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Who can lead the country better? Prabha or Mahinda. Let try each for one year.The Singhalese leaders have failed the Singhalese people, time to try a Tamil leader!

Twenty-five years ago we came as refugee to various parts of the world. In these 25 years we the Tamils have permeated various section of the society, ranging from education, entrepreneurship, employment, government services, financial services, high tech industries etc. How did we do it? Through sheer hard work. I still work 15 hours a day, about 3 hours devoted to the Tamil cause.

In Sri Lanka too we were very enterprising people, which the Singhalese envied and enraged that the colonial masters favoured us. Soon after independence the Singhalese leaders thought the Tamil did well because the colonial masters favoured us and tried to equalize the disparity. Not only they destroyed the Tamils but also the Singhalese families.

So my question to the Sri Lankan Leadership and those frogs that degrade us internationally what do you think you can do about it? Nothing. I am sure these lazy laggards will try anything including closing up all Tamil owned enterprises. These people have no life in them, they wake up in the morning and think whom they can plunder and steal. If I have the power I will put those people who write to and the people who moderate and publish them to the yoke, plough the field and feed the Singhalese. These people should get a job and get a life.

My purpose in life is to lift the economic, mental, sociological and political standard of every man and woman so that they in turn will help someone else to reach that pinnacle in life. That is how the modern society is built. That is the duty of any leader. I am asking every Singhalese, every Singhalese leader, every man who spreads malice and hatred and the educated and emancipated Singhalese in the United Nation what have you done to your people? Had you raised the economic well being of the Singhalese people we will not be in the quagmire. For 60 years you tortured the Tamils physically and the Singhalese Psychologically and still you haven’t the slightest intelligence to look within yourself to see if you are part of the trouble or if you are the cause of the trouble. No wonder you live as frogs do. Sri Lanka is frog in the Indian Ocean. Frogs have very little knowledge and have only 13 pairs of chromosomes.

Let me give you the reason why we the Tamils do well. May be it is in our genes. We get up at 4.00am in the morning and we learn and study. Education is the most important aspect of a Tamil child’s life. Then we go to school and study again. Then it is study again at night. No wonder we produced 100,000 university graduates and created 10,000 businesses worldwide! Do you know that we insist that every family send ALL their children to the university? That is healthy competition. We don’t have a government, we don’t have a representation, how did we do it and how do we do it? It is called social capital. Do the Singhalese have any social capital? If you do you will never go to war. There is no respect for fellow Singhalese. When I see a young Tamil man working in a menial job I tell him to go to school. What do you people do? Send them to the Middle East to be live-in maids and coolies.

To me Middle East is the fourth world. You have no desire to emancipate the Singhalese; therefore we are asking the innocent Singhalese to join us. I always pray that this war comes to an end either way so that we can wake up the Singhalese people and see what your leaders have done to them. When the war is over, pay up time begins!
I have been reading and browsing a few websites in the recent times about what is going on in the home front. Sri Lanka. There are two websites I like to be specific about and I ask these gentlemen, who are degrading the Tamils; why not help upgrade the Singhalese? Make them richer, smarter, and enterprising.

I finance various activities that improve the quality of the Tamils in Canada. Can you stop it? Try to stop it. I would also like to make a donation to a Singhalese family that lost the breadwinner. For every LTTE dies there are 3 innocent Singhalese die!

These two websites plus the write-ups by Dr.Dayan Jayalilake, Dr. Prasad Kariyawasam and Prof. Rajiva Wejisinha crystallizes the psyche of the Singhalese people and its leadership. I do not know why you don’t have the desire or propensity to uplift the living standard of the Singhalese. We have realized that if we have to live in Sri Lanka peacefully with the Singhalese, we have to uplift their self esteem, education, business acumen and hence their living standards. Look gentlemen, we came here without our self-esteem, modesty, material goods etc but in 25 years we became world-class citizens. We want to show that path to the Singhalese so that they can have world standard living and regain their self-esteem.

