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Nation of Sri Lanka- The Paradigm and Paradox of a Pariah Nation.

Nation of Sri Lanka- The Paradigm and Paradox of a Pariah Nation.

In Sri Lanka, it is the lack of respect for human life, traditions, heritage, culture, national character and a national identity that rips this nation apart. For some 60 years and two generation the nation has been indoctrinated into racism, fanaticism and state terrorism. Is Mahinda Rajapaksa a product of a narcissistic national culture or Rajapaksa the maker of a narcissistic nation? Or is it the nation that created a monster and the monster took over the nation? How would one otherwise justify educated emancipated well dressed professors and diplomats put so much of effort trying to convince the world otherwise, that nothing happened inside Sri Lanka and no one suffered even a stroke of a feather.

Sri Lanka and its perpetrators are trying very hard but vainly to justify their wrong doings from outright denial to distortion of known facts. For 60 years internally, with very little awareness of the world, the Sri Lankan establishment had practiced fanaticism and racism based national policy that devastated the lives of so many families. In 2009 it exploded revealing to the world of the inner cancer. It is the burden of the international community to fix it.

Where did the name Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Bandaranayke come from? Where did the name Junius Richard Jayewardene come from? And where did this devil Percy Mahendra (became Mahinda) Rajapaksa come from? These are neither Tamil nor Singhalese names. These are non descript, they have no character, no tradition, no heritage, no culture and are of unknown pedigree.

Here is nation so tiny, so unimportant, so unusual, and so unwilling to accept responsibility for their primitive behaviour. All nations big and small must learn from Sri Lankan experience not do what they did and do. Looking down from 1000 miles up in the sky, to me it looks like a cancer in its very early stages on the surface of the earth and it has to be cured before it gets out of hand. Fortunately it is contained and surrounded by saline water. Some small nations may take cue from this diseased nation and do the same to their people. What every nations and every people must realize is war is not good for any one. No nation or no people ever benefited from war.

In the name of race, religion, language or ethnicity, some corrupt criminals seek to replace people with people of different denomination. What good is replacing people with people going to do? What good is bastardizing a community going to the other community? People in one geographical domain are shaped by the nature of the domain, so replacing people with people is not changing the behaviour of people. What good is the nation of Sri Lanka going to benefit by replacing Tamils with Singhalese. It is negative sum game, not even a zero sum game; there is no addition to national pride or to national income. All we get is hatred and opportunity for revenge. Today Singhalese people are living in more and constant fear for the revenge may come. Julius Robert Oppenheimer the father of atomic bomb remarked later that the first atomic explosion brought to mind words from the Bhagavad Gita "Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds. Mahinda rajapaksa and Singahlese have inexorably and irrevesibly chartered their own destiny of living in constant fear. Which Tamil will become the next Julius Robert Oppenheimer and how will she or he manisfest. Only god will know.

Singhalese being the majority in Sri Lanka, why do they behave like minorities? Other nations small and big must offer their services to help this nation recover from its ineptitude and difficulties. It is time for nations big and small to tell Sri Lanka enough of your nonsense now listen to us. We, Tamils are great people. For sixty years the Singhalese abused us in so many ways, true we picked up arms to defend us. I ask every nation, every leader and every citizen what you will do when your life is threatened. You will defend. Unfortunately we Tamil accept fate as our future, we do not complain, but we go into ourselves and contemplate to see what error we made. It is a culture of self incarceration and self correction. We seldom blame others for our misfortunes, miscarriages, and mistakes. But a warning to the world, it is also a devil of people who will search the universe for an invincible superlative remedy to worldly atrocities.

Let me explain, a typical Tamil family, and then the world will begin to understand. How comes when the world is full of debt and difficulties and Greek and the Roman empires at the verge of complete obliteration due to debt, this tiny culture chucks along effortlessly? Every family is a nation unto itself, it is self sufficient, there is strong family structure, cinq generational family, that is grandparent, parents, man, children, grandchildren. Every man meets this five generation. This vertical structure gives a great longitude combined with competitive interfamily latitude gives them a formidable inner strength. So then there is tradition, there is cultural linkage and heritage to live by. Why would I begin my day at 4.00 am and gone till 10pm. When people of my age are at the retirement home waiting for the day to go? I am working to hand over something to my grand children what and which my grand parents handed over to me. The secret to success is grand parents, parents are children still growing up. When we caste our grand parents to retirement homes we are casting away our god given fortune. Something for the world to learn.

