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SRI LANKA- A Nation that refuses to concede its wrong doing, defeat and responsibility.

SRI LANKA- A Nation that refuses to concede its wrong doing, defeat and responsibility.

We sincerely ask Bell Pottinger to re-evaluate their role as public relations representatives for Sri Lanka, for sooner or later their moral standing will become questionable. It appears they do not have moral dimension to their business. At the same time the International community must differentiate innocent, hard working, community minded Tamils from LTTE. It is to whom we seek justice.

Bell Pottinger a public relations firm and its crisis management team are trying their best to enhance with what they got, they are doing a good job, but the evidences are overwhelming. The tsunamis is so strong, the ripples do not make any impact.While Bell Pottinger is trying to present rosy and subdued picture of the Sri Lankan government to the international community, deep inside the tamil areas atrocities continue unabated. Crime, muders and rapes are common occurances. I think time has come to bell Pottinger to re-evaluate their role as public relations representatives for sooner or later their moral standing will become questionable. It appear there is no moral dimension to their business.

In the recent times three people changed the course of the world, Martin Luther King about civil rights. Richard Nixon changed Chinese communism to capitalism and George Bush trasnfoemed fanaticism to freedom. Who will be the maker of human rights history?

Patrick Henry said, “Either give me my freedom or Give me your death” That freedom is a common feature of the universe, every living molecule and every non living entity are free to exist and act, but among humans there exists a tendency to control and abuse. This is what democracy trying to address and alleviate. The whole world has to come to grip with the fact Human rights is an inalienable right of every person who wants to live and be creative. The future of world depends on it.

Let me tell some thing to the world boldly, The Sri Lankan episode will go on for eons if some one does not get involved. It is the duty of us Tamils to come forward and make that impact, similar to the Tiananmen Square, where one man changed the whole world. The international community must come together not only in the interest of moral justice but also in the interest of their own countries for they too will go back in moral evolution if they do not help to bring Sri Lanka to justice. Sri Lanka as nation has to be put on a different path, a path more in line with respect for life. In Sri Lanka killing of innocent people have become an accepted norm. That is a dangerous course.

What the international community wants to do about Sri Lankan is their business, they can mull over, muddle it and murk it up, but as Tamils we have a duty and responsibility, we have to lay down a plan and lay down the ground work for retributive justice. We must reciprocate what the Singhalese as people did to us as Tamils in such away that they will never ever think about. As one Jewish man said, Masada shall not fall again, if it will happen again we will take the aggressor along with us. There is a long battle lies ahead for Tamils, it is not a destination, as long as we have liars and laggards are around one has to keep close vigil on them and at the fence. . The Singhalese have to be punished, some call it retribution, and I call it justice. Justice is all about retribution by the exact and equal amount of the offence. Why, they voted in a tyrant who killed 40,000 innocent Tamil civilians. So then the Singhalese people are part and parcel of it. Proofs are overwhelming. There are no ifs and no buts. One could understand a spur of the moment violence, but when put into a plan and executed it is not a forgivable act. For sixty years Tamils were terrorised by people supported by the state. It was state sponsored terrorism for the last 60 years and continuing. Punishing Rajapaksa is not going to solve the problem; he is just another foot soldier. It is the Mahavamsa, equivalent to Mein Kampf, the Mahasangha equivalent to the Third Reich and the Mahanayakes equivalent to the Hitler and his lieutenants. This is where the problem is. Whoever comes to power comes with the blessings of the axis of evil. The Mahavamsa must be burned, Mahasangha must be disbanded and Mahanayake brought to justice for inciting racial and fanatical feelings, and Singhalese people brought into modern civilization. The Mahavamsa is the inspiration and Mahanayakes are the seminal source of this racial and fanatical behaviour of the people. I hope this small narrative gives a quick glimpse of the Sri Lankan struggle.