I am especially directing my sadness with for writing garbage and fuelling the flame of hatred. Why don’t you invests your time on your own people. I guess when the Tamils are finished with you will divide the Singhalese into two. I wish if I had a way of reaching the ordinary Singhalese masses to tell them how they are made into sheep and sacrificial lambs. My heart goes to those young boys at the abattoir. While this is going on the Diaspora money buys out the capital city, Colombo. Can you stop it or will you stop your stupidity. Diaspora money disguised as foreign Corporations. The war is over, time for the Singhalese people to rethink and redirect their thoughts and deeds.

One can infer from these reporting that the problem in Sri Lanka is not the Tamils but the Singhalese themselves. Why? The Singhalese are bent on degrading and destroying the Tamils. Every speech and every article are directed at the LTTE, it used to be the Tamil people. Once upon a time it was the Tamil people, now it is the LTTE. They simply cannot accept the Tamils as an equal partner in the affairs of Sri Lanka. They want us to be an underdog. Why? Finally it is being directed at the Diaspora. When will this stupidity end?

These websites and people are not paying attention to their own people and how they can help the ordinary Singhalese people to rise above subsistence. Why? Why not bring your people up to the level of Tamils instead of taking the Tamils down to your level.

I ask the Singhalese people, Singhalese leadership, the law makers and the peace keepers why are the Singhalese wasting their time, energy, money and lives of young boys on degrading the Tamils? Why are you putting this war debt on the head of the Singhalese people? I ask the moderate Singhalese people what the hell is going on? The world being an intelligent entity it is obvious that the cause of the strife is Sri Lanka is simply hatred

The Singhalese are made to believe that the reason for their failure is the success of the Tamils. Tamils have proved their resilience in very many fields in the international forum of Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Investment, Research and Development. There are 10,000 Tamil businesses and 100,000 university graduates all over the world.

I am yet to see or read a single website or eminent Singhalese person devoting and discussing how to improve the standard of living of the Singhalese people; it is all about how to disgrace, degrade and destroy Tamils. When people like I are investing our money, time and effort to improve the economic and education standard of Tamils, what have your eminent people or the government done for you? I would like to invest my time and money to improve the lives of my brothers and sisters among the Singhalese and I ask Leaders of Sri Lanka to endorse my desire. I ask the Singhalese people what have your leaders done for you lately other than despair and desperation.

I am also yet to see a Singhalese person pulling for a fellow Singhalese person. They unite when it comes to degrading the Tamils otherwise they are mindless. There is no social capital within the Singhalese psyche. The world leaders must ask the Singhalese leadership why? And why not? If the Tamil people can help each other in need and in deed why not the Singhalese people. I ask why don’t you invest your money and time to elevate and emancipate your own brothers and sisters, why waste your time degrading the Tamils, why wasting my time responding to your garbage?

The world is flushed with economic and employment opportunity and the Singhalese people must harness this opportunity to improve their standard of living. The Tamils are trying and succeeding in improving their economic, education and employment opportunity and standard of living while the Singhalese are wasting their time, money, energy and lives to bring the Tamils down. It is not going to happen. We have a high propensity for social capital.

Now, I hope it is very clear to the world the fundamental cause of the strife in Sri Lanka. Economic parity does not mean that we make every body poor and equal! That is one way to remove the economic disparity and bring about equality. This is what the Singhalese want. Parliamentary democracy and free market economy allows some of us to rise up and above and pulling others along with us. When Bill Gates became the richest man on the face of earth he also raised the standard of living of rest of the world by 10 times.

I kindly request the Singhalese leadership to pay attention to your people and leave the Tamils alone. Why are you torturing us when we can be your best partners, friends and neighbours? What Sri Lanka must do is to stop branding people are Tamils, Singhalese, Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus, Islamite, Christians etc. Instead it should be proclaimed that there is only one people, they are all Sri Lankans. At the institutional level all form of categorization must be made illegal. Language, Religion, Race has no meaning in the present day; In America we are all American first. That puts a stop to everything. The state must stay out of Religion, Business formation etc. Let the free market economy decide who is the most capable and the government legislate tax laws to redistribute the wealth. Running a country is a simple art but to make up the mind is the most difficult part.

