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“Let us ask the Singhalese people what we can do for them instead of asking them what can they do for us, they have nothing to give us, they cannot give us anything, they will not give us anything and they do not want to give us anything”. This every Tamil must, should and ought to understand.

The reclamation and regaining of Dravidian character is unavoidable and unstoppable. When Tamil was spoken and heard with standing ovation and applause by all 303 other members of the Canadian parliament, some 12,000 miles away from Tamil land in south Asia I knew we are on our way back up. It is not the standing army that is relevant, but the standard of the people that determines the fate of Empires.

Tamils in Sri Lanka must stop looking South to the Singhalese and North to the Indians, both are characterless people. They lack the intellect to live in modern democratic societies.
The Singhalese are mindless people; they can be made to be sacrificial lambs by their criminal gangs. S.W.R.D. Bandaranayke, J.R. Jayewardene and Mahinda Rajapaksa are their iconic criminals who used the Tamils as scapegoats to stay in power. Mahinda rajapaksa is the product of 2600 years of their barbaric mindset. How else can serial murderer rise to power?

On the other spectrum Utopia is far, far away. As long as we have race, religion, color caste, class and languages defining national identity we will have civil commotions, riots and wars. South Asia lacks leaders who can bring the people together and maintain peace.
For 3500 years this region was ruled by foreign invaders. Therefore Tamils instead of asking these undefined and unrefined billions of people for something they do not have and they cannot give, must provide leadership to salvage this region. It is partly our ignorance that we suffer. We are quite capable people and must ask them what we can do for them than what they can do for us. The white man knows how to bring together the skills of various colors and cultures to build beautiful lives.

As it is Tamils have no nation with national boundaries, we have neither land power or population power or economic and financial power. We need a nation of our own. Every nation is out there to take care of their interest only. To think otherwise is naïve. Only we Tamils depend on others to take care of us and that is not going to work. Self preservation is the prime motive of any living being and if we do not take care of us, others will only take care of us like step children. There is no substitute for self preservation, except in a man made zoo.

Whether it is South India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe and America we have no defining power or determining power. There are 70 million of us on the face of the earth and we do not have a country call ours. But we could, if only we can unite the community. The problem is we have our 500 years of colonial underclass mentality and on top of it we introduced caste system to make it worst. May be the colonial masters used caste as a demeaning characteristics of us.

Jewish people are only about 6,000,000, which is only 0.1 percent of the world population. They control between 5 to 10 percent of the worlds created wealth. They needed it to compensate for their lack of land mass and population mass. They control some of the largest financial centres in the world. We Tamil are in the same situation and also we have the capability and capacity to grow like the Jews. We must do that

What we Tamils must realize is that we are just minorities in very many nations. Under such threatening socio-political condition we should be pulling us together forming a circle and defend ourselves, which we are not doing very well. Looking at us from an evolution point of view we are becoming a race of weak people destined to be absorbed and extinct. Evolution is a natural phenomenon where by the nature selects the best and breeds the better than the best. Can we survive as a race in relation to the larger breeding populations like the Americans, Europeans and Asians?


When the African slaves were brought to America on ships in chains, did they ever think that one will become the President of the masters. That is how far human race has evolved in social etiquette. In America we do not profile people based on race, religion, caste, language etc but based on content of the character and intelligence of the mind. Any one who hates America should come to America and see what they can achieve. It is the place to be if you intend living your life fully with absolute freedom.

We Tamil must understand history that the invading Nordics introduced the caste system to genetically degrade a once vibrant Dravidian race and we are still living with that mindset.
In a world where boys and girls are marrying diverse nationalities, if we stick to defunct caste system all we will produce guinea pigs for medical professionals to tinker around with.
If you visit any hospital you will see the devastation caste has done to a once virulent and vibrant race of people. We have lost a lot of generations and talents. Time to get it back!


Unlike the Jews, who had only Europe and America, we Tamils have the advantage of being all over the world. That gives us hereditary and intellectual advantage to a wide gene pool and knowledge base. Whatever happened to us has happened and let see what good can be made out of it. It is an opportunity for us to recharge our virulence and vibrancy. We need stronger community to live in between India in the north and barbarians in the south. So Nature has taken control of our destiny, we will be back in our motherland soon.

When we look at the present day Tamils, we feel sad for their nature and nurture. We have to look beyond them and rebuild a better Tamil society. Today they are self seeking, narrow minded, caste oriented, diabetics and cardio-vascular derelicts. By the age of fifty they are mumbling, stumbling and fumbling.


