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Governing a country is like weeding a garden, just get rid of the bad elements and the crop will flourish. But what is Mahinada Rajapaksa and the criminals doing? They are weeding out the crops and cultivating the weeds.

Sri Lanka, is a nation that is ravaged by institutionalized Racism, Fanaticism, Narcissism, Staterrorism and Narcotism instead of Freedom, Equality, Peace, Fraternity, Respect, Responsibility, Progress and Prosperity. I have introduced two new words here not found in all dictionaries. i.e. Staterrorism and Narcotism. One could read about rampant sale and use of narcotics in Sri Lanka in the link below.

Sri Lankan Singhalese simply cannot understand that they must stop defining people by their own, sometimes right and most of the time wrong thoughts, convictions, definitions, communication methods and systems but must allow other race of people to be their own people in their own way to be creative. Sometime I wonder if Sri Lankan Singhalese are kind of frogs in an island surrounded by Indian Ocean. While frog live in a body of water surrounded by land mass, here they live like frogs in a land mass surrounded by a body of water. Quite interestingly, if they continue this attitude they will be always a tourist paradise and a proletariat nation. There seem to be a huge continental divide between these two communities of people; vis-a-vis Tamils and Singhalese, one that is Spartan and other that is Roman, one is strict in customs, character and culture and the other one that is easy going and carefree. If the Singhalese can institutionalize narcotics, crime and violence, there is something fundamentally wrong in this people. That is why I have added the two new words Staterrorism and Narcotism to further define their nature. You can read about their narcotic activities in the above link, with the full awareness of the ruling Rajapaksas; but Gothabaya Rajapaksa says he did not know Duminda Silva was the drug king pin. Sounds dubious, deceitful and dangerous.

I hope Sri Lankan Singhalese find a quick fix to their inabilities and ineffectiveness so that they begin to enjoy a good standard of living, thus they will have some thing to wake up for and live up to. The best thing ever happen to Sri Lanka is the Diaspora who spread all around the world and can see the different cultures. Sri Lankans do not seem to have a plan for their nation and for their future. Politicians should not plan their future by years and political terms but by generations to come and on working to leave a legacy.

The Sri Lankan culture of the last 60 years have evolved, mutated and metamorphosed and now manifest as narcotism. The Sri Lankan establishment has found a new means to quick economic development, that is narcotism. It is in the interest of free world to start a new frontier warfare against narcotism. Narcotism is going to destroy the civil world that took at least 5000 years to build.

Narcotism does not happen over night, but it is years and years of socio-economic and political neglect that lead to people looking for a new way to living. In Sri Lanka, it is under the disguise of racism and fanaticism that the underworld of narcotism has taken over the parliament and the state institutions. It is hard to take it back for the disease has spread to various and powerful echelons of the nation. Recent gang shoot out in the capital Colombo indicates that the President, the defense secretary and other law makers were involved in powerful gang warfare. The world must come together and impose political, economic, social and psychological sanctions to wean this nation of Racism, Fanaticism, Narcissism, Staterrorism and Narcotism. We raise and praise our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Stephen Harper for having set the course and pace in the right direction. We Thank you very much Sir.

It is a warning to USA, Russia, Europe and China to guard against the break down of the social fabric and the governments must become morally sound to keep their nation on even keel The leaders must ensure that in the interest of our future they have to main a civil well mannered society. Politicians must plan their future not by years and terms but by generations to come. We are at a pivotal point in the history and the Nazis and narcotics are barbarians at the gate trying to hijack the normal and moral world. Today one has to participate in the greater society besides their family and individual prosperity. Sri Lanka represents a microcosm and preview into what may happen if super powers do not get together and bring about the necessary changes in the world.

State terrorism, has been going on for a long time, It is a way the tyrants stamp out concerned citizens, critics and people who were consider as their opponents. Human nature tells us that we are very self righteous and invade the freedom and privacy of other people. That is nature and natural, but as morally developed people we have an obligation to our own kind, besides as physically weaker of the animal kingdom we need each other, more together is better. We do well when we all get along. But given the opportunity we like to get to the top of the food chain and totem pole and like to stay there for survival and the false sense of prestige. Criminals that way become tyrants. Rajapaksas are stark example of how criminals can get to power and become tyrants. What have spoiled the human race are vanity, arrogance and prestige. I think we are okay with avarice, ambition and greed. The last three can only benefit society indirectly but self style without sense of community and service are bad for all.

Democracy is a weak soul; it assumes that society is good and great all the way always. That is in the eye and mind of good birth and good upbringing but when bad people get involved it can be hijacked for their own personal reasons. It is nice to have a leader who can be great leader of people, but that seldom happens, we need our morals questioned by others as to our motives and manners it will be used and manifested.

Democracy is so far the best system we have, socialism failed, king failed, communism failed, anarchy failed, militaries failed but a system with dialogue and discussion with respect to all people produce the best product for all of the people. What ultimately decides our fate is what is called the universal laws of nature. All man made laws came either from God or from the universal natural laws. The universe as an entity exists on certain fundamental laws. Those laws have to be observed if we have to live in harmony. But we humans are still evolving; therefore we need time and space to grow. We have come a long way but more to go. Race, religion, language, greed etc still hold us back from living harmoniously, but universal justice cannot be allowed to fail. We have to stand up to it and for it. That is the core of our very existence.

