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An Open Letter To Mr.Mahinda Rajapaksa And The LTTE

I will not use the name Vellupillai Prabaharan, he is necessary but irrelevant for he is not the LTTE but he is the head of LTTE in Sri Lanka. VP is not LTTE. LTTE is the heart and soul of the sufferings of the Tamils in Sri Lanka for the last 60 years. It is not a terrorist organization but an international organization committed to, “ Lifting Tamil Tide Everywhere”. The Tamils in Sri Lanka are being tortured but the Tamils else where are struggling. No man can unite a society of people without an underlying cause. The underlying cause is the struggle of the people of Sri Lanka. Of course the Tamils were the first to be affected so they rally around this ideology. The people of the south will soon rally around this cause. From thereon Sri Lanka will never be the same; it will be part of international community. If you watch Bloomberg Television, it is 24 hour a TV programme, it is the heart and soul of a person called Mr. Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York, and you will see how the whole world is wired together as one entity. One man changed the world! Both LTTE and Sri Lankan Government, must lay down their arms and look at the panoramic view of the modern world. It is too primitive to fight. In the last 15 years the world saw the biggest and longest expansion in prosperity all over the world, except in Sri Lanka ,while these two were fighting. How did we miss it and why did we miss it?

Let me introduce myself. In 1977, soon after the general elections, Mr.J.R Jayawardene proclaimed if you want war I will give you war, and I became a refugee in my own country. I left Sri Lanka on the 14th of January 1978 and landed in Paris, France. I am a refugee in France, which is okay, if my own country can make me a refugee why not in an alien country?

I came to Canada in 1979 and the rest in history. This morning I got up. Listened to the news that people were killed in Dambulla, in Matale district. I brushed my teeth with an electric toothbrush, washed my face with the best sandal wood soap from India. Prayed for a couple of minutes and I looked at the peaceful statute of Lord Buddha sitting on my table and I saw absolute peace in him and hence in me. I have a choice of coffees and teas that I can choose. Bear with me for a minute. Then I have a choice between brown sugar and white; then I have a choice of milk; regular, 2% or fat free. The home heater was at 21 degrees, I was not comfortable so I increased to 22 degrees. Breakfast I can choose from Brown bread, Rye bread, Whole wheat bread and so on. You get the idea. WHY IS THE PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA DO NOT AND CANNOT HAVE THESE CONVIENIENCES? I am not a rich Canadian I am at the low end of the lower middleclass Canadians.

Instead of fighting, the Singhalese and the Tamils must become Sri Lankans. The real enemies are the hearts and minds of the leaders. Ordinary people to ordinary people there are no enemies, if there are any they remain subtle. When your head swells your heart shrinks. Mr. President please note that when a persons head grows big, the heart recedes and he becomes a Pig. Pigs have very small hearts. Why do I, a humble man to say this to a President who has been educated in the teachings of Lord Buddha? I am not a born Buddhist but Lord Buddha resides in my heart, sits on my table and guides my business! Mr. President do you know who killed the innocent people in Dambulla on a pilgrimage? I give you a clue; apply absolute moral standards of Honesty, Purity, Integrity and Sincerity to your thought processor. Please. And to LTTE same question, same standards. JVP if you can read English for you too. If LTTE was behind it all Tamils should dissociate. It is not in our nature to kill. Life is a one time gift and no one should be denied a full life till the creator decides to take it back.

Mr. President and LTTE, I want to make a gift of goodwill to both parties. I will donate $500.00 to a Singhalese family who lost the breadwinner and another $500 to a Tamil family that lost the breadwinner in this war. Since I am a Tamil by definition , I will donate the first $500.00 to the President, which he can donate to the Singhalese family of his choice. Then once I hear the news in the Internet I will send the other $500.00 to you, Mr. President that you can donate to a Tamil family of your choice. Every body wants to see the other man change. Every nation wants to see other nation change, yet everybody is waiting for the other man to change. But the best place to start is with you. So lets start Mr. President. Too many people are caught up in an emotional war, which does not allow clear thinking.

The nation of Sri Lanka is in deep trouble; Politically, Economically and Morally. I have been pleading with various people to come to an agreement so that we can alleviate the suffering of the people. In 1972, I told my father in law who was prominent politician, that we have to address the social problems through economic mechanism he looked blank. He probably wondered what am I saying. The root of all conflicts is lack. When you lack everything you have nothing to lose, if we have something to lose then we become prudent in our behaviour. Then we have two assets to give our people 1) Social responsibility 2) Economic Responsibility.