If one wants to see the importance of community, they must come to Canada. Canada is new country so it brings in new people every year. Once a certain threshold number is reached immigration from that community is curtailed allowing the immigrants to get naturalized. During that period the community stays together and helps each other to prosper. Every one prospers and reaches the Canadian standard. After that, their children and grand children are Canadians and they work for governments, multinational corporations and high income self employment as doctors engineers, lawyers etc. That is excellent in a peace loving country but for Tamils there are challenges every where and we have to stay together as one united community. Think about a fish, when it will discover water, when it loses its water.

The Tamil question can be easily resolved if the community can present it self as one united front. But there seem to be division, ignorance and personal gains that hamper clear thinking. Tamils must look beyond self preservation to form union of people who bound together by strong communal ties and traits. There is always a sense of self preservation motive among poorly developed communities. The fear of loss of life and property leads to narrow minded thinking. It is the case in primitive societies and in some less developed socio-economic systems. Men, especially in the west and particularly in America have realized that a combined force have more power than the sum if individual forces, that is one plus one is more than two, there is hybrid vigour when two people get together and there will be social vigour when a community of people get together.


When we get together as a synergistic group with shared vision and shared responsibility in mind there is multifold increase in prosperity which can be more than if we have attempted to create that prosperity on our individual own. The original formation of society is to have shared joint vision, responsibility and hence shared prosperity. To be self serving and self preservation is a must, that is the core of existence, but we must learn to go beyond self preservation and build a society that will be much for protective for our tender nature. We have no built in defense like poison in a snake, or muscles in a tiger, powerful mouth and teeth in a crocodile or size in an elephant. We are very weak physically. So like social animals like ants, termites and insects we need to form a union that will offer us better self preservation.

The Holocaust and the Genocide that happened in Sri Lanka to the Tamil showed the world the worst of animal instinct of our human nature, 40,000 confirmed dead, and 350000 missing. That makes it the worst crime against humanity by humanity!

There are two complimentary etiquettes one is Human rights that is as a human being I have certain rights, one of them is right to life. The other is social responsibility that as community we owe respect and protection to each individual members of the community. Sri Lankan Singhalese wantonly breached the protection they owed to Tamil people, there by they a guilty of human rights violation. Since the President himself and his government were the perpetrators it is hard to investigate and bring justice and uphold moral justice.


Humans are sensitive animals; they have the feeling hurt and pain. The very purpose daily life is to live that live with freedom, dignity and satisfaction. Around this need are built all other needs. It is the same for all. Therefore in the interest of my own dignity, satisfaction I must respect and reciprocate other peoples dignity and satisfaction. So then social justice is mutual respect for each other. In modern democracies the government, which is the collective body and will of the people under a constitution ensures there is equity in social justice, all citizens are treated with fairness, justice, dignity and respect. It is the same for all since it is the same for all there is no point in make it unfair or uneven. That is the very crux of utopian societies. In this respect people have defies the natural laws of selection and survival of the fittest. We have become an artificial creation that respects even the weakest in the society.

There is nothing a leader can do except being a strong example. The work has to be done by every individual and every family. Tamils have something good going for us, which is the family integrity. That is the seminal source of stability and prosperity. Every Tamil should become a leader unto oneself. When we all prosper, we all will prosper as a community. If we can understand and understood each other we can be a great example to rest of the world.
Among Tamils we have time tested and proven mode of social living, that is the trans-generational character of caring for the elders and younger. We in-between work to care for the aged and prepare the younger to take over, it is never ending relay where the responsibility is handed over to the generation next. In modern societies it is institutionalized and state care for the dependents, young, old, invalid and infirm, As Tamil we are endowed with this continuity and we must work hard to preserve it. This is what the Singhalese are trying to destroy. They say they want to care for the Tamils; I have an answer for them. Who destroyed it in the first place? If you committed atrocities and then work to repair it, it is you ignorance and not intelligence. If you really do care for Tamil you will let the world know that what you did was indeed good for Tamils.

It is very sad to see educated, enlightened professors and doctorates waste their valuable time trying to defend their action when one simple action will suffice. As occam razor states every problem has a simple solution that simple solution arises from respect, honesty, sincerity and integrity those who lack those high qualities beat around the bush hoping that the issue will go away.

That is all for this week,As I always say, Tamils 70 million worldwide Unite, Stay together, work hard and never ever give up, the best is yet to come and we are winning.