In Sri Lanka, there is a huge mass and body of evidence of racism, fanaticism, narcissism, staterrorism and narcotism. Can the world continue to function normally with these racial, fanatical, social and political diseases around? Not for long, then the civil and moral society must get involved to get these diseases under control. Mahinda Rajapaksa along with his brothers and the gangs must appear before an impartial international tribunal and present their side of the story as why this nation has deteriorated to that bottom of the moral and social scale. They must come to tribunal instead of playing media deliberations. Murders are non commutable and non negotiable acts of crime and treachery, no one has the right to deny another man a life, and the one who denies such life must pay with the exact amount of price. It should be pound per pound of life taken. Life is irretrievable and irrecoverable therefore no one should have the right to take way another life. Punishment for life taken should be life sentence given.

What Sri Lanka and Rajapaksas are trying to do is to defeat universal justice system. No nation can hope to survive and prosper without proper and adequate justice system. Russia finds it difficult to exert its influence in the world for they do not have proper universal or international justice system, they are still living in the primitive world of nations with borders and government as the supreme powers, those paradigms are being replaced by universal and international laws. It is a paradigm shift and an evolution of the society. India failed and will continue to fail for it does have even scratched the surface of international justice. China, we hope will do it, if they want to become a world power. I think they are quite capable of doing it. China has the depth and breadth of civil and moral background to become a world super power. No nation can be super power without a strong moral foundation.

Sri Lanka is still living in the primitive world of thuggerism, staterrorism and racism etc. They simply cannot come to grip with modern realities. Tamils are lucky, for they are all over the world and are getting soaked in various cultures from USA to Japan. A great new community is coming out of the ashes. It will be a model community for a borderless world, because they have the features acquired from various cultures, great, big and small. The new inventions indicate that one will be surprised if one of them comes out with way to the next level of society. Traditionally Tamils have ventured into adventures so there is every likely that some thing new will be invented by them for the benefit of the human kind.

We Tamil also understand the need to understand the mind set of the Singhalese people, for they are a distinct community with their own aspirations to be their own people. We recognize it, but what we do not like is the way they use primitive qualities such as race, language, religion etc as their defining characteristics. They feel antagonistic towards other communities.

The very purpose of electing a government is to ensure the people are free to exercise their aspirations on their on volition without interfering with the freedom of others, but when the very government that is suppose to maintain that status is violating the same status what can the people do? Besides when it violates the freedom of people that government becomes null and void, it is redundant. A government is either absolute or nothing, there is no inbetween gradation or graduation. It is discreet. The purpose of the government is to weed out the bad elements, but when the bad elements are the government how can it govern?

But the average Singhalese on the street and at the village and small cities have no sense of civil society, they live in constant fear. The same fear that they face in nature they feel in nurture. So what do they gain in being part of that feudal system? Nothing, the evidence is in 60 years their life did not get any better. Time for a social revolution.

I do not know even Rajapaksas, their cronies and their hijacked government have any sense of society, freedom, equality, respect and responsibility. In Canada I am treated the way others are treated with equal and equitable justice and if any one violates or challenges my right to life or right to exercise my freedom or right to freedom I confront them right then and there. I cite my rights under the constitution of Canada especially the charter of rights and freedoms. I can do in Canada because every one knows that they have a legal obligation and the law enforcement and judiciary are impartial and remote as to who was violated and who the violators are. So dispensing unbiased justice is possible, but in Sri Lanka if you belong to the ruling party or close acquaintance of the Rajapaksa family then justice is what Rajapaksas thinks good for them. It is called the situational justice, justice which is good for the Rajapaksas and appropriate for the situation. The power of the people have gone into the hands of the ruling Rajapaksas. Rajapaksas are criminals that every one knows, to them what is right is what is good for them, but little they know that in the long run it is bad for them too. It is shear ignorance that drive them to primitive thinking and barbaric behaviour. When Gothabaya Rajapaksa talks one can feel and fathom his ignorance. The guy is an uneducated, uncultured bastard who has no respect for others and their views. Let me take the responsibility and blame for calling a spade a spade and a bastard a bastard. There is no better way to describe people who ruin lives and destroy nations. The root of their ignorance is arrogance coming from his family’s root in Yala jungles where all they saw was animals fighting each other, killing each other. In this story below an aboriginal man was brought before the judge in Florida courts for stealing a purse from an old and elderly lady. When the judge asked him why he snatched the purse from an old and elderly lady, this man asked what is wrong with it. That judge said it is wrong according to the law, but he retorted that in nature where I came from, a big and strong animal takes away the food from the weak and small animal, he asked is there any thing wrong with that? That is what he is accustomed to, he is perfectly right too for in the jungle that is how the animals survive, no body is managing them so that is perfectly right. Rajapaksas come from a remote area where his father was a strong man and politician so what ever they did to the weak is okay for there is no one to question them. This is the reason why to Rajapaksas crime is nothing unusual, that is how they saw it in Hambantota that is how their farther showed and responded. Nature and Parents are our two great teachers, nature in geography and nurture in parents. The intelligence of the man did not come with him at birth but he acquires in life and in its experience. So then we cannot blame Rajapaksas for their racist, fanatic, narcissistic, terroristic, narcotic behaviour. They had the super intellect of animals in nature and parents in nurture and when the Singhalese society was already indoctrinated into this form of social behaviour, they got elected, because they are experts in what the society is good at, you see what I see. S.W.R.D. Bandaranayke and
J.R, Jayewardene is the Socrates and Plato of the Rajapaksas. We have studied that nations and empires disintegrate slowly; it is a long process of moral bastardization and social prostitution of the moral code on which civil society is built. Why Russia, China, India, and Pakistan are indifferent to what happened in Sri Lanka, in their eyes it is okay, they are degrading into narcissism so they do not see it as wrong. But to us in the west where we cherish the society more than the economy we see the moral bastardization and social prostitution very clearly, we are hand cuffed and hamstrung for we have to go with the consensus of the United Nations where Russia and China has veto power.

