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Sri Lanka: A Mafia controlled Government- Government sponsored Racism, Fanaticism, Narcissism and State Terrorism.

Sri Lanka: A Mafia controlled Government- Government sponsored Racism, Fanaticism, Narcissism and State Terrorism.

Behind this veil of “isms” is a Mafia state. Racism, fanaticism, state terrorism have become a marketing tool of the mafia state. There are two kinds of societies; one that operates under certain accepted civility, norms, etiquette, traditions, heritage and culture and the other that take advantage of such societies. Mahinda Rajapaksa knows the difference and how to make use of it. He reminds me of Gambino Family and mobster John Gotti. Today he looks more like an advisor and counselor, but he is the head of it.

Democracy is a very weak soul that needs social immune system and active participation of the citizens; otherwise it becomes a victim in the hands of the unscrupulous elements. In Sri Lanka, Rajapaksas are known criminals from the Sri Lankan south who have taken over the nation’s administration skillfully and control the institution that control the lives of people. Behind a purport and democratically elected government lies a mafia style infrastructure. If one is wise and vice democracy is an excellent pathway to power, wrong kind of power and not good for the citizens. The great gentlemen who proposed the idea of democracy never thought wise ness and wickedness can be together in one man.

At the same time, successive Singhalese politicians have marketed the idea that Tamils do not belong to Sri Lanka and hence Singhalese have never accepted Tamils as part of their nation, Tamils are aliens and must go or who ever wants to stay will have no civil rights. It is back to animal kingdom. We already see this plan and policy in action, my own Tamils behave like slaves, serfs and second-class subjects; Fear, subordination and servitude predominates their character, they do not behave like modern liberated free people, even after coming into the western civilization. Sad indeed the capacity of human endeavor has been doused, diminished and denied. It is the greatest crime to deny freedom and to prevent a brother of same birth from creativity and expression.

My main mission before departing is to reverse the misnomers, misdirection and erroneous mindset of the Singhalese in Sri Lanka. For 60 years they have been living in a false sense of belief that they are a superior race and are being becoming an extinct species. I after suffering at their stupidity migrated out of Sri Lanka suffering discrimination and suffering for serving the Singhalese people in their areas. I personally don’t think they have anything to think great of themselves. Instead of displaying their superior qualities they are showing their barbaric, racist, fanatic and narcissistic tendencies.

Some people disagree with me but my contention is who elected these characters such a S.W.R.D Bandaranayke, the man who initiated this racial strife, J.R.Jeyawardene, who said if you want war I will give you war and Mahinda Rajapaksa who said we cannot wait to differentiate civilians from terrorist just kill them all. I want to see Mahinda Rajapaksa stand not only as a defendant but also as witness to the 2009 genocide. The Singhalese people have only two choices, change their attitude towards people of other denomination or forever live in fear. It is the human nature to revenge, so whatever happened in the last 60 years and particularly the genocide in May 2009 calls for revenge. Mahinda Rajapaksa and Gothabaya Rajapaksa may live for another decade or two but the Singhalese people have to live with it forever. They do not seem to learn as I infer from the recent local elections, where they keep repeating the same racial and fanatical mindset. Mahinda and his mafia will continue to plunder the people, but they don’t care or they don’t know for they are imbued in something else. A leader who is interested in building a just society and decent nation will not encourage tourism and Middle East mistress service. There are much better systems such as Agriculture, Industry, Intelligence systems to build a nation. I do not want to name the countries but you can buy a house with wife for 1000 dollars. You know the wife I mean. When women are sanctioned to immorality the children are bound to become Rajapaksas. Sri Lanka has to be turned around and made to point north.

