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People- Liberty- Equality-Fraternity-Responsibility

Our Commitments


The purpose of this information site is to gather, create and disseminate ideas and facts to ordinary Sri Lankan citizens so that they make intelligent choices in their life for their lives.While the world has switched ideologies and progressed very rapidly in the last 60 years we, Sri Lankans have been embroiled in a feudalistic paradigm.

Democracy is not a fixed set of rules or a superlative concept but it is alive and growing, it is capable of mutation and metamorphosis. Democracy has evolved so much the we are at the threshold of making every citizen participate directly in the management of the institution of government through new technologies. The media is ahead of the governments in this respect in bringing polls and surveys that reflect the daily aspirations of the people. The majority-minority divisions are removed through proper understanding of human relationships. It is now accepted that if minorities suffer it is also the suffering of the majority. So in the interest of the well being of all we have successfully removed the majority-minority concept and coined a new term we are all one people undivided by race, color, religion, language, education, wealth etc. This is the latest development in democracy. Even in the judiciary one can asked for a new adjudicator!
Where are Sri Lankans in this scale of democracy? I think we are fairly behind. When late Martin Luther King said let us go by the content of the character than with the color of the skin, America changed forever! We must salute the American constitution. What was good for the White men was also good for the Black men. That is clear conscience. What is good for the majority must be good for the minority and when we equate both, both disappear and we have a new nation of citizens cemented by a feeling if self esteem than divided by race religion and language. We are putting the Sri Lankan establishment in a paradox. They have to change or they will be changed. It not a racial struggle, not a religious struggle but a class struggle

If we are going to be the catalyst of this transformation then we have to be almost perfect or must be perfect. It is possible. Fairness is a very high state of mental fitness. To be fair in every thing is only possible when we rise above our own selfish needs and inherited fears and norms. There for our first commitment is fairness. We must respect and maintain respect for others who are part of the living environment. Every one must be given a fair opportunity to contribute to the moral and material development of oneself and the society at large. Every thing and every being when given a fair opportunity will follow the natural moral and ethical laws. Therefore everyone and everything must be given a fair opportunity to perform their life’s functions unhindered.

Democracy is not an abstract science; it is the living will of people. Man has demonstrated that he can be different from beasts in the nature. It is an evolutionary stage and a phenomenon. Man has evolved to a new level. He has unlearnt to settle disputes by war and learned to settle scores through dialogue and negotiations. He learned to understand and accept that in my own self-interest I am willing to let other live well. When other live well I also live well, it is unified effort. To reach this stage man has to control his adrenaline flow in his body. By controlling the flow of adrenaline I learn to control myself. It is in my self-interest to control the flow of adrenaline. For those who don’t understand the working of the adrenaline ask your family doctor who will advocate that for a disease free and long life one has to control this flow of hormone.

What is equality? We are all the same in the content of our character; by we may have different characters. For the survival and progress we need varied characters. Our lives are like a soup of number of ingredients; we are formed by the infusion of character of others. So when a society of people create a flow of ideas these ideas cross pollinate each other and we become a society of people with common understanding called a culture. So in Sri Lanka what has happened in the last 60 years, we were diverging than converging and have become polarized and the differences have become incompatible and we are killing each other. Our purpose is to bring the people back together and make them into one people. We are fortunate that we are able to do this in the safety of the Canadian Constitution. We may not have been able to do this in Sri Lanka; we have to be grateful and thankful to the constitution of Canada. The government respects the constitution, does the Sri Lankan government respects its own constitution? We doubt it.

When does freedom kicks in to action? When we are equal citizens. The essence of life is freedom in association, freedom in nature does not guarantee if you will return home tonight, leave aside the carcass for ceremonial burial. So freedom has to be viewed from the backdrop of association. Are you free? Have you conferred that same right to your fellow being? Yes or No. Till you confer that same level of right to your fellow citizen you are not free. If you do not understand this then you are not fit for the society, we have correctional services to reform those characters. Since we have freed each other and all now we have freedom to conduct our lives without infringing into to each other but share the creativity and outflow of our freedoms. This is modern economics, freedom to follow your own vocation and the surplus is traded to those who need it and can afford it. There is no room for welfare recipients except the infants, invalids and incapables. We ask the Government of Sri Lanka, are your citizens free or are they subjects of a dictatorial outfit? We need a new constitution by Sri Lankans, In Sri Lanka, for Sri Lankans. A constitution that proclaims that henceforth we are all Sri Lankans first.