Look at the evolution of politics in Sri Lanka; it went from race, language, religion and then to narcissism to state terrorism to narcotism. All along it was said and told the Tamils are the problem, we were the scapegoats of state terrorism, but Tamil have come out and proved otherwise, we are one indefatigable people with never ending source of energy.

In the mean time, in the last 60 years what has Sri Lanka done? Gone from bad to worst and world famous medical professionals were brought not to survive a dying Einstein but an Island notorious drug dealer, gangster and elected law maker called Duminda Silva. If you can kill 40,000 creative Tamils why not let one criminal at least die and save the nation of disaster. Sad indeed. Look at the composition of the present government; it is a loose collection of criminals, murderers, fanatics and narcotics. Why would a nation take this path? Destroy the good and the best and preserve the bad and the worst. What were they thinking? If the big bang theory is right, why would we have various elements decaying at different rates, at different stages and at different times? Are the Singhalese in the advance stage of destruction or later stages of creation? Interesting question isn’t it? How would one otherwise explain their intellect?

The intellect is violence and criminality; and to conduct a genocidal war violence and criminality were chosen by the nation that was already indoctrinated into hatred and fear. Hatred and fear are the defining and driving force of the people, institutions and the leaders. The whole nation not only was segregated by the Indian Ocean, but by the people themselves to grow into a different community of people. I do not blame the people, I blame the elders. In 1971 this came to focus in my mind, this was in Moneragla, Sri Lanka, as a Tamil I was walking along the street and young boy age may be 5-7 called me Tamil Pariah. Where did this little boy learn hatred and racism? When the Governments agent in the same city told me that we are not interested in Tamils I knew it was social disease. No wonder Tamils want to separate. We all know where this nation is heading into, but that social determinism; a powerful force cannot be halted and reversed. It is darting towards the black hole. When emotions rule, education, emancipation is of less use. The nation will go through with destructive behaviour. No leader can save the nation, not definitely Rajapaksas. They do not have the intellect to turn the nation around; they see it as an opportunity to greater power for their own family.

There are two kinds of whirl pool, one centrifugal and other centripetal. The centrifugal force will rip apart when a community is imbued in racism, fanaticism, narcissism, staterrorism, criminality, violence and narcotism. When peace freedom, equality, hope, faith, love, understanding, trust, sincerity etc are the cementing forces, the centripetal forces will concentrate the community.

We are not all worried about where the Super powers stand on the Tamil issue, but we know where moral values are, they are with us. So Super Powers can do whatever they want to do, but if they repeat the same mistake decades after decades they are bound to replicate that in their own nations. Both Russia and China went through massive social revolutions and they ought to know what is happening in Sri Lanka and to use their new found power and strength to strengthen human rights and freedom Sri Lanka without which you will repeat the same mistake. As George Santayana said those who do not remember the past is sure to repeat the same mistakes. The only way we can have world free of strife is to free all people and enshrine those fundamental rights is a supreme power called the constitution, a constitution must be the supreme power, which can only be modified with very high percentage of people voting for change.

But for Tamil all over and every where there is only one way to preserve and progress, that is we begin to exert our birth rights to freedom and the choice of vocation to advance our lives. This will only be possible by every Tamil unto oneself become a nation. Every man and every family must feel and function like a nation. Our world Tamil program is financed entirely from our hard work. Most Tamils are very proactive, practice planned life and programmed living. It is something we have to share with the world. Now that the borrow and live world is over we have to work and live, and maintain equitable trade levels to maintain a sustainable equilibrium for a safer and socially equal world.

That is all folks this week, we will keep revealing the inner workings of the Tamil culture, nature, heritage to the world. As how the Greek and Roman philosophy enriched the world we too will enrich the world. Every Tamil must participate and contribute whatever she or he can to the community they live and to the world at large.