins the hearts and minds of people. It is the ideology that wins the people over. A system of governance that address the aspirations of each and every one of us is the ultimate winner, which can only be achieved by total freedom to every one of the people irrespective of their race, religion, language, region etc. I do not know how far the liberation of minds has seeped into the psyche of the people of the Indian Ocean region. While the people of Europe and America are prospering through this universal acceptance of total freedom and unqualified equality, people in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka etc are still living in the old paradigm. What the LTTE is attempting is trying to free these people. The military establishment in these countries must join the LTTE in bringing about this change. No man or woman should go to war and die; it applies to military personal too. United States is going to lose the war in Iraq because people simply do not want to go war and die. Period.

We are asking the Sri Lankan military also to join us in this change. Change from primitiveness where the poor man goes to die for the elite who live among affluence created by the brother of the brother dying in the battle for the elite. Two brothers for one elite! That is primitiveness. This is what the LTTE is trying to change but the people soaked in the old system do not want the change. That is ignorance, for if every one participates in the socio-economic process we all stand to get a higher standard of living including the elite or the bourgeois. Instead of fighting over a small pie we create a bigger pie, which we can all share and have left over.

Until recently the Tamils is Sri Lanka for centuries have been behaving like second-class citizens. Even though they are well educated they still had that inferior mentality when come in contact with other nationalities. This inferior mentality has made us into a second-class citizen. When we tried to regain our self-esteem it was difficult for the other nationalities to readjust to the new reality. It is something like the civil rights movement in the USA. It was hard for the predominantly white population to accept the blacks as their own fellow citizens. This is the same situation in Sri Lanka. It is the human nature to discriminate and object and obstruct determination to rise above this behaviour. This second-class bahaviour was changed by LTTE in the 1980s, which the Singhalese find it difficult to swallow. LTTE has done a marvelous job of changing this mindset of the Singhalese. While this was going on there is another faction discovered that we are not second-class citizens but we are world-class people. Being crammed in the narrow strip between India in the North and Singhalese in the South we kind of pressed and crushed and became people incapable of being world-class people. We accepted our second classed ness, but we are no more the pariahs and untouchable. Thanks to SWRD Bandaranayake who initiated this process. The feudalistic India and fanatic Sri Lanka thought they could get away with it. But we are now world-class people. We are thankful to the Euro-American Enterprise for having liberated, elevated and emancipated us into world-class people.
It is time for India and Sri Lanka to come on terms with us on equal terms or we will find the equalizer to your mass scale uncontrolled propagation of humans who live in crowded alleys and road sides and pass urine and feces on the side walks. If you rely on numbers we will rely on technology. Some one has to tell these to the uncivilized barbarians that they have to stop breeding people and start living like civilized people. Some one has to throw shit on your face and tell that you all are garbage people. Some one has to put this under their skin so that it will seep into their psyche.
We begged, we tried, we suffered and now we realize that they don’t have that faculty in their brain. Frogs don’t have this faculty. Too Harsh, Yes, but not harsh as the atrocities committed by you to our people in the last 60 years. If we are terrorist then who are you? Gutless cowards or shameless dogs or street corner thugs? We are going change the system and we are going to win this class struggle and there is nothing that the current system can do to stop it. It is a revolution in the making. The current political system cannot any longer survive. I call upon my Singhalese friends in the South to join us in this change and to the military if you defeat us you are going defeat yourself and deny yourself a good life. You are going to live a meager life while your bosses live like little kings and queens. It is not race struggle it is class struggle. I will tell you the Tamils in Sri Lanka will live like the way we live in the west. All it takes is about $300 per month to have a good life in Sri Lanka, which we earn in one day. So then it is in the interest of the Tamils to stop the war negotiate a settlement how ever bad it could be and get on with their life. There is nothing the Singhalese or the Government can do about it. The money is going to come in and they will have higher purchasing power than the Singhalese. But knowing this why is LTTE and the Tamils are not negotiating? I want the Singhalese leadership to think about it.
You can have your race, religion and language, may be we will adopt your language and religion and improve our quality of life still better. The Singhalese cannot do a darn thing about it. What good is nation full of people who believe in race, religion and language but cannot feed them? From President to Pillaiyan is asking for foreign loans, aids and grants. No one gave us any help when we arrived in Europe and America but we made it, made it to the top. There are plenty of resources available in Sri Lanka to make it another Dubai or Singapore but you need us.

