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People- Liberty- Equality-Fraternity-Responsibility



1.Have every day a Well thoughtout, Perfectly organized,
Systematically planned and Disciplined day

2. Open your mind, keep it opened

3. Stand firm and see what they can do and push a
little and see what you can acheive.

4. A man is poor not by the way he looks, but the way he
conducts his life.

5. Always wonder why, but never wander.

6. So is your mind, so is your life

7. Every day is a brand new day,celebrate it.

8. Manage your thoughts, mind your business


9. A peaceful man is neither threatening nor can be
10. We are all seeking peace, but not for the other.

11. Men must learn to accept peace within himself, not
in other men.
12. When you see an un-peaceful man pray for him. Please
peace be with and within him

13. I don't see divided nations but a united nation

14. One cannot divide nations but the people.

15. I see democracy not demoncrazy.

16. I don't want you without you.

17. Let your personal desire be the service to humanity,
that is all we are, if you take a few seconds to
18. Be Bees; build communities and then live in it.


19. All Tamils work together, work with each other, never ever work against any other.

20 Live within your means, save for tomorrow, never ever borrow any thing including salt.

21. Create value for all, there is plenty for all.

22. Don't you ever give up, there is nothing to give up, therefore never ever give up. Be a spider, it never gives up.

23. Work hard, save money, educate yourself, invest wisely and never to fall again and never let us fall again.

24.So many Gods,so many creeds,so many paths that wind and wind when all that this sad world needs are just the art of being kind and just the art of being loving.

25.Know thy pandandler before making alms

26.Debtor- One who owes money !, Creditor- One who hopes he will get it!!

27.The richest and largest gold mine in the world is your mind, dig into it!

28. Let your conscience be your judge.

29. I am the greatest, beleive in yourself.

30.Whatever the soul longs for, will be attained by the sprit.

31.Money does not caqre who owns it.

32.You will never discover your talents till you try it, Try it.

33.Step into the unknown and discover a new world.

34.Life is simply the survival of the finest, be the best at what you do.

35. It takes only a the desire and any thing can be mastered.

36. Every day without fail I woke up and went work and did what appeared in front of me.

37. I get disappointed when I could not get a person to try to live his life.

38. Probelsm are mere dceptions. Look for the blessing behind.

39. Problems are merely the way of sorting the good from the heap.

40. Every problem has to be solved only once, thence it is not a problem, it is patway to prosperity.

41. Every problem has simple solution.

42. The best investment advice, Invest in yourself to improve your knowledge.

43. Rules of prosperity; Choose your Profession, Friends, Acquaintances and Associated wisely. They define your level of success.

44. Time, that is all about your life. Invest in it wisely, do not waste it, do not spend it, do not squander it.

45.Magic of giving; Give a tiny drop and see the sky turning into a pouring rain. Try it!