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SRI LANKA- A Nation Inexorably Drifting and Darting Towards the Black Hole.

SRI LANKA- A Nation Inexorably Drifting and Darting Towards the Black Hole.

The Sri Lankan situation can be summarized in one sentence, “When a murderer is the head of any organization, that organization is bound to become murderous”.

In sixty years since independence this nation of Sri Lanka is slowly and steadily drifting and accelerating towards self destruction. The rule of the law, the constitution of the nation, etiquette of the government and our god given moral direction are being violated by a succession of criminals. Mahinda Rajapaksa is product of this narcissistic nation and its culture. Mahinda Rajapaksa is criminal turned staterrorsits. When a society sees a criminal as their saviour and a leader that nation has already rotten from inside. What we see is a Pumpkin Nation, a pumpkin rots from inside and all along it looks so beautiful till one day all of sudden it collapses. The social immune system has failed and the anti-social viruses have invaded and taken over the whole body politic and people. Sri Lankan people have proven beyond any doubt that they cannot manage themselves. Racism, Fanaticism and Narcissism has given birth to impunity, infallibility and invincibility. They need a foreign agency to administer the rule of the law. It needs a Sir Winston Churchill and a George Marshall to straighten things out. As a Tamil, I am telling my Singhalese brethren that you must stop living in a world of racism, fanaticism, narcissism and in emotion induced exuberance and hallucination; you must change the course and chart a new direction, either you do it or it will be force upon you. The choice is yours and yours only. Watch what is happening in the Middle East and learn fast. Rajapksa is your baby and your product and was incubated in your own belly and the monster is born. He has taken over the state and has become a staterrorist. You have chosen a confounded and confirmed murderer as your President, what were you folks thinking? A criminal dressed like clown amidst the world of well attired leaders and diplomats. He is an eyesore. In the mean time pay attention to the Arab Spring and the Asian spring that is coming. I hope visiting TNA to USA pay attention to what the Americans suggest. Tamils have to lead the liberation of Singhalese and Sri Lanka. If you do not understand the intellect of the American dialect call us and we will interpret it for you. Democracy is sweeping the globe and be part of it, that is the fundamental message to all people and their tyrants. I wonder where Mahinda Rajapaksa will go! Will he hide in the Yala jungle or swim to South Pole. I super imposed the bloodied face of Ghaddafi on top of Mahinda Rajapaksa and said Thank you God. Please, please give him a chance to listen to the people who suffered under him.

Can a suspected murderer become the President of a nation? The chronological, historical, circumstantial, implied and expressed evidences indicate that Mahinda Rajapaksa has criminal journal entries to his credit, since 1970. Yes, it is 40 years of criminality that went uninvestigated, unpunished and with impunity. It may be all hearsay, but hearsay can be credible too, for why there is so much of murder and murderer talk surrounds Mahinda Rajapaksa? It can be corroborated by his actions and behaviour too, such as inviting an island reconvicted criminal Maradankadawela Yakadaya Jinadasa to the presidential palace, then having Mervin Silva, Duminsa Silva, etc by his throne side. On top of it today he sent a letter of condolence to Hannibal Ghadafi, the son of Maummar Ghadafi. Maummar Gaddafi may be a hero to Libyans but when a man commit even one single murder whether as an ordinary person or as the head of nation he cannot be the head of nation. Democracy and freedom are the hall mark of civilization and that clearly distinguishes us from the rest of the animal kingdom.

In his condolence letter to Hannibal Ghadafi, Rakapaksa say besides other things, “These ungrateful bastards, who try so hard to rule and control with iron fists, do not appreciate us”. I wonder whom is he calling Bastards, Is he the pot calling the kettle black, I think either he has a different set of moral code of ethics or he is insane or suffering from memory loss and a combination of all. He further states that, ‘we have seen this type of behaviour (of the bastards) happen many, many times here in Sri Lanka. Last week some of my people killed some of my people. This is how we get thanked every day, in trying to do good. We must thank him for being forthright in accepting that he has thugs, criminals and murderer within his rank. By the way whom was he calling bastards? Is he referring to the Libyans or the NATO? Calling Libyan peoples as bastards and calling Bin Laden a terrorist is not going to go well in the Arab countries.

