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The current leaders must touch their conscience and ask are we stepping stones or stumbling blocks? Tamil parents please, please give your children freedom, dignity, self respect courage, determination and perseverance. So that will become leaders instead of educated high-tech workers.

Rudrakumar and Emmanuel must travel down to Sri Lanka, defying all bans and restrictions and recreate the "Tiananmen Square" and show to the world I love my freedom and say to the world give me my freedom or give me your death, until such time the world and the Singhalese will take you for granted.

Or else Emmanuel, Rudrakumar and others must resign and replaced by western educated, inferiority complex free, freedom loving younger generation. These gentlemen and others do not have the guts to fight the enemy hence they fight among themselves. People who have lived under oppression for generations are by nurture do not comprehend freedom; they equate asking for freedom synonymous with violating the law. My own people lesser in age than I and grew up in Sri Lanka wondering am I not scared of breaking the law, little they know that I stand on the shoulders of the very constitution and the bill and charter of rights and freedoms which give me the express right to exercise my freedom to the limit so as not to infringe into the rights and freedom of others. We Tamils too lived in a society in which in the name of respect to elders we exchanged freedom for peace and obedience. Now you will understand why we get on our own people for we have that colonial mentality of superiority inferiority complex. We berate our owns dignity but berate ourselves to others, that inferiority mentally has to be changed and the younger generations growing up in free western society are the best to change that mentality.

We Tamil have an identity crisis and an Identity deficient mentality. The African Americans learned that if they have to free their people, first they have to redefine what is right and what is wrong, they came to the conclusion that there is nothing called right and wrong except what is good for the AA are right and what is not good for the AA are wrong. They stopped judging their own brothers and sister that is how the Black Brotherhood movement started and the rest is history. This is my message to my brothers do not berate your own brother; you are digging the grave for two.

When Rathika Sitsabaiesan spoke in Tamil in the Canadian parliament, the whole house irrespective of the party affiliation gave a standing ovation, not because she spoke in Tamil, but because she knew the rights and freedoms of our democracy in Canada. Human rights, right to life, dignity, mutual respect etc are the hall mark of free societies. She grew up in a free society where ones freedom is respected by others; by the same covenant she respects the freedom of others too. The Canadian Parliament stood up to ovate the Canadian Constitution that gave the freedom she lost under the Singhalese. They were applauding the greatness of Canadian Constitution.

To deal with the ongoing Tamil struggle we have to first resolve the struggle among the Donkeys.Dispora
Rudrakumar and Emmanuel have completely put the Honourable Tamil Citizen away, but are vying for their personal ambitions. Both these gentle men may be good working within a cocoon, but they cannot think outside the cocoon and have ability to deal with the issue at hand. Rudrakumar is good at whipping up the emotions of the people, but so far he has not come up with a proper plan. He cannot for he is surrounded by book worms and paper tigers, what we need are pragmatic practical people who can set goals and achieve them.

Where is the Honourable Tamil Citizen in this spectrum of events? Rudrakumar is called Honourable Prime Minister, other have their qualifications longer than their names, but cannot openly say a word or openly declare their right to freedom. They cannot stand up for themselves, but want to fight for the freedom of honourable Tamil citizen. Honourable Rudrakumar and the doctors and doctorates and professors can you please stand up on the podium and declare your freedom first. You do not have an inch of land called yours, you do not have a cinch of freedom in your mind, and you want to fight for Tamil Eelam and the Honourable Tamil citizen. Go create another Tinanman Square in Sri Lanka, let see your guts. We need new breed of people to take over the struggle and take it right into the living room of the Rajapaksas.and the mahanayakes.

Here I quote from the story of Exodus. “God would not allow the Israelis to enter the Holy Land of Israel until a new generation that did not know slavery had come into being. The story of exodus thus signifies a new beginning, a new life without slavery, and hope of a new nation”

Therefore I say unto Tamils, that we must hand over the struggle to a new generation born outside Sri Lanka who does not have the feeling of inferiority, minority and second classedness. Ms Rathika Sitsabaisan crystallised and demonstrated this to us.