In the last 25 years of becoming stateless refugees we have rebound and raised ourselves to world standard, while you are struggling to come to grip with reality. We are trying to help you but you are trying to hurt us. Why? Why are you spreading your disease of misery and misfortune all over the world? Stop it.

And to the President of Sri Lanka, Mr.Mahinda Rajapaksa, is this the way your lead your people? You are leading them into despair and destruction. I sometimes wonder what will you do for pastime if not for (hunting) the Tamils. LTTE is the symptom not the root cause; the cause of the disease is your ignorance.

I can understand the stupidity of the Singhalese in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s and 1990s but when the world has become so intelligent and interconnected and function on 24/7 on real time with the Information era you still act like aborigines and savages. Race, Religion, Language, class, caste is of the past. In this wired modern world we are all one people.

My advice to you Sir is, economic development will bring people together, you do not have to force them into an arranged marriage. All you have to do is to amend your constitution to proclaim all people are Sri Lankan. No Tamils No Singhalese no Muslims, just Sri Lankans and keep the religion out of the government.

Sir whatever you do to tarnish our image in the international forum is not going to have much impact for we are progressing in a different direction. While you are encircling the LTTE we are encircling you with the power of our economic capability and capacity.

Try to proscribe us in the economic field. Lifting Tamil Tide Everywhere (LTTE) that is our direction and we will see how you would get the International community to proscribe us. This is where we will defeat you. The battles will be fought in the equity markets and boardrooms and you will surrender to us for sure. The only obstruction is the LTTE. If they win we are the victors if they lose we are the victors too, any which way you lose. Why fight it, if you cannot fight join. Don’t fight a losing battle.

If we don’t stop the war and come together as one people we will lose our economic and political freedom. Foreign countries are currently financing the war and it is not a gift or an interest free loan it has to be paid with exports. Sri Lankan will be slaving in the sweatshops for the donor nations will dictate the price and it will be pennies and peanuts.

It will be again into colonialism. Both Tamils and Singhalese will be the losers. I have an idea why don’t we all get together and retain our freedom? We have the know how to finance new ventures, explore export markets and stimulate local economy. If the Indians know the know how we know it better if only we can all think like Sri Lankans rather different people. We must unite the heart of the lions and the force of the tigers to forge a world-class economy and world quality living.

The Diaspora has the contact and the market in the world and can act as your agents to promote your products. When some foreigner asks us which country are you from? We say we are form Sri Lanka, we don’t say we are from Tamil eelam, at least not yet. So we think and feel as Sri Lankans so what is the problem? LTTE, LTTE has no power without the Tamils in Sri Lanka and the Diaspora Tamils. I wish educated people like Dr.Dayan Jayatilake, Dr. Prasad Kariyawasam and also Dr. Rajiva Wijesingha can look at this issue from a different perspective. If they do, this issue can be solved over night. I think Mr.Bernard Goonatilake has a better understanding than these three people.

All can be easily achieved if only we can proclaim all people as Sri Lankans and all regions as Sri Lanka, then there is no racial or religious or linguistic regions. In fact if we can get together we could be the next economic power in the region. I am sure we have better social intelligence than Pakistan, India or Bangala desh. But no solution is possible without LTTE, Tamils and the Diaspora. If you keep antagonizing the Diaspora you are bound to escalate the issue. You cannot stop them funding the war; there are other avenues available.

Sri Lanka has the manpower and natural resources, the Diaspora has the money and know-how, and it will be formidable combination, with the LTTE as the military intelligent Sri Lanka may be the next super power. We are working on it. LTTE must be an integral part of any negotiation for they put us on the world map, Sri Lanka and the Tamils, both. Remember LTTE is manifestation or symptom of a deep-rooted disease it is not the cause.

Don’t be a Voodoo doctor who treats the symptom not the cause of the disease. The international community must force both government and the LTTE is negotiating as responsible partners and in good faith. In the interest of the innocent citizen they both must stop their adventures.

Subra S.Massey