Maummar Ghaddafi may be your friend sir, but he ruled for 42 years and he killed several thousand people, like the way you killed innocent Tamils, 40,000 killed and 150,000 unaccounted for. As a President you have not even concerned about it. To you one life of your friend is worth more than the 40,000 innocent lives. You cannot be head of a nation even if one murder goes uninvestigated and one murderer goes unpunished, but you have the audacity to invite a serial killer and celebrate and congratulate him. Birds of the same feather flock together. Are you a murderer too? As I told you earlier the chronological, historical, circumstantial, implied and expressed evidences indicate that you are a criminal since 1970. I do not know if you were married before, but some one told me that you killed your first wife circa 1970. When we say you killed, it was always a proxy killing, you never committed these murders yourself; these murders were done by your local criminals and all evidences were buried by murdering the murderer. It is a standard procedure among organized criminals like mafia. If under your watch and rule how comes there is huge proliferation of drug trade and mafia and paramilitary gangs? That is your intellect and modus operandi. Don’t you know that the same trade mark is obvious in the 2009 genocide of the Tamils? I know ultimately you will agree for a full blown investigation, but not until you are satisfied that all evidences have been removed, hidden or obliterated. You think as a murderer and we think like a murderer. Let see who wins.

In 1956, a man by the name of S.W.R.D Bandaranayake indoctrinated and intoxicated a nation of innocent people into the hall of shame, racism and fanaticism. These were innocent people for some reason were told that if they have to progress they have to regress into destructive behaviour. Two generations and 60 years later the nation is at the brink of black hole and tipping point. In 2 generations it has become a culture. In a world of international affairs this nation is unable to accommodate and adopt.
I do not know if it was a curse on this nation, but such a well run and beautiful nation was turned in the wrong direction by S.W.R.D. Bandaranayake, then by J.R Jeyawardene and continued by Mahinda Percy Rajapaksa. Once I traveled through Horragola in Athanagala in Sri Lanka, I saw the tomb stone of this man SWRD, a huge rock was placed on top his burial spot. I asked the driver why such a huge stone, he said sir, he died with a huge burden and huge responsibility, my boss who is well educated Singhalese said, no it is not true, we do not want this devil to rise up and ruin our nation again. He has ruined it enough. This changed as envisaged by him took this nation close to the precipice and to the black hole. Now let me ask my Sri Lankan Singhalese, what do you think? Did your life get any better in the last 60 years? You could not live side by side with 2 million Tamils now you have to put up with 5 billion people breathing down your throat.

Sri Lankan people for some reason are becoming introvert and cannot see the point of views and the diverse views of the world. They are defiant and detrimental. We understand their unique nature and position in the planet earth. They want to maintain their culture, language and heritage, but that is not what their leaders are doing, they are taking these people in the wrong direction. The leaders have and are blaming their inability on the other people. The other people are like them with the same anatomy and physiology, why cannot they simply learn to live with other communities? How do I maintain my uniqueness? Simply by working hard everyday so that I do not become dependent on others, in fact I make more, create more and share with others and that way they honor me, respect me and identify me as a great citizen. That is what every Singhalese have to become, I am not blaming them, it is their corrupt leaders who have led them on a disastrous path., and they are taking them close to the black hole.