The problem in Sri Lanka is not the LTTE. It is the symptom. LTTE is just the persistent manifestation of a deep-rooted disease called hatred grounded on feudalism, fanatism and state terrorism. The Sri Lankan government thinks that if they can eliminate the symptom they can solve the problem. For every thousand that deal with the symptoms there is one man who deals with the cause of the problem. We need a leader with courage to get to the root of the problem. There are no leaders among the Singhalese who are genuinely interested in the well being of the Singhalese people. The current leaders belong to elite class who send one brother to war and one to brother to do the cooking. Both are doomed. Do they know about it? When we try to tell the Singhalese people that you are been taken for a ride they go on the street and support their pseudo leaders. No wonder you are called frogs.

The problem is not Race, Religion or Language but it is a combination of our immaturities as a society. We are loaded with
1. Injustice 2.Inequality 3.Indifference 4. Ignorance 5. Ineptitude 6.Inabilities 7. Inconsistencies
8. Inefficiencies 9. Ineffectiveness 10. Inferiority etc. The list is endless

Defeating the LTTE is not the answer, but the answer lies in our inabilities. We have to defeat our inabilities and inferiorities of the Singhalese people. As long as these people live as savages guided by race, religion and Language they will always remain a backward people. The Tamils have tried vainly to educate the Singhalese about this paradox but they seem to be stubborn and are bent on defeating a good thing. As long as Singhalese people belief that the Tamils are the cause of their inabilities and in-capabilities they will remains as backward people. Defeating LTTE is not going to put food on the table, roof over the head and cloth over the body; ultimately the Singhalese people have to work. If they are working now then they should leave the Tamils alone. There are several possibilities, one of them is the Tamils may leave and go to other countries. Then what is left are Singhalese alone. Who is going to feed them? They have to work; there is no other choice. Secondly The Tamils become an insignificant percentage, so what? With the Diaspora money they will rebuild and prosper again. The chromosomes do not decide if the child is a Tamil or a Singhalese but by the way they grow up. The ways they grow up depend on the economic prosperity. The rich will exert influence over the poor. Democracy does not work without free market economy. Free market economy is who can produce the goods and services at the lowest possible cost. So then the Singhalese must allow free market economy if they hope to live as free people having a good standard of living, but they do no want the Tamils to compete with the Singhalese, the Singhalese wants everything but they don’t want the Tamils to be successful. In Canada we have 10,000 Sri Lankan businesses. Some of them are high tech industries supplying European and American key industries. There is firm belief among the Singhalese that when the war is over foreign aid is going to flow in making them prosperous! This is frog mentality!! This frog mentality is the cause of current strife.

At this very moment the Diaspora Tamils are poised to take over Sri Lanka’s vital industries and as they say people go where the prosperity is. At the end of the day after all these tough talk one has to sit down for a meal and lie down for rest. That is the human nature. We cannot change it. If I am a Singhalese I will focus on the economic emancipation of the Singhalese. We are working on our first Public Corporation Offering in Canada. That is a remarkable achievement despite the false propaganda by the Sri Lankan Government that all Tamils are terrorist. When one door closes another door opens. Not only we are going to harness the wealth of Tamils but also from the wide world of finance. Unstoppable! Universal laws of Truth and Justice are two powerful forces in the universe they are undefeatable. It is challenge between the infidels and the believers.

