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“In Sri Lanka how can a fair inquiry and genuine investigation be done when the head of the nation himself is the centre of investigation, there are no answers” it is like asking the mongoose to keep watch of the chicken coop.

I have questioned the policemen about his fluency in law and I have questioned the judges about the validity of the law, and I have raised hell with the attorney general about the misconduct of the court staff, but Canada as great nation respect when some one confront the government about its misconduct, in Sri Lankan I would have been dead long time ago. I do not stoop down at the colonial master and say I am a second class subject.

Today I will not call myself a Sri Lankan; sometimes I am hesitant to call myself a Tamil. It is the behaviour of the Sri Lankan Politicians and The Tamil leadership that makes me cringe. Tamils are divided along the caste lines, though they do not talk about it public, I feel it in my bones. The caste system is so strong that they produce some one the weakest people on earth. We produce trainable travailleurs not leadable leaders. Here is a great example, this happened ten years ago, my mother in law was sick at the age of 80, every one thought she is going to die, children from all over the world came to see her alive for the last one more time. I too went to see her, while talking; I asked one of the daughters who is her doctor. Then I asked her what the doctors say, she told me her mother will not do what the doctors say. I suggested to the daughter that one of them make sure she takes the medications as prescribed by the doctors. In September 2011 she will be 90 years old and we are going to celebrate it. Some one has to put down the feet and say that is the way it has to be, that is how the world was built. Today we have pictures of great grand children taken along with her, guess what we have done for those great grand children, “A legacy to live by”.

Sri Lanka as a nation has some geopolitical, geo-climatical problems that lead to socio- economic problems. The south is flushed with ample water and soil is rich in organic matter, the root of any civilization. In 1956 when I went to the south I tasted the water from natural spring compared to the saline water in Jaffna. The south is endowed with such wealth.
But they do not know how to harness that gift of nature. They have been inducted into the hall of emotions, a politician magic wand.

In Jaffna, the situation is, the soil is sandy, little water retention capacity, the soil is poor in organic matter, the food for plants, and the water is saline. Caught between the Indians in the North and unyielding Singhalese in the south, the Tamil man has to develop mental capacity to survive. The whole culture was developed around survival, one has to get up in the morning and run faster than the tiger to survive, and the tiger has to run faster than the prey to live. Self preservation is mans natural instinct.

As Occam Razor states every problem have a simple cause and a simple solution. The Sri Lankan problem is the lack of pure clean water in the North and the Tamils moving south to take over the assets belonging to the Singhalese. It is inability of the Sri Lankan leadership to harness the resources of both north and south that lead to the conflict. Forget about religion, language and race. Today there are Tamil who are more Buddhists than Singhalese and speak their language better than the Singhalese. Therefore the Singhalese must stop their bullshit. They go around the villages and fan the flame of racism and fanaticism, when none of these guys can be seen next to Lord Buddha. Religion is the opium of the masses and democracy is not for all.

While this was going on, in the South Singhalese side emerge Racism and fanaticism lead by the Mahanayakes and the mindless Mahindas. Emotions run deep and can stir people to mindless action without any deliberations and without fear of consequences. Soon after independence, a maniac called S.W.R.D. Bandaranayke, who studied at oxford returned home and fanned the flame of hatred and started a civil commotion. People who call LTTE a terrorist organization are either too young or too stupid or both. Pick your choice. LTTE was a defensive mechanism as natural to any biological system. When a natural living system is threatened it develops immunity to fend of invasion. As I said let it be any emancipated and eminent leader or scientists, if they cannot comprehend nature they have got educated in the wrong discipline. When you listen to Palitha Kohana or Great Liar Peiries one could feel the disregard for their own character, they have descended to the level of pre-history man.
When a man knows that he is telling lies, when the other man knows that he is lying and when he knows that the other man knows that he is lying, that man has lost his moral compass and the gravity of conscience.

