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The Sword That Kills Sri Lankan Lions

The Sword that kills Sri Lankan Lions
Stop blaming the Tamils (unedited)

Since 1956, there is s systemic SWoRD that is killing the Sri Lankan lions. But even after 60 years of killing the people of Sri Lanka, especially the Singhalese, We do not know why this SWoRD is killing the Tamils Tigers and the Singhalese Lions. On closer scrutiny it was found out that this SWoRD in nothing but a curse of one person named SWRD (Bandaranayke). According to folklore this man went to Oxford University and graduated as a liar (Lawyer). When he came back to Ceylon, at that time, he wanted to capture the power and he found that making Singhalese as the official language would win the elections and he did. He planted this seed of hatred in the minds of innocent Singhalese masses.

Ever since this curse, there is trouble between the Singhalese and the Tamils. The Tamils were portrayed as the cause of the Singhalese peoples lack well-being. This ploy worked every time some one wants to get elected to the parliament.

But 60 years of finger pointing, discrimination and standardization did not improve the lives of the Singhalese people. Why? Can any Singhalese leader come on line and explain this to the world? It is time for the Singhalese people to rise up. The Singhalese people must ask in the last 60 years did our lives improve? Are our lives much better now than in 1948. Instead of building on what the Europeans gave us, we destroyed everything. Tamils are not the cause of it. I do not know when will the Singhalese people realize that it is lack of employment, industries and poverty are the problems not the Tamils. Defeating the mindset of the Singhalese masses will be more difficult than defeating the tigers. Sri Lanka is on its way to become a brutal nation, a nation back to nature. Will some Singhalese reflect on my contention please, please! I beg you.
Does anybody care anymore?

Instead of educating and training young Singhalese boys and girls to become productive citizens they are misdirected to participate in genocide. Some of them are going die, most of them are going to be disabled so what is this madness? Is it about creating an Aryan Buddhist nation?
Feudalism and Fanatism cannot bring about prosperity but disaster. The current morality of the Singhalese leaders will never bring forth peace and prosperity to the Singhalese masses, it will bring about famine and fever.

From discrimination, the leaders have gone into offensive mode portraying the Tamils as terrorist. Why? It does not do any good to the Singhalese people, in fact they are dying in hundred for no apparent reason. The Tamil are living in the North and East and not interfering with the lives of the South and West. Then why is this war? This is unwanted. Will this war improve the lives of Singhalese? I am asking moderate Singhalese in what way are we a hindrance to your progress and well-being? Now the war has been glamourized by the new media Rupavani administration. Killing people has become an entertainment, when will the Singhalese people wake from amnesia. You can see the war real time online. People have been given a national pastime.

Don’t you think it is time to refocus your thinking to see instead of blaming Tamils, let see what we are doing wrong. Why 60 years of blaming has not improved the lives of the Singhalese?
For every Tamil dying there are 3 Singhalese dying and 12 are losing their livelihood. They are going to be a burden.

Okay, let see, the LTTE is defeated. What is next? Singhalese people are going to live in palaces and Tamils are going to do all the work. Well, how can 3 million Tamils take care of 16 million Singhalese? Do I make sense or am I crazy? Or is the Singhalese daydreaming?

I will tell you now it self, Singhalese people are going to work, for the first time in their life. And what about the Tamil coolies? Hum, every year 4,000,000,000 dollars go from America to Israel. You got the message. We are already the darlings of the Euro-American military Industrial complex. Please, I beg the moderate Singhalese take back the country, stop blaming the Tamils and build the socio-economic well being of the Singhalese for the Singhalese.

The Tamils are moving very rapidly in the world arena. And some frogs (We call Sri Lankans frogs, because for a frog there is no external world) are trying to convince the Euro-American enterprise that Tamils are all terrorist. Mr. Frog come and visit our world-class businesses and whom we supply with our know how. They already know who the Tamils are. You don’t have to say either way, okay say some thing bad and worst. The truth has a way of rising above the bullshit.

I am offering my help to all Singhalese if you want to have a good and decent life join us, no nonsense. We will provide you with all financial help to build a wonderful life, provided you ask you President and Prime minister to stop blaming the Tamils for their inability to help the Singhalese. It is a one-man challenge to the whole leadership of Morally and financially corrupted and bankrupted Sri Lankan regime.

Has the terrorist government of Sri Lanka ever disclosed to the Singhalese mothers how many of their sons were killed and how many were made destitute? We understand that since the Abrogation of CFA 1900 troops were killed and about 8000 wounded. None of them were from the families of the government.

To all Singhalese people, have you ever asked your leaders the purpose of this war?
The time has come before you all die of famine and starvation!

STOP BLAMING THE TAMILS! Change your mindset!! Change your way of thinking!!!


We will presume that LTTE is gone. What is next? Have any of the Singhalese leaders thought about it. If the Singhalese people are hoping that honey and milk will flow from somewhere think again. Sweatshops workers will be the Singhalese. The debt load will be so much the country has to declare moratorium on all debts and any export earnings will be garnished by the importer nation. Well when you live like frog in a pond all you know is the pond.
Or you think your heritage, language and religion is going to put food and provide other social amenities you will be sadly disappointed. Besides there will nothing to steal from the Tamils.
No one to blame, nowhere to steal except steal from each other. I am writing this from the comfort of nation where I virtually can have anything that I need and want.

My advice is what your country need is a socioeconomic policy which is equitable to all people.
You cannot hope to have prosperous country without peace and harmony. We need a leader who can galvanize all races and all religions and all culture into one nation called Sri Lanka, where there will be tolerance and acceptance of myriads of people.

I hope JHU, JVP and the president and others realize this in their own well being, but if any one thinks that war is the only solution we have to wait till they reduce each other to a very small minority. Ultimately it will be. War has cleansing effect. Probably Sri Lanka has too many illegitimate parents and bastard children. If it is not so, which parent will send their children to war and which children will go to the frontline knowing that one day he will be dead or destitute. Like the Bastardization of Balkans Sri Lanka has been Bastardized so much there is so much of illegal children who need to be rehabilitated, reformed or removed form the society.

Let me put it point blank; corrupted leaders cannot rehabilitate people. I am proud that we bring up our children well and the proof is 100,000 university graduates produced all over the world. One does not need any better proof. If you think LTTE is training child army, think again. Why are you people shedding crocodile tears? Just mind your own business. Oh! Feeling very sorry for the Tamils. Stop your damn nonsense. Don’t act like disoriented maniacs and a directionless ship. Your country needs a captain, a sail and a rudder.

Instead of sending innocent Singhalese sons and daughters to die in the battlefield find them a better direction and vocation for them. I am asking all Singhalese people to rise up and install a fair and equitable regime in Colombo.