Let me ask you’re a question, if you have such a huge familial structure will you send your son or daughter to invade some one or to war to kill. No. Will you go with your son and daughter to defend you heritage and home? A resounding YES! This is the Sri Lankan paradox. Defense and invasion are two different aspects. The Singhalese invaded our homes and we defended. You decide who are the real terrorists and barbarians. I cannot be my own judge, that covenant belongs only to the Singahlese to be the assailant, the judge, the jury and the defendant. That is the decree by Maharajah Mahinda Rajapaksa. Too many royalties in the name but barbaric in behaviour. It was a war between people and pack animals. Here is my answer to people who call us terrorist. We are not terrorist, and the Singhalese in Sri Lanka are wrongfully motivated people, they are motivated as fanatics by the Mahanayake and racially motivated by Rajapaksa and the jackasses and the water buffaloes . It is the responsibility of the world to go into Sri Lanka, take out these fanatics and racists and install a just government and a just society.

The previous politicians and Mahinda Rajapaksa especially thought that through thuggery, intimidation and murders they can dampen the voices of the people and the world. He resorted to unconventional methods thinking that world has short memory, may be in certain things but when his actions become historical and vivid they are remembered
forever. Memories are short lived but History is eternal.

The next issue here is why is he trying to justify his actions? Whom is he trying to convince and for why? He asked the media, United Nation and all the witnesses to vacate from the conflict zone. Why did you do that? Then you say it was humanitarian operation. How easy he thought he could fool the world. That is the very world now he is trying to convince otherwise. When you become a witness to your own trial, you become a victim for cross examination; you know that you are a criminal criminal lawyer. Don’t try to fool the world you are criminal lawyer or your father D.A. Rajapaksa bought you a law degree, the way you bought your son Namal Rajapaksa a law degree. Either you are a fool or a fake, take a pick.

Tamils, we don’t need the support or sympathy of countries that do not have morality, heritage and human rights preservation. People are humans, citizen are humans and nations are made of people. Then the very purpose of a nation, government and leaders are to serve and protect the people. If any country thinks that Sri Lanka was right in denying people human rights and right to life, we don’t need those nations. They are no nations they are a collection of recognizable species of a group of animals. Animals do not follow they obey. We don’t need that kind of nations to even support us, we don’t mind even if they are against us.

Any nations and for that matter very many nations said you cannot run country like a business. Then how else to run a country? I can borrow from my neighbour one day , but then that neighbour must have surplus to give you. So if any nation thinks like Sri Lanka that we can pan handle our way to glory, give up that idea. The Sovereign debts, the corporate debt, the family debt and individual debts are so high there is no more money left for tomorrow, leave aside future generations. Get it. So if there are countries they do not or politicians pretend not know will wake up when people come on the streets and protest. When French people stormed fort Bastille democracy was born and individual creative was born. People depending on government days are over. Sri Lanka will soon find out the important of not just Tamils, but their nature, nurture and culture. What they have been doing is in the name of fanaticism and racism they were plundering us. I call upon any singhalese to refute my contention. Singhalese you better go to Jaffna, our holy city and learn the discipline and dignity of work, or come to the west and learn see the miracle in 25 years and what does it take to live.

Tourism, prostitution and middle east mistress service is not the way to build a nation. A child should not only know the mother for love but father for ministry. I do not know if prostitution came first or broken families came first. 9 out 10 prostitutes come from broken families, any which way they were broken. These are the lessons for Sri Lanka. Why now because it does not seem to learn, the nations is inexorably darting towards the black hole, Somalia will look a child play. Stop defending your barbaric behaviour, the best way to stop is to stop behaving like barbarians.

When one see Maharajah Mahinda Rajapaksa among people of caliber he looks not like an icon but an eye sore. His facial expression, his dress, his posture and all point to an aberration in the personal character of person. Is he a leader of nation that the British nurtured well? The great gentlemen who formulated and promulgated democracy and human dignity never thought there will be one like Rajapaksa born in the world to human parents to bastardize such a noble endeavour and institution called democracy.