My humble request to Rudrakumar, Emmanuel and others, please hand over the mantle to a new generation of Tamil who were born, bred and educated in the west and they have never seen or felt discrimination. They will have an entirely different view of the struggle. I am sorry to say that when I listen to Rudrakumar I feel like vomiting.

Honourable Tamil Citizen compare our so called leaders to world class leaders and determine for yourself if their words will make even a minor ripple. We need people who can create tsunamis after tsunamis till the water level rises and bury the criminals under water. Not that Emmanuel or Rudrakumar are undesirable elements, but they simply do not know what freedom is. Their minds are deficient in freedom. I am yet to see any one of them taking on the Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Singhalese regime in Sri Lanka. What they do not understand is the personality of the enemy and flow of their personality. They do not know the weaknesses and strengths of the enemy, or may be they are simply scared and fearful due to their inferior upbringing. They have no freedom and they do not understand what freedom is and how other always respects a man who stands up for himself. This is the problem with the current leaders. Because they do not have the guts to fight the enemy they fight among themselves. They are living in an imaginary illusionary world of their own making. It is neither good for them nor good for the Tamils who follow them, I call them Pannam Koddais and Dosais, and the Singhalese call them pariahs. Unfortunately I am a Tamil so I will call them Pannam Koddais and Dosais.

What plan Rudrakumar or Emmanuel have for Tamils? You have to build up that mass and the momentum so that there is some force. We have to offer some thing in bargain. When Rudrakumar cannot afford a computer, internet connection and webcam what can he offer to his followers? All he can do is to stir up the emotions. Emotions are dangerous state of mind. I would suggest that he resigns and allow someone else capable of blazing the trail and take on the task. Nobody is going to get your Tamil Eelam, you have to go and get it yourself.

What we do at world-class Tamil are promoting Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Business formation, Courage and Confidence building. To us Honourable Tamil citizen is our leader not Honourable Rudrakumar. His behaviour seems to resemble to the behaviour of the Singhalese and especially of Rajapaksas. I do not know of they have infiltrated and occupying his mind.

Today’s leadership is Team Leadership, it used to be one man leadership, them in 1970s came joint leadership and in the 2010 came the team leadership, and then we should have a team of people leading the struggle, not Rudrakumar and Emmanuael alone. They cannot do it alone, so then why they should try and why should the foolhardy Tamil believe in them? Emotionally motivated people are good at the front line, but the policy makers and planner must be at least well educated with good practical experience. You cannot run a freedom struggle alone with barely educated people. We need people with courage, determination and perseverance.

Together we are formidable, divided we are failures, then why the educated leaders cannot unite? All of us together are smarter than any one of us alone, we know that we studied at the junior kindergarten, and we are kept informed of it every day in our families and work place, then why are these people divided and not united. United we stand divided be fall, trees succumb to hurricane but forests stand like fortresses

Therefore in my final analysis these people must go. Rudrakumar must go, Emmanuel must go and all others must go, or all of you can unite and produce a formidable force, a Team. If they cannot take on the Sri Lankan government head on, deal within the law to frustrate them to give into our rights which they are smothering. You may have greatness of mind, but you do not have the wideness of your thinking to say, I am a free man and no one can take way my freedom. This any man will fear, any tyrant will fear.

China is the greatest nation on the world, they are good in making things to be sold for pennies and pittance, and they do not have the longitude and latitude of our thinking in America. To China it is feeding people, but to us making people free. We are at much higher level of moral evolution. We have solved our economic woes; we have solved our social and political woes, now we help the other nations to do the same.

Prosperity has several dimensions one of them is economic; China is where we were 100 year ago. While they are working eliminating poverty and housing we are working on freeing people worldwide, teaching them about total Freedom and absolute human rights.
Mahinda Rajapaksa and Mahanayakes have little breathing space to fix their primitiveness. I will bet my life on it.