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Today’s topic is about Mahinda Rajapaksa and his shameless men of Sri Lanka . In the last 60 years there were three men who ruined this nation of Sri Lanka, namely S.W.R.D.Bandaranayke, J.R.Jeyawaredne and the worst of all Mahinda Percy Rajapaksa. Mahinda Rajapksa grew with violence and criminality and that is how his family rose to power. This man is suffering from childhood traumas that haunt all his life; he has become a schizophrenic psychopath and relishes the suffering of people. His son Namal Rajapaksa is following the path of Mahinda rajapaka who followed the same path of his father D.A.Rajapaksa. Because he grew up in a dysfunctional family where violence and punishment were the norm, all he knows is violence and punishment is the only way to deal with conflicts and contradictions. He became a revengeful man when there no subordination and agreement with him. There is only one way and that is his way I repeat there is only one way that is his way. He has to be removed along with few others before any peace can return to this island

Calling The United Nations a failed organization, and brushing aside a report by United Nations as irrelevant and ridiculing renowned diplomats as paid agents of LTTE tells how the Tamils were treated and would have been treated. Imagine the plight of Tamils under him as powerless people. He is the reincarnation of Ivan the terrible who is prone to episodic outbreak of mental illness.

On the other hand we Tamil have a weakness, we do not stand up for our birth rights, we easily circum to manipulation. May be it is our nature to trust too much, and or we trust without responsibility and promise of performance. The biggest challenge to Tamil people is that there are no leaders; all we have are lame ducks, lame brains and laggards, the sense of brotherhood is totally absent and we kill our own people. Killing does not solve problems it exacerbates. We are nervous and behave like second class subjects. We see that in our behaviour. We must build up strong communal unity. Since they were subjugated and persecuted for long time they behave like second class subjects. But they are slowly coming out of it. That is good news.

Talking about Sri Lanka, in sixty years since independence and freedom the people have drifted in the wrong direction calumniating in the creation of a socially and morally sick people. Mahinda Rajapaksa is no different he is simply reflecting and representing a society that is almost completely gone back to nature. In sixty years since independence and freedom, Sri Lankan people have drifted in the wrong direction culminating in the creation of a sick society and have elected sick people to places of power and responsibility. Mahinda Rajapaksa crystallizes the composite mind set of the whole nation. He is the right man, in right place at the right time, That is all to it. He is the manifestation of a racial and fanatical people.

Mahina Rajapaksa’s life and pathway to power is a road less traveled by civic minded people and his path is dotted with tombstone of people who contested him. He has a simple formula; just kill any one on his path. In Sri Lanka one could get away with murder if you have money, power and connections to Rajapaksas. Rajapaksa is not alone. It is unconceivable how he rose to power despite his criminal record. The only possible reason could be that the whole population has this criminal mindset and murders are just part of the violent spectrum. Since the law enforcement and the government official are either bought with money and power or are feared of being killed it was easy for him to manipulate power. That means there is no civil society and that region of Sri Lanka is still kind of behind in civil administration, that strong prevailed over the weak, there is no social contract that binds all people under one law. If there is any movement towards civil society, the credit goes to the Tamil Diaspora, whom Rajapaksa vainly tried to divide and failed miserably and the same Tamil Diaspora flexing muscle every where inside and outside the legislature. Mahinda Rajapaksa confused successful Tamil Diaspora with people who operate Mickey Mouse out fits who could not succeed in America or Europe.

Sri Lanka as a nation woke up on the wrong side of the bed one morning in 4th February 1948, by the year 1956 S.W.R.D. Bandaranayake initiated the first civil unrest that concluded in a civil war that lasted 26 years. Because the majority Singhalese think they suffered under the foreign rule, which they brought it on they themselves by inviting the Portuguese to rescue them from each other. The Tamils faired well under the British not because the british favoured them but they are simply very industrious people. Tamils continued to fair well despite the Singhalese majority government took away their freedom and human rights. As recently as now they moved around the world and have established very successfully. That is the proof that the British did not favour them. They see life as gift of generations and work to maintain it.

In the last sixty years what have the Singhalese done to themselves, they have made a society that is imbued in Racism, Fanaticism and State Terrorism. Believe me, there is large percentage of thugs in the military who are ready and willing to subjugate Tamils. If any Tamil or Singhalese call me wrong, fine what will you call the current State terrorists in power? There is more than ample evidence of a society that simply did not want to evolve out of their barbaric state.

Over the last sixty years the country has seen violence repeated every 3 to 5 years and the government was in the center of it, The troubles were always instigated, propagated and promoted by the government. The state and the institutions were turned into anti-Tamil machinery and it was easy for the people to get away with crime and murder. It is the successive governments of Sri Lanka that promoted Racism, fanaticism and lately and recently state terrorism. The Mahasangha the fanatic arm of the Sri Lankan Singhalese is the hidden culprit. The proof is ample, as late as July 23rd 2011; the military is involved in election related violence. What has military got to do with civil administration? No, it is the government that has transformed the military into an organized gang with command and control structure to terrorize Tamil people. There is no better proof than the UN report and the Channel 4 videos. What Sri Lankan needs in a complete clean up.