Sixty years of atrocities, 6 months of bombardment, and calling Tamil as terrorists is enough, now let see what you got to say. You cannot continue your ignorance and foolishness in the international forum. You got away with because Tamils are kind of kind, absorbing people. We are not designed for aggression or aggressiveness; we are designed to be pliable and malleable people. Now that is not an excuse for you to aggravate them and abuse them. That is in the jungle and animal kingdom. where the strong one feeds on the weak ones, but in civilized societies we care for the small and the succumbable , we are sensitive to the challenged people weak or small. Tamil are only about 10% of the population, they cannot be threat to 90% of the people, then what drives your people to be animalistic, it must be some gene that is embedded in your chromosomes or mutation that caused an aberration in character.

Why do you want your war on meek, weak and the minorities worldwide. We are living total alien to your country then why would to extend your barbarianism world wide. That is what we have to remove from your mindset, if it is not in your gene. If it is in your genes then we have to cross breed you to change your nature. When nurture is insufficient nature is the culprit. Am I a racist and Fanatic, not by your standard, I am pious.

Look at Mahinda Rajapaksa seated among the worldly and worthy people, he looks like an odd piece, he looks primitive, face looks like a criminal and it is eye sore to the world. I wonder in the age of globalization can any one still be an odd man out. It is a shame that he is allowed into world capitals. But we must praise the world for its respect for human life, dignity and freedom, otherwise he will be sanctioned to a dungeon, for a criminal has to place in the society.

What I am doing here is to raise the spectre of pious and pleasant Tamils to become more engaging for freedom loving and present your idea forcefully without using force. Be effective and be efficiently proactive and prudent. Respect for another man does not diminish when you stand up for you rights, if you do not stand up for yourself, no body will. I learnt late in my life to stand up for what I think is right even if others think I am wrong. They will respect my respect for human rights. You are standing up for the universal law of Human rights. When you stand up for your rights you’re standing up for universal human rights.

This man Mahinda Rajapaksa is an eye sore to the whole world. Just before the genocide he asked every one including the United Nations to leave the Tamil areas. Then after the genocide he sent in a bureaucratically attired criminals to the United Nations under diplomatic immunity and try to convince that it was a humanitarian operation. In the first place if it was a humanitarian operation why did you ask every one to leave? Do you think the world is either stupid or suffering from short term memory loss? It is too obvious that there was a plan and they wanted execute a plan of genocide. Here lies the proof of planned killing, which is the proof of genocide. A hardened criminal knows it is hard to hit him if he stand up to it, he knows the parameters under which a civil society operates such as innocent until proven guilty, justice takes time, time imposes limitation on the victim, the plaintiff has to be perfectly right with his presentation and one doubt and the benefit of the doubt accrues to the defendant automatically, after all he is a criminal became criminal lawyer. He knows too that the Coastal areas Singhalese are not Singhalese but a confused pedigree of foreigners of unknown identity. A man who has no legacy, no heritage, no tradition, no nature and nurture has no firm rock to stand on. Where did the name Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Bandaranayke come from, where did the name Junius Richard. Jayewardene come from and where did Percy Mahendra Rajapaksa come from? These are the three devil that devoured Sri Lanka. These are neither Tamil nor Singhalese names. These are non-descripts, they have no tradition, no evolution, no heritage and no culture.

Here is a community that has no standing, no moral values, no moral compass and no moral direction. That is what is wrong with this country. There is no moral dimension to their lives and any thing goes along as the stomach is full and sexual desire is completed, there is no reflection on future or progeny.

The next question is, fine you did a humanitarian rescue operation, then why do you want to come out and justify it, the truth will always rise to the top and to your surprise despite all your efforts the truth rose to the top, but opposite to what you try to justify. Always remember truth is a weak soul rises only slowly but surely to the top. Criminal do not believe in it, every one else do. One judge said, I know when I see a murderer and if he does get away it is either lack of evidence or a leading attorney. It is hard to convict an honest man but it difficult to convict a criminal, knowing fully he is a criminal. Mahinda Rajapaksa and his gang are known criminals; the difficulty is to convict them. But not impossible. Difficult may be, impossible never. We live in a civil society.

LLRC, the lessons learnt and reconciliation commission was some thing part of the planned genocide, they knew there will be accountability issue and they had it in place even before the genocide was over, India may think they are off the hook, but their complicity will become obvious of there is a proper inquiry. That is the work for us Tamils. United Nations will not investigate India. LTTE was a bigger threat to India than to Sri Lanka, but little the Indian know that the rise of Dravidian empire is unstoppable. It is the responsibility of us Tamils to keep the fire burning till the enemy is incarcerated, incinerated fully and ashes jettisoned beyond reach.