Some one said about the October 8th 2011 shoot out between two criminals Duminda Silva, a drug dealers and Lakshan Premachandra, a local enforcer, why is that Duminda Silva was not arrested? One law maker replied how can they arrest Duminda Silva, he is their baby and besides in that case the drug cartel will ask why Mahinda Rajapaksa is not arrested for the 1991 twin murders? Mahinda Rajapaksa will further say it is an internal matter with in our cartel, why should others be worried. Damned of he does, damned if he doesn’t. He has already sent a subtle but implied message to the law enforcement what outcome he expects. Remember the 18th amendment to the constitution. Maharajah Mahanthanmutha, Mahendra Mahinda Rajah Rajapaksa. The king of kings! How can Mahinda Rajapaksa openly accept that Duminda Silva is wrong and guilty, then it implies that he was guilty of the two murders that were committed in 1991, to which Ranil Wickremasinghe is the best witness, alive and it is a surprise why he was not killed by Mahinda Rajapaksa.. It will be interesting to see if Duminda Silva will be charged and found guilty with the murder of Bharatha Lakshan Premachandra. The paradox Mahinda will be facing is his own conscience, how can I charge a man for murder when I have not been charged for my own murders. Human mind is so funny. Our conscience is a very powerful adjudicator, a governor, a gyroscope and a gyrostabilizer. In most investigations especially the investigators keep grilling till at one point the suspect will be forced into answers and either way he answers he will be proved guilty. Mahinda Rajapaksa has been forced into a situation where he will be guilty of crimes either way. If Rajapaksa does not charge Duminda with murder and find him guilty with murder Rajapaksa is guilty of cover up and if he charge him with murder he will be found guilty by his own acolytes for having double standards as to why he is not guilty of the twin murders in 199i then and Dumnida is guilty of a single murder now. Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa you have been check mated. Wise people must not use their wise ness to vice ness, for you will end up in the vice grip of the justice. When about 100 people armed with rifles and revolvers roam the streets it is not simply an act of violence it is a culture violence with impunity. That is a small army, reminiscent of the Mexican drug cartel. We all know what the out come of a trial. Duminda Silva , not guilty! Folks rest assured. In a country like Sri Lanka it is hard to prove a case if you are not on the right side of the ruling criminals. If you are on the side of the ruling side of the criminals you don’t need justice, it will be delivered by the criminals in favour of you and the country will be less one citizen the next day.

As it is Mahinda is not going to charge Duminda Silva with murder, after all he is a close buddy of his son Namal Rajapaksa and part of the drug cartel, therefore Mahinda Rajapaksa is guilty impeding justice and he should be arrested in any country where ever he goes. He has lost his diplomatic immunity as provided to head of the states. But if the head of state is guilty of crime especially murder he should not be permitted into any civil nation. What we need in this world is at least one leader with guts and courage to arrest him and put him on trial. Some one has to set precedence and say no to suspected murderers and tyrants.

Mahinda Rajapaksa has about 40 years experience in criminal activities and most of the crimes were done by proxies, which means he hires criminals to carry out anything from murder to extortions. And then the proxy is murdered by another proxy thus the evidence and the connection is broken. When the first proxy is killed, his crimes die with him and the second proxy is charged for the murder of the first proxy. Mahinda Rajapaksa is a criminal with the criminal law education. An unbeatable combination for underworld activities. Remember that he is getting old so he looks pathetic and patient. Being from Hambantota a remote arid area there is nothing much of civilization and people live side by side with animals in the ‘Yala” forest.

There seems to a pattern and patent to his modus operandi. This same pattern has been extended and extensively used around the nation. The problem in Sri Lanka is that if you speak against the Rajapaksa cartel you are dead and how you get killed will never bear any connection to Rajapaksas. Being a criminal and a criminal lawyer he knows what exactly to do. Within Sri Lanka, the chances of him brought before a criminal justice commission is nil or almost nil. The law enforcement, the judiciary, the police and military are all either his men or men who dispense injustice without fear of consequences. It is not unusual to hear of people missing or disappearing without any traces or evidences.

The million dollar dilemma is that there are no international protocols to arrest when he travels to other countries. What evidence other countries have to arrest him; besides he is not allowing international investigators to enter and investigate; and more over people are terrified to lead evidence for fear of consequences. But what other nations can do is to ban Sri Lanka from world and regional organizations. I think the commonwealth should impose their own economic sanctions on Sri Lanka

It was very intriguing and interesting to hear about the reaction of Maharajah Mahendra Mahinda Rajapaksa to the death of Colonel Gaddafi. He was your friend and financier, why didn’t you offer him sanctuary and asylum? If no Arab country intervened in this Libyan internal affair there must be very many compelling reasons for them to let it happen and let him go. All this goes to prove your inability to judge pragmatically and accurately. Mahinda Rajapaksa is a morally corrupted, mentally underdeveloped, physically overdeveloped, emotionally unstable and z psychologically disturbed man.