Where is the world heading towards? America is the epicenter of change; the civil rights movement in 1960s and the political change in the 2000 have served and saved the world from disaster. To help the poor people of Indian and China the American people took on a huge debt to raise them from poverty and the spread of fanaticism. Imagine if India and China goes fanatic. Chinese are smart people they are reducing their population from 130 per square kilometer to about 50 per square kilometer. Compare that with India 300 per square kilometer and Bangladesh with over 1000 per square kilometer, how can one feed, clothe, cultivate and provide social needs with a person with one square meter of land.
The standard Canadian home provides 50 square meters (@500 square feet) of home space per person, that is just the living and sleeping space.

Go back to the American enterprise; the world is becoming an America. America is not a land mass with two legged animals roaming, America is a concept distilled out of the experience from rest of the world. We took on a huge debt load to help mainly China going Islam. But what happened was all the goods made in China went to Wal-Mart and next day in the dump sites. There is no respect for Chinese people in China, all their hard labor and dignity end up in the garbage dump sites in America, except some of them sent back to China as recyclable material. So much for Human dignity, never mind human rights. They know how to walk on a line what when the line ends they do not know which way to go. We will wait and see.

America is like the mythical bird phoenix, it will destruct itself to rise from its ashes and soars to new heights. The current human genome is incapable of handling new frontiers so America is transforming to a new race of people. People like I, who are free to enterprise and invent new systems of social sciences. In America the boss is the first one in last one out of the work place, every boss has climbed the ladder one rung at time, when a new immigrant came form Afghanistan, he could not believe that the boss was sweeping the floor, the boss knew where every spec of dust falls, he has to otherwise competition will outrun and overrun him. That is what freedom does and when the government becomes the watch dog of freedom and equity. The Americans know that if people do not go to work nothing happens. The President is either called mister president or by his first name. He is as equal as to another guy working in the gas bar or as a dish washer or janitor.

Compare this to Sri Lanka; Rajapaksa says he is going to allocate so much of money for such and such a project. The guy has no concept of where the money comes from and the people don’t know where the money comes from either, other than the Tamil who depends on the dollar to come from the west or the a poor Singhalese girls have to prostitute her body for foreign exchange. We all know that there is large scale prostitution in Sri Lanka linked to the tourism industry. Mahinad Rajapaksa must at least take holiday to Cuba and to find out what the Cubans are willing to do for one American dollar. Sri Lanka through years have developed stubbornness and belligerence and has become impervious to human feelings, when the President is a known murderer and the previous prime minister shadow and shelter him from arrest and prosecution, the whole nation has gone to dogs. Justice, the hall mark of democracy has been hijacked; the cuckoo has taken over the human nest. When the criminals has taken over the money printing department, gathered the gang of thugs, put some of them with western three price suits and rest with army fatigue and armed them with Chinese made arms, Indian made corrupted policies, showing the middle finger at the United nations what has become of this tiny atoll in the Indian ocean?.

World is unable to do anything about it, for like hyenas they are foraging on the dead carcass of Sri Lanka. It is the Sri Lankan people and Sri Lankan people alone can take back their country. When the official opposition leader Ranil Wickremasibghe said he wants to join the government and dessert the people we all know what is happening. He wants to abandon Sri Lankan people and nation and salvage Mahinda Rajapaksa and the criminals! There is something not right about his motives, Earlier Ranil salvaged Mahinda Rajapaksa from murder charges and now he is trying to save him from war crimes and crime against humanity.

Sri Lanka can be a sovereign nation if it upholds human right laws and international laws.
To which it must conduct a transparent and credible investigations into genocide, war crimes, and human rights violations and also investigate people who have broken Sri Lankan laws. All murders and civil rights violations must be investigated. But alas how can them when Mahinda Rajapaksa is the centre of all these allegations. That is Occam Razor; there is a simple cause and a simple solution. Mahinda Rajapkasa is the simple cause and he is the simple solution. That is what is holding back all these investigation, but the world is too civilized to point finger at a man who is presumed innocent until proven guilty, but when there are loopholes and flaws in made justice only natural laws will suffice. A man who commits a crime must pay for that crime by exactly the equivalent amount. One must dig deep into Hamurabi and Marcus Aurelius to find means to deal with Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Until next week, as I always said, 70 million Tamils worldwide unite, stay together, work hard and never ever give up. The best is yet to come and we are winning.