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Prudence Necessary in Sri Lanka for Peace and Prosperity

By Subra S. Massey
In the name of peace and prosperity prudence is the only weapon
I ponder and pondered. How to solve this circle of violence in Sri Lanka? History tell us that most problems were solved by one party to the conflict becomes the victor and the other party becomes the vindicated. To solve the problem in Sri Lanka we need a strong force, which can respect human rights. That will be hard to find. Foreign powers are reluctant to get involved unless they see some opportunity for them. Sri Lankans are not ready to invite any foreign powers. So this avenue is closed. So how do we solve this challenge? I have an idea.
I am a businessman in Canada. I make decisions based on prudence. What do I need today, tomorrow and down the road? Sri Lanka must think in those terms, what do we need to make our country livable? Will arguments help? NO. Will fighting help? NO. Will patience and tolerance help? May Not, but will help preserve what we have. If we can preserve what we have today, tomorrow we can build on it. I do not know if I can convince the Singhalese leaders. But there is window of opportunity with the Tamils, as a Tamil may be some Tamils may consider this idea.
This war is not going anywhere; only innocent people are getting killed.
It also appear the rhetoric is being turned on; emotions are turned on. The recent killing in Okkampitiya and Thanamalwila are to stir up the emotions and hatred for Tamils. The forces in the field are usually motivated with liquor. But revenge is a better motivator. People say that the 911 attacks in USA was a motivator to go after the Middle East extremist. The Sri Lankan government took a leaf from the 911 pages to motivate their people and forces to go after the LTTE and the Tamil people. Remember that Gothabaya Rajapaksa is US citizen he may have studied 911 well and trying the same psychology to instigate the forces. If you can give the right kind of stimulus a man can be turned into suicidal and that is what exactly the Sri Lankan government is doing with its own people, turning them into cannon fodder. It is an institutionalized from of suicide squad.
It is time for cooler minds to get involved and bring about an end to this carnage.
The government is bent on using force to bring about peace but the LTTE is undefeatable in the short run but they may develop technologies that may give them superior firepower.
I think they are working on it. Prabaharan understands the dynamics of the functioning of the mind of people very well, combined with his genetical makeup and his experience he is a formidable opponent. Even though Sri Lanka forces are trying hard, he is resolute and calm but you will see his execution when he execute with precision. He knows the army in the battlefield is not his main objective but the vital centers are his aim. Soldiers fight with their stomach and he demonstrated well at the elephant pass take over. In the Middle East 1967 war Moshe Dayan captured 100,000 troops in one night next day there was nobody to feed them. He accomplished that with a few soldiers and couple of tanks. It is not the number that counts in modern warfare it is how it is being executed. War is a very expensive way of solving problems and no body benefits from a protracted war. In Sri Lanka it is going on for the last 20 years and how it is being financed no body knows. All arms are imported and have to be paid with hard currency; hard currency means loans and interest payments. Once the war is over it will be paid with exports unless Sri Lanka unilaterally writes it off. They cannot, so it has to be paid. The current debt cannot be paid for the interests will keep it growing. Don’t the politicians know about it? Sure they know about it. They have bureaucrats who will advice them. So what is purpose of the war? Is it to line their pockets? The only way we will know is if the senior politicians voluntarily disclose their foreign bank balances. There is rumour that there is lots of activity in Gothabaya Rajapaksa’s bank account outside the country. He is an American citizen.
Then this war is a private family owned business and the inputs are arms and outputs are destitute families and the profits are deposited in foreign bank accounts. Once they have built up enough money they leave the country in shambles. No patriotic leader will sell out his country and will prolong the war. Sri Lanka is a sovereign nation in the eyes of the UN and other nations so they cannot intervene, any intervention is regarded as foreign involvement and the UN charter will not permit it. So there is a stalemate. How do we break it in the interest of the well being of Sri Lankans? Once side has to give in so that the other side may also give in. The Cease Fire Agreement did exactly that, but when the three stooges got into power they started disrespecting the agreement and the trouble flared up again. Why would anyone restart the war that was put to rest? No peace-loving citizen will repeal an agreement conducive for further negotiations.
It appears that the JVP and the Buddhist monks are the problem. They do not want any Tamils in Sri Lanka. The government in 1971 decimated the JVP and it is flaring up again. JVP and religious fanatism grow when there is no economic emancipation. The governments should have addressed the economic problem but they did not, instead they kept up the anti-Tamil anti. It is an easy way to get elected. Basically speaking Sri Lankans lack social capitalism. Social capitalism allows the whole society to rise economically thus alleviating social imbalances.
Trust and Responsibility are the hallmarks of modern politics. The Europeans and the Americans and very recently the Japanese, Chinese, Indians are embracing the collective mentality to move forward. But for some reason the Sri Lankans are moving back wards. The country has gone back 3 generations of social development. It is hard to built a sustainable economy without a strong social system. The social institutions are being systematically destroyed in Sri Lanka through ignorance. The country is going back to nature where the citizens become the subjects.
Subjects are not very far away from animals in nature. This is evident from the rampant abuse of civil rights and the atrocities committed by the paramilitary groups. When the very protector of civil rights encourages people into extra judicial executions that land has gone to dogs.
The foreign organizations are trying vainly to educate the government to be more judicial and prudent in their approach but they are bent on peace after war or peace through war. To defeat the LTTE will take years. They are well entrenched in naturally defensible area, they have an air force which is unimaginable. They are very inventive and adapt to changing situation on the ground, besides they are fighting for a cause not for pay cheques. One well-motivated man is worth a million troops, Late Albert Einstein and Opphemnier demonstrated to the world.
The Tamils are some times compared to the Jews for there are lots of parallels in their history and their response to their problem. There are about 500,000 Tamils living in countries conducive to their intellectual development. what will be the major outcome of such richness. These countries may harness their richness to their own benefit and give them something in return as they did with the Jews. This is a serious possibility. How will India react to it? It is in the interest of India to bring Tamils under their wings but there is no leadership in India to do so. We need a Winston Churchill in India. India is a benign democracy there is no drive to live their life fully. I live in the west and I trust people a lot. Once I had to convince an Indian man with so many proofs. We don’t do that in the west, to us money is a state of mind, so what if I lose some money today I will make it tomorrow but this not in the mind of an Indian. Money they see is different from the way we see money in the west. It may be changing. To them work is travail but to the people in the west it is a pleasure and good health too.
US is our best hope but Mr. George Bush cannot understand the Tamil problem to him we are terrorist but we are not we hard working people. We have demonstrated time and again with our new inventions that benefit the West. They are beginning to see us as their counter parts in the east. We need s strong man to stand behind the two boys who are fighting each other for 50 years. It is the role either India or US has to play. European Union is another good choice.
These are excellent countries with superb social institutions.
The EU and US can exert a lot of influence in the UN, but current US administration is not interested. The way the democrats are coming up we may stand a good chance of this problem getting resolved. Some super power has to guarantee the safety of the Tamil before LTTE can lay down the arms as they did in Cyprus. But to get them interested we have to offer them something in the form of new technology, this is where the Tamil businesses and the Tamil scientists have to show their colors. I am sure we are capable of inventing some thing new.
The EU and US has a tract record of encouraging new technologies.
So what can Tamils living outside can do? They have to put their creativity to the wheel and develop the wealth needed to support the cause of the innocent people living in Sri Lanka.
When we become part of the Euro-American enterprise they will listen to us, until such time folks work hard and stay united the days are not too far away