One thing l learned that we Tamils must learn not to expect others to come to our rescue or to fight for our freedom. It is us and only we fight for our freedom. I kind of get a feeling that most Tamils expect some one to go, do and die for them. It is not going to work. We have to do our own struggle. We have to unite, we have work hard, we have to build world communities, and we have build mount Sinai hospitals and great universities for the world, for now we have been shown a larger world to live. The difficulties of our brothers and sisters in Sri Lankan are in our hearts and minds, but when we do well in the world they will do well too. But now God has shown us a bigger world, better world, better food and health. Let us make the world a better place for they gave us their life and land to live when the tyrants made our life difficult in Sri Lanka. Some one told me we should go back to India, thanks for the idea we went all over the world. What we have to fight is ignorance among Singhalese. In this context every battle has to be fought and every battle has to be won and every son of bitch has to be tamed. There is nothing called surrendering or giving up to the corrupt, criminal, cunning and uncaring; for the world is full of cunning animals that live by the rule of the jungle. We are not trying to defeat people; we are trying to defeat a mindset of primitiveness, cunningness, timidity, ignorance, indifference, stupidity, illiteracy, slavery and poverty. When freedom, democracy, equality, fraternity, friendship and professionalism are threatened for the selfish purpose of a few, one has to wage a campaign to subdue the beast. Alas, today some men still live as primitive animals that have to be caged, controlled, trained and tamed. Until such time it can be educated to be part of civil society it has to be disciplined to live an orderly existence.

It is a great concern to find in Sri Lanka it is the government or the state is the greatest threat and cause of the problems. It appears that the Sri Lankan people subscribe to racism and fanaticism over peace and prosperity. These governments were elected by democratic process and they become kind of terror to the Tamils and others. One expert quipped that Sri Lanka has successfully high jacked democracy for a narcissistic purpose to destroy another ethnicity and in that process ultimately destroy them. Repeated different political government pursuing the same policy points the cause and culprit to the religious and racial establishment and the Mahasangha and the Mahanayakes have been identified as the seminal source and cause of this on going civil strife. In fact one cannot get to power without out the sanction and blessing on the Mahasangha. When religion becomes politics bloodshed is unavoidable and the poor peasants who go to war are innocent, ignorant people looking for a breadwinner even if he becomes are killer of fellow humans. This little man does not know he is killing the very life that the religion is trying to protect. Ignorance of our minds is our biggest enemy. When will this man learn to differentiate fanaticism from religion?

Before the advent of the Europeans into Sri Lanka, it was a two nation one country. The Tamils who are Hindus lived in the north and east of the country and the Singhalese who are supposed to be Buddhists live in the South and west of the country. The south and west are fertile and plenty of rain and water. The north and east are arid and lack of rain water. This climatic divide divided the two cultures one of lethargy and laziness and other of industry and hard work. Why god destined two different people to two different environments he only will know.

In Sri Lanka the government is the main instigator of civil unrest and civil wars. When governments become racial, fanatical, and tyrannical and partial there is very little minorities can do. But Tamils are like Germans and Japanese who have the resilience to rise up and soar again like the mythical bird phoenix, which rises from its own ashes and soar to new heights. We Tamils are rising in the world, not because we are smart but we really care for the world. When my friend Punithavel jumped from 15,000 feet to raise money for cancer research he established the fact that we have to become greater than our self and become the whole man kind. We have to dissolve and permeate our consciousness into the plasma of the universe.

Sri Lanka is definitely on a wrong path. Not just being anti-Tamil but in general conduct. But it is the Tamils who bear the major brunt of it, any problem or inability among the Singhalese is twists towards the Tamils and we are blamed for their inability and ineptitude. It is politically the right thing to do but the consequences of these policies are far reaching and whatever they did in the last 60 has come to roost them. I am eager to find out how they will deal with their problems henceforth. Recently two of Mahinda Rajapaksa’s members of the parliament involved in a shoot out. A young man by the name Dhuminda Silva, if survives, will be the living witness to the tyranny unleashed on Tamils. And another young man Bharatha Lakshaman Premachandra paid with his life. Why?