Mahinda Rajapaksa and his gang is talking about reconciliation, how do you reconcile a lost human life? It is not something that can be reconstructed like a building, a toy or a field of crop, it is lost for ever. Every one knows that life cannot be retrieved and that crime cannot be reconciled. Mahinda Rajapkas has a habit of killing people. I mean killing. To him it is simple, it is another piece of furniture! He has hailed, praised and invited a serial killer to his Presidential palace. A man who respects human life will never respect a man who takes away the lives. Sir by that same act you have shown the world that you have no respect for human life and for you to talk about reconciliation is all hog wash to fool the world. How would as head of nation invite a known serial killer and honor him? That means you have no respect for human life. Isn’t it? Am I wrong? How can you be head of nation if you do not know that life is precious and cannot be retrieved and recompensed? This is the proof that you a nazi and your community narcissistic. You can try every trick in the book but universal justice can stand on its own without any deliberation. You have, Sir, finally met your grim reaper.

Story of Ralph the Wolf and Sam the Sheepdog

This animated televison cartoon series is built around the idea that both Ralph and Sam are just doing their jobs. The cartoon begin at the beginning of the workday, in which they both arrive at a sheep-grazing meadow, exchange pleasant chitchat, and punch into the same timeclock. Work having officially begun, Ralph repeatedly tries to abduct the helpless sheep and invariably fails, either through his own ineptitude or the efforts of Sam, who always brutally punishes Ralph for the attempt. Ironically, Ralph works very hard at his job to catch a sheep and always fails while Sam works very deligently at his job to protect the sheep and always succeeds.

In this story Ralph is the bad guy and Sam is the good guy. Ralph is not ready to give up and Sam is not either. Mahinda Ralph Rajapaksa will keep trying to get away with crime, Sam the Tamils will keep foilng it. Ultimately Tamils will prevail and Rajapaksa will go to gallows. The laws of the universe are infallible and unfoilable. Because of the immutable law of the universe, men do not kill, but animals do for they do not have the faculty to comprehend universal laws. But Animals do not kill their own kind. In this spcertrum where do the singhalese murderer belong to?

We Tamils absorbed 60 years of discrimination, abuse, racism and fanaticism and then in 2009 we lost 40,000 lives, 150,000 unaccounted for, then they have the aducacity to come to the world renowned United Nations and justify that they are decent people. They talk so well that any one listening for the first time will believe them. It was a quality of doing the dirty and then talking the peity the trade mark of Sri Lankan crimnals. That senseless, directionless character emanated from the infusion of dirty genes from the trading, travelling crowd and sailors. When you send out your ladies to be live in mistresses and invite tourists you are excerbation the already polluted people. Haggle and struggle defines their day and their lives. It is an accepted norm and it is normal.

The current attempt and efforst by the Sri Lankan goverment is to cover and clean up the wrong doing of the Mahinda Rajapaksa, for he was the eye of the hurricane, the orders came from him to kill people lock, stock and barrel. He was not alone, for this has been the policy of successive governments irrespective of the parties. The other major United National Party did the same, then where comes the directive? That is the seminal source of this Sri Lankan episode and the repeated racial riots and war.

One must look at the Mahavamsa, the chronicle they call it, I call it Mein Kampf, The Mahansngha the Third Reich and the Mahanayakes the Hitler and his team. This is where lies the Sri Lankan problem. Until the Mahavamsa is banned and burned, The Mahasangha dismantled and the Mahanayakes removed from the political process, there will never be a solution to this ethnic strive and divide

I do not know how many of you are aware, soon after the genocide in 2009 they appointed a Singhalese governer to the devastated Tamil areas, who reports to the Mahanayake, the head of Mahasangha of the Mahavamsa ( superior race). The Nayake-the Sangha- the Vamsa, the axis of evil in Sri Lanka. Mahinda Rajapaksas mandate was to kill, that is it. Now the cultural, racial and religious genocide is done by the Mahanayake, with the help of the military. There is every evidence it was a well planned genocide. Some Tamils are stupid enough not to comprehend. There will never be an end to this racial and fanatical campaign until one of two things happen, either some foreign power enters and establsih a civil and just society or Tamil find means to superlative power, the way Israel did.