Once we have freedom and equality we are all brothers and sisters and we elect our mama and papa called the government. We three brother, sister and government are all equal in the eye of the laws that we promulgate. Mommy and daddy cannot hijack the children. How far is the Sri Lanka people and the Sri Lankan government from this ideal state? When educated, experienced, enlightened, emancipated, enriched and eloquent people are behaving like illiterate proletariats what hope do we have for a peace and prosperous Sri Lanka? We have lot of work to do. First we have to stop the two fighting factions. When super powers turn a blind eye while the arms dealers provide arms what hope do we have? We the Sri Lankans must take control of the situation and resolve our family problem. In a family dispute and in the subsequent divorce the lawyers get rich. Instead of we two sharing our food vultures and hyenas are eating our lunch. Are we Insane?


With freedom, equality and fraternity comes responsibility. Responsibility is a relatively new concept recognized by democracy. Since we have conferred freedom, equality and fraternity to people now they can become responsible for their habits, behaviours and character in the society, put in mild terms social etiquette. If we don’t behave responsibly the burden is laid at the hands of the government, but then government is the people, then the burden is naturally transferred to the people. Why would we take on unwanted burden? If we conduct our lives responsibly then we ease our lives. Democracy thus becomes a universal science and a universal law; law of retribution. Knowing you will be retributed why commit are indecent act in a society?

With all of the above comes into play Human rights. Human rights in the crystallization of all rights conferred upon a human being. Human being is the focus of democracy; democracy is by the people for the people. So we have to uphold all rights and privileges of every citizen. No citizen is left out or immune from prosecution if they violate it. Even if one man violates and becomes his own judge then the whole system crumbles and we all become our own judges. End of democracy. We hope the Sri Lankan government can now evaluate their performance against this backdrop.

Since we have been freed from the nature and have come under the protection of an artificial body called the government, state or sovereign we have responsibilities. We are now in a society of people governed by the laws of the land. But the state cannot provide everything thing so it becomes our responsibility to manage and safe guard the society. We have to participate in the elections, city meetings, net working clubs and associations to contribute to the development of the community. The elected body cannot do everything for the whole society will be turned into state employment, every one will be working for the government to govern the society, that will be ridiculous and non productive. As a citizen we have to manage ourselves and also contribute certain amount of our time and effort free of remuneration for the maintenance of the society.
We have to become good citizens, support good work and charities. We must encourage civic improvements, better health and education. The children must cared for, protected and fostered to produce good citizens. We must help to preserve and protect the institution of marriage and family. We must maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use.

I think this is the ultimate purpose of all our efforts. Peace must be maintained at all levels from in our minds to the state level. Without peace the society cannot function effectively and efficiently. National and personal resources including time and money will be wasted.
These are unnecessary wastes and do not produce any tangible effect or wealth. Imagine day in day out if the resources of the society is employed to keep peace. The state provides most of the peace-keeping effort but at the grass root level it is our duty to keep peace and order. In my own self-interest I will practice prudence to preserve myself. When we all apply the prudence principle a society can function peacefully, efficiently and effectively. Peace is mandatory at all levels of the society. Life is best when we all live in harmony.

What is prosperity? When a society produces abundance of wealth it is said to have become prosperous. When we maintain the above-mentioned features a society can be very effective and efficient in producing tangible and intangible wealth. Prosperity also forces us to live in peace for when we have something to care for or something to lose we become conservative. Therefore prosperity is one of the most important fiscal and monetary policies of the government. In Sri Lanka the problem is lack of economic opportunities. There are two kinds of people, those who want to blaze the trail on their own and the others who work for them. You need both. When you allow and encourage self-motivated creative people the country is full of wealth and this wealth allow people to go about enjoy their life. There is hope of life and chance of being alive. But in Sri Lanka, as we speak, what do we have? No life and if you will be alive this evening is doubtful. Safety for live is in the mind of the President to the ordinary citizen. The problem is getting worse!