What good is a piece of land if it is going to be a liability? The problem in Sri Lanka is its inability to break away from feudalism. Race, religion and language cannot put food on the table, roof over the head and cloth over the body. It has to come from work. The question is who is going to do the work. Tamil coolies? There are no Tamil coolies any more; we have become business class in the world. We are world-class people; we will not be the servants of the lethargic, lazy and the laggards. We have harnessed and developed new technologies that give us the edge in international finance we have proved to the world that we belong to the world class not the animal class that wanders the jungles of Sri Lanka infested with malaria mosquitoes. For some reason Mr.Mahinda Rajapaksa thinks he can inflate the economy out of its doldrums. As A businessman I can create my own money for about 30 days after that I have to have means to pay it back. A government is no different, but they can print more money and keep going till the paper is more expensive than the value printed on the paper.

What the Singhalese people do not understand is that they have to work. There is nothing free in this world. The prices you are paying now are lives of people. That is the price of 60 years of economic neglect. As I said there is nothing free in this world. You can pay for it today or pay for it with lives later. That later is right now. I hope the internationally famous Dr. Dayan Jayalilake said it is the War Stupid. I would say to him stupid don’t behave like an educated stupid. You may be the Mahathamuktha for the Singhalese masses not for the International intellect. Then there is “Kaptain Kassippu”, Dr. Rajiva Wejesinghe. It is the economy stupid, I hope the war is over and we can prove it to you within ten years it will be Tamils all over again! When an educated person like him is so ignorant what can we do? What can the poor masses do? They need some vocation to take care of their lives. We will salvage the land and show to Singhalese people that we are their best friends. It is the dawn of a new era for the Singhalese people.

It appears to me as though some form of aberrations has taken place in the genes among the Singhalese and they have gone backwards in evolution. I do not know if Late Charles Darwin would have explained this phenomenon. Or may be Lamark is right! I like to compare Singhalese to frogs and for this tiny island looks like a frog for the space! Frogs have very limited knowledge. I am asking the Singhalese people are you Neanderthal people who behave more like animals than modern people with a well developed brain, mind and conscience. Am I being a racist? Yes after what happened to me and my people I have to be a racist for I am a product of my experience. You made me into a racist. 40 years of atrocities will even change an animal.

My first vivid experience as a young boy was the 1956 Singhalese only policy and the 1958 racial riots and the 1961 Satayagraha movement where the police and army beat Tamil people. From this vivid experience came my commitment to find a way to raise the standard of the Tamils to International standards. I have been at it ever since. We see our people living in some of the affluent neighbourhood and educating the children to be great leaders. We want to give that quality life to all Tamils first and then to rest of the people of Sri Lanka. It is our steadfast commitment to show the Sri Lankan frogs what they have messed and missed. You got rid of the best. In 60 years none of the government took any concrete step to improve the lives of Singhalese people.

Why cannot India, Pakistan and Bengal desh take any interest in the inequalities in South Asia? Because they live in an unequal domain and they accept it as the norm. No, people wake up and smell the roses. There is a better world out there, the way we live in the west. I came form Sri Lanka, I don’t feel discriminated and I don’t let any one discriminate me for the law is on my side. They equate their inabilities to discrimination. They have good education but do you have any hands-on experience. In your country you got a job with the government pushing paper. The economy in the west is not paper economy it is real economy you have to produce tangible material wealth. I hire and put these people to work they cannot create wealth but they can work create more garbage. We call it collateral work. The system of government promotes education and employment but in the west it education and creativity. We live at the periphery of human advancement. We invent new things make a living.

The governments in the region of South Asia must reinvent themselves to be more practical and productive. I am proud to say that once upon a time Sri Lanka was the crème of the bunch but some one poisoned us and we are like a ship caught in cyclone unable to get a grip on the rudder and steer it out of the eye of the cyclone. Remember the LTTE is LIFTING TAMIL TIDE EVERYWHERE because one of the most creative people is kept suppressed.