I have a valid argument that the Tamils are fighting for their social responsibility and the Singhalese are fighting for their economic inequality, unless the Singhalese have an unshakeable believe that all Tamils must go. Every decent man hates social injustice and economic misery of the world. Mr. President you have to define what do you want for the Nation of Sri Lanka. Are you trying to win an ideological war or political war or an economic war or all? None of this includes LTTE so then why are you fighting them?

I was unarmed but the enemy was armed to his teeth, but my morals were so high and absolute he didn’t have the courage you use his superior lethal weapons on me. I am confident that no soldier will use his weapon if he is allowed to come in contact with the innocent people. All soldiers are innocent people. A German friend of mine told me he was sent to eastern front in Europe to fight the Russians and at the battlefront we were having daily get together parties with the Russians. Mr. President who are the real enemies? Who is inciting the innocent people to fight each other and for whose benefit? I want the Government soldiers and the LTTE cadres to have daily parties at Mannar, Jaffna, Vavuniya and Welioya.. My Sister came from Jaffna and told me the soldiers come to her house for morning tea. Don’t you feed your people in the field Mr. President? Where is the hatred Mr. President? Food! The marvelous universal medicine for all social ills, Mr. President. Mr. President the people at the village level is going to defeat you and the LTTE. Get ready for it. You have been defeated in Jaffna, the Singhalese and Tamils have come together. If Dr. Dayan Jayaliake happens to read this article I would like to ask who is the real enemy? Dr Jayalike does not understand economics, he knows more and more of less and less! I want Dr.Jayatilake to go for about a day with out food and his brain will shift from his steel head to the soft stomach! Dear Doctor we don’t think with our brain but with our stomach. If you don’t agree you have not gone through life yet. The real enemy is poverty.

Anyone who will not follow the absolute standards of Honesty, Trust, Sincerity, Fairness, Purity, unselfishness and love is a traitor to his class and to his nation. It applies to all including SLGO and LTTE. Ultimately morality will defeat immorality. Only time will tell us the truth.
We need to clear the minds of mines and plant with morals. A Moral down loading and up loading. Mr. President it is not about who is right and who is wrong, but it is all about what is right. We have to sit with each and every opponent and thrash out the need for change. We have to format out minds and reload with the new operating system. An operating system based on fairness and equality. This treatise is about re-education of the human being and the reconciliation of the various factions into one common entity.

Defeating the LTTE is not the end of the war, but defeating the mindset of the People, Politicians and the Parties is the key to putting an end to this conflict. Mr. President I hope you are aware that once upon a time Sri Lanka was divided into 4 regions, namely Rajarata, Mayarata, Rhuhuna and Jaffna. So defeating LTTE is not answer. The way things are unfolding Rhuhuna has begun! Then the people in the hill country. So you have to seek the help of experts from various parts of the world to come up with a comprehensive plan to keep the country as it is. Dr. Dayan Jayatilake is definitely not one of them. I know a lot of narrow-minded. obliquely educated men from dysfunctional families.

Mr. President and LTTE we have to address the root of the political, Economic, National and Social problems with absolute clarity. There are three aspects 1) Sri Lankan Unity 2) Tamil discrimination 3) Singhalese fear. Segregation is not the answer, Discrimination is not the answer, and Fear is not the answer. What we need is total mind change. Instead of pitching Tamil against Singhalese, Singhalese against Tamils, Government against LTTE, we have to fight Ignorance, Deficiencies, Poverty and Discrimination. How do we bring about this change? Let us do what is right instead of who is right.

The south and the west are so fertile, so much of rain and water, so much of sea wealth. Why are you fighting in the least resourceful part of the Island? So then, it is not economics, it is not politics; it is then definitely self-interest. Are you pitching the freedom loving people of the South against the freedom loving people of the North for your own survival? Mr. President your son is studying in the UK but why are the children of Appuhamy and Seelawathi are in the trenches?

I think I have spoken my heart, but I may not be right all the time but to change myself is the most difficult thing to do and for a person who is always right it is hard to admit he is sometimes wrong!

My name is Subra S.Massey and my email is
Mr. President I am waiting for your email to send the money.