All these current incidences and the historical events of riots, rapes, murders, plundering indicate that Sri Lanka is on a de-evolutionary direction that will end up in more and more exaggerated and exacerbated forms of racism, narcissism, fanaticism, state sponsored internal strife and staterrorism. The Sri Lankan government lacks credible law enforcement, unbiased judiciary and all appointments are politically accented and accentuated. There are two set of rules one for the ruling party and other for the people. If you are with the ruling party you may be exonerated but if you are no with the ruling party you will exacerbated. So then there is not state, no nation, no sovereign state except Rajapaksas. The Rajapkasas and their cronies can override and over rule the constitution of the nation. The constitution is the supreme power and supreme law of the nation. That has been assuaged by the Rajapaksa dysentery and dynasty. Now you know why Rajapaksas like china, Russia, Iran, Colonel Ghaddafi, Robert Mugabe, Rwanda and Somalia. They fit his nature.

The Tamil issue was a mere distraction from their inability of the Sri Lankan leaders to manage their affairs, the family, community and the nation. They used Tamils as scapegoats and took their people on a wild goose chase. Fooling Singhalese people was very easy, they say look at the Themilo, they got every thing and you have nothing, so go kill them, go loot them, go rape their women. Race and religion are the heroin and opium of the masses, and racism and fanaticism can become very lethal and destructive. It went on for 60 years and the Mahinda Rajapaksa and his gang of criminals and drug dealers are the product of a narcissistic society. There is a sliver of opportunity for the Singhalese people, that is join the Tamils to chart a new direction based on peace, freedom, equality, fraternity, respect and responsibility. One man looked at the society and said there is nothing good to salvage in them, another man said what a grand opportunity to create a great new society. That second person is a Tamil. Tamils are world class people. I am proud that I am a Tamil. More you abuse Tamils more Tamils we become, we simply multiply exponentially.

When a government is headed by criminal there is only one way to justice, make every one a criminal. One lady said, the only way to justify my compromised modesty is to allow my husband to flirt, daughter prostitute and my sons to become pimps. Can you see it now? Do see what I see? If I am guilty, let me make everyone guilty of some crime or same crime then it is all well justified. Can you name one person in Sri Lanka who is not deceitful, who is not a thief, who is not a criminal, who is not a murderer, who is not a pimp or prostitute, who is not a drug dealer or the least a corrupt government employee? They say the way the mother is the way the child will be, similarly the way the yarn is the way the fabric will be. When you have a murderer, criminal and self righteous president the people are bound to be like him. That is what Mahinda Rajapaksa is doing. Mind you folks I have lots of respect for him, he is a smart crook and a wise criminal. That noble and nobel prize and honorary degree goes to him and its not easily challengeable. So then 18 million out of 20 million people are now not free but loose in the nature, they can do whatever they want to do. No Singhalese will be ever found guilty of any crime against a Tamil, and if you belong to the ruling Rajapaksa party, no holds barred, no restraints and any thing goes. The law enforcement and the judiciary cannot intervene lest they may be dead or destined to some deserted hinterland.

Imagine a nation of 250,000 thugs, criminals and drug dealers hired, trained and uniformed and called the military, and 100,000 half educated people hired and trained as government servants to implement the wishes of the ruling party, what can a nation do? One Sri Lankan senior minister said we have to send more of our ladies to work in the Middle East to bring in the foreign exchange to pay for the luxuries of the ruling elite, where in the nation darting towards? It is going towards the black hole.

When the law makers are the law breakers armed with military weapons, now it is rifles soon it will be bazookas and then missiles. Soon there will chaos on the streets. Already people are spending their time on crime, but soon it will be war among gangs. Where is the nation heading towards? It is heading towards the black hole!

What Sri Lanka needs is Sir Winston Churchill to go in clean up the mess, A George Marshall to go in an impose rule of the Law to rebuild the nation and a Nuremberg trial to sweep up the criminals, drug dealers and the Rajapaksas and their gang and put them on trial. A new constitution made like the one that was imposed on Japan and Germany so that the ugly head of racism and fanaticism do not raise its head and law enforcement recruited based on family and individual character who will uphold the constitution and the laws above all.

It is the responsibility of the Tamils especially the Diaspora to align with powerful nations to impose this Marshall decree upon every one in Sri Lanka. As I always said Sri Lanka needs a Tamil President.