How do we provide protection to our brethren in Sri Lanka? We Diaspora must have two prong approaches, one becoming financially, intellectually and politically very acute and active and join hands with our resident nations and act through them. In the era when the government are becoming less relevant less effective and are burdened with unwanted and unnecessary tasks and debts it is the Non Governmental organization that have to carry burden. Individuals and corporations are flushed with surplus capacity and capital and we must employ those resources to help our brethren back in Sri Lanka. There is no financial crisis in the world except the governments do not have the money to keep the people on hand outs handed out more freebees. The politician is his greed to get elected promised people the undeliverable. And the people who are used to hand outs and bailouts are fast to spend the money and come back to the politician for more. But the people with means and money say NO. You go back and ask them to tighten their belt. Debauchery of the people and currency are sure way to destroy a nation. Sri Lanka has done it several times.

I am going to give a small example of how rich people live and the poor people live.
Rich people, live on a shoe string budget; in the first place do not eat outside their home; they brown paper bag to work, that saves money and improves health, if they need to eat outside, they go to McDonalds where a small coffee and a Muffin costs $1.46 tax included. Now the poor man goes to the same place and orders large potato fries, a medium hamburger and large cola, 8.99 plus tax equals $10.16 cts. When you repeat this 30 times in a month you have saved $260.96. 260.96 invested every month for one year will yield more than $3000 per year, you do that for 10 years and you have $30,000. I have not applied any interest on it. When 800,000 Diaspora Tamil saved for 25 years it amounts to $60,000,000,000 savings. That is how we Tamils became the 10th richest community in the world. Imagine the prosperity Sri Lankans would have enjoyed have they not jettisoned the geese that lay golden eggs. But God was watching and said to himself I am going to give these people better life in more fertile and better people to live with that is why he dispersed us only in rich nations. Thank you god!

What about the Singhalese in Sri Lanka. Calling me a racist is not a problem, I will accept it with a smile. But every morning I get up and be at work 6.00 a.m. sharp and I encourage my associates to work as hard as they can and when they go home with the fist full of hard earned money, they call me Uncle Massey. I have become the IMF to several people. As Confucius said give a man fish you feed him for a day, but teach him to fish he will feed the whole world. That is my maxim, my parents and my alma mater showed me a path way to prosperity, I showed that way to my associates and they fly. This is what has to be done in Sri Lanka, instead of bring Tamils down to their level. If you want to make the shorter line of the two lines longer, you can do it two ways, one is make the shorter line longer or as the Singhalese did; make the longer line shorter!. But in 1971 I told this to the Sri Lankan government they said we don’t need any advice from thamilo (Tamil), but the very Tamils are now helping to run the world. Now you decide who the real terrorists are. The people who put people to work, put food on the table and roof over their head or people arm themselves and enter a free man’s home rape his females, kill the males and loot their property. It is a shame the world did not know how to differentiate good from the bad. But God is watching.

People need a religion, any religion, a government and law enforcement. But then the very religion is turned into fanaticism and government is turned into racism and law enforcement is turned into state terrorism, there is some thing terribly wrong in that nation. The nation has been hijacked by nefarious and narcissistic elements. It did not happen over night it happened over a period of 60 years and today we have nation that is in serious trouble.
That is Sri Lanka, next to Somalia. When you have a President who is accused of murders, murderer are invited and recognized for their heroism and when you have law makers become law breakers armed with automatic weapons, the fence has begun to eat the crop, when that happens there is no return to civility.

Today Governments are becoming less relevant, militaries are ineffective, and they can destroy nations from the sky, but they cannot destroy the psyche of the people, you know what is gathering momentum? The people power is gathering momentum. That power is grounded on justice and the desire to live, that no tyrant can stop. Mahinda Rajapaksa and his gang will be running soon, little they know that there is no land between Sri Lanka and South Pole. I had a dream that Rajapaksa jumping into Hambantota beach swim south wards, let see how far he goes.