The marvelous concepts to transform man the animal to man the citizen. We is Sri Lanka had free education and the country was progressing rapidly, schools were built, universities were expanded. Then everything came to a stand still and internal trouble started. Our efforts must be to bring an end to the civil unrest. Any unrest is undesirable, for it takes the focus and attention away from the important things in life of the people of Sri Lanka. Therefore we want to make everything possible to re-institute the institutions of learning in Sri Lanka without any discrimination or standardization. One cannot hamper the progress of another for it takes the other to put effort into it. So we lose the creativity of two. The fundamental concept of democracy is to make people productive so then why waste my productive time to make your time unproductive? One plus and one plus is two (+1+1=2), one minus and one minus is minus 2 (-1-1= -2). When we work as one people we have a productivity of 2, but when two of us spend time putting down each other we have an unproductivity of -2, so the net effect is loss of 4.
Aren’t you surprised that our nation is gone to dogs. What do you make of our politicians? To rob a passer by all you need is force not mathematics. Confucius said give a man a fish you will feed him once but teach him to fish he will feed him all his life. Father of democracy therefore is Confucius. Confused? Get good education, get a vocation and mind your own business that is democracy. In Canada we have an unemployment rate of 5% but in Sri Lanka it is over 50%
The government of Sri Lanka is the best unemployment ministry in the world. It destroys the freelance vocationeers, the farmers, traders and industrialist.

We live and breathe information. Today’s human being is an information driven creature. Have you noticed that you cannot focus on something anything when you don’t have some vital information? Why is it? We have evolved and graduated into a new human sub species. We are not at the same level of thinking as the political unleaders of Sri Lanka. They are living in an era of fear and apprehension while we live in safe and comprehension era. I lived in their situation once upon a time. It is one of our commitments to provide vital information to the citizens of Sri Lanka so that they become aware of the problems. There is biased information or no information at all. They are confused. One excellent way is to provide them with solar powered computers with access to satellite connection to Internet, CNN, BBC, CBC, and DW-TV etc. We have to act as a counter current to the Sri Lankan regime in providing information to the people of Sri Lanka.

Ever since man came out of the cave and wandered in the beast-infested jungles, his first experience was one animal killing and eating another animal. That is the first impression and the first impression is the most important impression. He saw invariably a larger looking animal killing a smaller looking animal. So with Sri Lanka, which is at the moment at these initial stages, we have to slowly educate them to shift their thinking. From the jungle era we moved into hunter-gatherer ear, then farming are, industrial era, communication era and now at the information era. The coming era is enlightened era, where we all live as fully intelligentized people. The future world will be a utopian entity; we already see that in some parts of Canada, where we are totally amazed when something bad happens. As I said elsewhere, we have numerous choices in selecting food, cars, jobs, and area to live, homes, medicine, education etc. As an immigrant I always have it my way when it comes to conducting my life. That is the peak of human advancement. Where are the people of Sri Lanka? I bet I have a better, secure, safer and healthier life than the President Sri Lanka. I don’t sleep in a bunker; we store food in our basements. The carbon dioxide level is 3 times higher below ground than 3 feet above the ground. No wonder their brains are not working optimally. Anoxia causes slow brain development and causes permanent brain damage. I guess we have to feel empathy and sympathy than rage and anger at them.

A Family is the best institution ever invented by mankind. It is the basic unit of the total society.
So our endeavour is to foster family formations and protect the family unity, entity and integrity.
The way the universe was created there is a male and a female component to it. I think it is still the best association and for procreation. We will leave cloning and in vitro creations for the academics. I would rather prefer if they take me and extend my life to infinity so that I keep contributing rather than consuming. There is no point in being reborn as a little baby with zero know-how. Every serious drama needs a comedian or a comic interruption.