Let me ask the world how can you expect Sri Lanka to do a credible and impartial investigation when Mahinda Rajapaksa The President him self is the prime suspect, Then there is Gothabaya Rajapaksa, Sarath Fonseka, Jagath Dias, Shavendra Silva, the Gestapo etc are the people who were involved in the genocide. If they are in power will they allow a commission that was created by the them to investigate them? What Sri Lankan Singhalese are trying is to muddle up terrorism, Innocent Tamil civilians and human rights violations so as to confuse the world and to misdirect the attention of the world. They are knowingly mixing up LTTE with innocent Tamils; war crimes with reconstruction and reconciliation. There is no reconstruction of reconciliation, to their nature they lie, do not expect us to believe their lies. It is not the purpose, the purpose is to purposely ridiculing the Tamils and rest of the world. They want to send the world on a wild goose chase by pulling wool over our eyes. It is expected of them for they are non-descript people they have no culture no character and no heritage. As a friend on mine said in Cuba you can have a wife for day for 5 dollars, Sri Lanka is no different, and they have nothing to live for and nothing to wake up for, except Illicit Liquor, prostitution, tourism, middle east mistress service, Mervyn silvas and Rajapaksas. While Mahinda Rajapaksa is chanting voodoo craft with the blood of 3000 women to fend off evil sprits, Mervyn Silva is given 1500 ceremonies to bring blessings to him to fend off curses brought on to him. It is prudent and practical for the Tamils to just leave or find a way to eliminate this pestilence and pollution in the Indian Ocean.

The Sri Lankan criminals disguised as diplomats at the UN and UNHRC know that there were serious violations, we know there were serious violations, they know we know ether were serious violations but they simply do not care, there is no comprehension for they don't have the faculty of moral justice and logic built into them. They are like their own water buffalos. Senseless people.

Whether the reconciliation commission is created by the Sri Lankan Government or created by the Sri Lankan Public, it is still within Sri Lanka and with the military running the government and looking over their shoulders, how can there be any impartial and genuine investigation? So this so call for investigation by Sri Lankan government is like asking the raccoon and the mongoose to investigate about the missing chicken. What this world needs is a tough leader and tough leadership grounded on absolute moral values not dependent on political pundits and pay cheque bureaucrats. Sri Lanka is trying to drag on this till the genocide and war crimes slowly fade away from the memory of the people. It is our job as Tamils to keep the flame alive. We have a huge responsibility to up hold the moral dimension of the universe. We have to assume that sacred role as the Janitarians and sanitarians

We should close down the United Nations and convert it into a sanctuary for homeless people. Too many people protecting their backs and warming their cushioned seats. Nothing gets done in the United Nations. If Ban Ki Moon cannot pick up the phone and tell Russia and China and all nations of the world that I need your support to stop Human Rights violation, there is no other choice for the free world except demolish those nations that do not respect right to life and Human Rights.

Responding to Navi Pillay's comments this week, Miss. Tamara Kunanayakam, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka, dismissed the allegations as "wholly misplaced" adding, "the community of nations was well aware that Sri Lanka was combating one of the most ruthless terrorist organisations in the world.". Listen folks, she did not write her speech it was written by Bell Pottinger, a public relations and crisis management outfit. I want to spend a moment about this Tamil lady; she was in South America parachuted in to betray her own people. Some one said we have to check with her mother as to what was her father instead of who was her father. She too is one of those knowing the lie, telling a lie and knowing that the listener knows that she is telling a lie and yet go ahead and tell the lie. Didn’t I say elsewhere the Sri Lankan Foreign Service is full of armed thugs and hookers? She is a character of a non-descript. In animal breeding the female does not care who the male sire is. It looks as though I am a racist and fanatic. Sure if I am one who made me into one. When we have thugs dressed like bureaucrat and diplomats pulling wool over the world, how bad is my character. Fantastic isn’t it?

Great Liar Peiris was replaced by another Grand Laggard Mahinda Samarasinghe who found another one like him as his mentor and leader. When his boss Mahinda Rajapaksa is accused on two murders in 1991, to which opposition leader Ranil Wickremesighe is the cohort and forgives him, and then there are two other murders in which the man of interest is the President of a banana republic what can the world expect? When leaders are all either murders or accessory to murders there is no nation left, it has gone back in moral evolution. It has returned to nature where might is the right and breeding is not confined to scared union of male and female and father’s day becomes the most confusing day of the year.