The Military, the police and the judiciary are all converted to state run criminal organizations. The Law enforcement and judiciary, the hall mark of modern democracy has been turned to “No evidence and not guilty institutions”. How can an ordinary Tamil go and complain about an atrocity when that atrocity is committed by the same organization. Mahinda rajapaksa say he will investigate war crimes, how can he investigate his own crimes. I hope you see the point, the law maker, the law enforcer, the defendant, the plaintiff, the court, the judge and the jury are all one and one person. Mahinad Rajapaksa. Either he is a lunatic or maniac or both. How can there be justice when the criminal is the judge and the jury. The Sri Lankan people do not understand this because they have gone back to nature where might is right and might is the right. Even if the people want to do something, they cannot for the thugs and gangs are the military armed to teeth and there is nothing people can do. They have to simply live in what they created.

What Mahinda Rajapaksa and his predecessors have done? They have created nation of lawlessness, servitude and poverty. Poverty is the biggest and narcissistic of all social diseases. Instead of addressing those fundamental issues that rip the social fabric, these leaders were promoting the break up of civil society. Mahinda Rajapaksa has virtually taken over the finance ministry, judiciary and armed forces, this gives him the latitude to print money, pay the gangs and gangsters and the judiciary to exonerate those brought before justice. Basically he is the plaintiff and defendant, judge and the jury. All things under his control. He needs the gangs and the law enforcement to put down any trouble that may arise as a result of his criminal behaviour..

When he prints money, he does not back it up with either gold, or goods. It is a fake and fiat money which has no intrinsic value. There is nothing produced locally to back up the money. Hard currencies are backed by exports and foreign employment but in the international market the exchange rates are not favourable to him. He has a huge public service with about 250,000 troops in the field and the supporting services sucking up available goods, the ordinary citizen has very little purchasing power.

He wants Diaspora Tamil to invest money, but with military breathing down at the people who will invest. Either he is a con artist or has no control over what is happening in the ground. He joins the list of world notorious forgers, swindlers, robbers, imposters as well as worst criminals in the history of man kind. Besides he has a group of university educated doctorates and professors to advise on matter of international importance. He knows when to plead poverty and when to beg for clemency. His latest gimmick is issuing dollar denominated bonds to raise badly needed foreign exchange. But when a sucker is born every other minute why not try anything.

What is on trial in Sri Lanka are not people, but basic human character of trust. When trust is prostituted the whole society will descend to anarchy and lawlessness. Trust is a scared responsibility backed by hard choices, discipline, honesty and integrity. These are the bed rock of humanness. From this Trust emanates peace and freedom, the prerequisites for prosperity. When we integrate great qualities into our socio-economic system we have stable societies. The Singhalese leaders choose otherwise and resorted to discrimination and racial policies that lead the nation into precipitous valley. The total nation has become imbued in racism, fanaticism and terrorism. Terrorizing innocent people asking for their basic human right and then calling the terrorized as terrorist is a willful vilification. When criminals and murderers get elected by devious means and the thugs are made into law enforcement and military there is nothing people can do except regret for their foolish choices when the nation was decent and democratic.

The problem on the Tamil side is no different; we have our own criminals to deal with. These criminals have decimated our so called leaders. We Tamils are still in the dark days where they live in selfish self preservation mode. We have not graduated into an organized society with various safety means and mechanisms. The Europeans have successfully reformed and transformed their people into citizens in a sovereign state, with institutions to safe guard the rights of people. Knowing what men they themselves are they have crafted covenants that protect people from them. That was a noble deed indeed, to know their weaknesses and enshrine appropriate statues to safe guard people from the animal nature of man. There is no one person called the supreme citizen, all are supreme under one constitution. You will see this more so in USA than in Europe. The President is not above the law, so are the citizens. Every one follows the written supreme law called the constitution. People too understand that they have to behave appropriately in their own self interest. The key to any society is to raise the awareness of the people to a much higher level whereby they feel that together we are better off. The union offers more than what they could have done on alone on their own. How far is Sri Lanka in this respect? When a criminal murderer has risen to power along with his gangsters, there is nothing a willing citizen can do, it is better to prudent and preserve than protest and perish.

Sri Lanka has to turn around 180 degrees and pursue a different path. A path that will make people responsible citizens. Racism, Fanaticism, Terrorism will never bring about peace and prosperity at home. We said that to the Singhalese in 1960s and we keep telling them but they think calling Tamils as terrorist will make them proud. A man is a freedom fighter when he is attempting to safe guard his life and property and a terrorist when he encroaches another mans freedom and property. But when that encroacher is armed to his teeth, what can an unarmed innocent citizen do?
If all leaders of the world stand up for what is right, than who should win then we will have a decent world to live, Until such time I will purchase a small tract of land and become my own nation and mind my own business. Switzerland and Tamil Jaffna are two such societies. We mind our own business. I am a proud Tamil for my culture has given me the means to be my own man. That character embedded in my hereditary no man can take it away from me.

At this very critical moment what we need is the momentum of a united Tamil force.
Our so called leaders are not leaders, they live in the past, where the king was the king and people were mere subjects. The world has changed but they still think that they are valuable to the people. The job of the leader is to keep the people united and show them by example how to lead themselves.

Democracy is a very difficult but equitable system, it needs constant vigilance and vigorous defense. No one should be fearful of standing up for what is right. There is no force bigger than the moral standing.