So lets shore up and strengthen our families, let us get the elders involved in our romantic fantasies and transform them into serious families. Lets us combine natural affection into meaningful relationships. A family without love, duty, devotion, determination, trust, sincerity, compassion and mutual understanding will be barren field. This is important for Sri Lanka for to get people form loving families to go to war is near impossible. Then it is obvious that we have thousands of dysfunctional families that need urgent help.

Is best if left to a different breed of people. Taking from the haves and giving to the have-nots is not economics, it is misappropriation. When it is done by the state it is called State Sponsored Misappropriation. Sri Lankan Government is notorious for such activities. They once nationalized the estate plantations and then the co-operative systems. Both were a failure.
Basically promising that he will deliver goods and services from thin air elects a politician. Actually he is going to steal from Fernando (Paul) the producer to Pereira (Peter) the consumer without any exchange; there is no bilateral flow of wealth. This is an inherent flaw in democracy when given in the hands of inexperienced countries.
Each man is an economic entity and each family is an economy. They must be free to their own enterprise and the outflow of such venture. Any surplus will be traded for what else they need. When we have number of such small economies we become a self-sufficient well-serviced economic nation. This model is available in the northern part of Sri Lanka where the state defined Tamils are living. Instead of copying an ideal system the government systematically destroyed it. They are insane. Now they are destroying people who are the nucleus of such concept. They are not only insane they are stupid too.
So our next commitment is to encourage small-scale family based economic entities that will allow optimum utilization of individual talents. If there are idea that will attract mass participation we will form limited partnerships and publicly traded corporations that has economies of scale.

Family was the first best institution ever created by mankind. As these families grow into communities we created institution of interests. These are the back born of any community of people. They form associations and constitutions are created. Mission statements were written and commitment were made and fulfilled. Schools, community centers, banks, churches etc were created and they formed the cementing force of the community. The government stayed in the sidelines and regulated the activities through legislations and executions and judiciary. It is always best if government stayed out of community activity and get involved when security is threatened. Only government must be in control of the Police and the Armed forces. No one should be encouraged to bear arms of extra-ordinary potential.

Your prosperity is directly proportional to your moral standards. The universal law of prosperity is an un-refutable law and the universe is control by this law. It acts from inside you and all external manifestations are your internal moral mechanism. So then what is the best way to live?
All religions are excellent in teaching us the absolutes. The standards are absolute. Let me name a few Honesty, Loyalty, Sincerity, Trustworthiness, Integrity, Responsibility, and Steadfastness etc.
If you stand by these moral parameters and live without compromising them you will progress to a much higher level of human existence. These moral laws are hard to prove but when you compare your standard of life with some one else you will see that the only difference will be the degree to which you were morally guided. When you compromise your moral conscience it acts as a brake and a hindering mechanism form within you. Your mind is marred with guilt; guilt is like a plague it spread all over your conscience and slowly destroys your life internally and externally. One religion offers panacea for this disease. Accepting responsibility and asking for forgiveness, forgiveness is a strong medicine it goes in changes your thought pattern and hence you get cured. If you owe someone money, pay it off now rather paying it off later with interest, if you owe and apology does it now for it will eat you from inside.

The last commitment is to maintain excellent Self-esteem. No man or woman can conduct their life well if they don’t believe in themselves. You have to accept you the way you are and make changes if they are required.
Self-esteem is a sense of well being, feeling good about one. If you don’t have self-esteem you become a worthless person. Self-esteem is also self worth. In Sri Lanka how many people believe in them? The state has bankrupted them by telling them we will take care of you; we will provide you with free rice, free education, free healthcare, free land etc. There is nothing free in the world except if you live in a jungle where you can do minimal work to gather what ever is available. The politician in his or her self interest makes un-fulfillable promises. All goods and services have to come from work or from loans or from grants or from subsidies. Why Sri Lanka is in this state? Because we have become unskilled and incapable people. There is no state encouragement or state intervention to help people with vocations. If every one of us become self sufficient then we have a great country to keep

These are some of our commitments to our people. But there are more. Our heartfelt desire is to salvage our great land from destruction and give people hope and a living. Someone has to start it and we have to start somewhere. So we the Sri Lankans living in the comfort of true democracies must set the process in motion. As we always say, let some one else do it, but that some one is we.