Imagine if Sri Lankan thugs in suit are trying to intimidate the world, what they would have done to Tamils in the last 60 years. There was never a moment of consideration or compassion. I can remember the military was given a free hand in terrorising and subjugating Tamils. The current matter in hand is war crimes and human rights violations; it has nothing to de with LTTE. One must differentiate LTTE and Tamil Citizens who have nothing to do with LTTE. Tamils always behaved as citizens, but they were caught between rock and hard place. If LTTE was bad then the Sri Lankan military was worst. Ordinary people did not have any recourse against either of them, and then when LTTE was detested the military went on demoralising the Tamils.

The Singhalese has come out in the world forum and present a rosy picture while silently they abused, raped and killed Tamils. This reconciliation is an eye wash, it is all propaganda but deep inside the Military under the instruction of the Mahanayakes is conducting religious war. The problem is we Tamils are not united. We do not have a proper public relation and propaganda means to counter these false pretences. Tamil people are united but there are a few people who are dividing the community. Our fist task must be to identify them and investigate them to see if they are working for pennies and pittance given by the Rajapaksa, there cannot be any other reason for division. Tamil community is united, but the leaders are dividers.

Mahinda Rajapaksa is a criminal who studied criminal law, a rare and notorious combination. Imagine if a man has the inner working of the judiciary minds and institutions and how well he can plan crimes and execute them flawlessly and then if he take over the judiciary and the appointments of the judges, he has got it made, Mexican drugs lords can learn thing or two from Mahinda Rajapaksa. Compare our so called leaders of Tamils S.J.Emmanuel and V. Rudrakumar, these guys are neither physically not mentally fit to be leaders. I will and no Tamil should ever trust these two guys. When trust is missing, all actions are viewed as ambiguous and credibility is reduced. These two people must work on their credibility and convictions. It is their past that is casting doubt of their leadership.

In the name of de-mining operations, evidences are being destroyed. All mass graves are being dugged out and remains burned while the US and Indian satellites are recording all the events. If Rajapaksa and his gang expect to redeem themselves of the genocide they will be in for a shock. All deliberate actions to eliminate evidences are illegal and can be cited as obstruction of justice. Mahinda Rajapaksa has been already found guilty but the world wants the Sri Lankan to sentence him and his gang. It is the Sri Lanka people who will ultimately pay the price.

If Mahinda Rajapaksa really loves his country and adores his people he should present himself to the International Criminal courts for investigation and prove that he in fact loves his nation and adore his people. As it is he is pulling over his own people.

Most nations want to distance themselves form the Sri Lankan regime, they know serious violations occurred. But some nations they are already in trouble with international laws and are ganging up against International justice.

They come and talk what they do not have any live evidence or hard evidences. These scoundrels killed several tens of thousands of innocent Tamils and have the moral courage to stand in the world podium and say we are brother and sisters, but this is all bullshit, in the name of reconciliation they are doing things to quietly annihilate the innocent Tamils. It is very sad that super powers have become pan handlers to third world countries. Russia and China must be ashamed of their human rights protection records. It is shame that Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan supplied napalm bombs.
Pakistan of course the people are paying the price for their collective mindset of violence.

The Tamils around the world must come together as one entity and form a formidable representative group to convince the world.

But the Singhalese in Sri Lankan can be sure of one thing, Retribution and reciprocation to Singhalese is coming may be not now, may be not in the next hundred years but it will be done. The pictures and photographs are carefully kept to show the future Singhalese people that this what your parents did and unfortunately what your parent earned you inherit. That is the law of nature. We feel sorry for you but the time is now for you to act to reverse the atrocities, but not to continue it. If you need any further evidence just look at the Palestinians, they took the land that belonged to the Jews and today they are landless pan handlers paying the price, besides other neighbours are using them for their own political purpose.