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MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA, A criminal, who rose to power through murders, violence and criminality.

MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA, A criminal, who rose to power through murders, violence and criminality.

No one can defeat clear conscience, or the Tamil conscience, the standing Singhalese army cannot defeat us, only we Tamils can do that. In a contiguous, continuous world of homogenous and harmonious population how can there be injustice and human rights violations?

What does Rajapaksa know about running civil society; his work experience is in the field of criminality and murders. His resume is impeccable, impregnated with several murders to his credit and crime.

He is a criminal; no one wants to say it in the public for it is politically wrong and culturally unacceptable. That is what he is using wisely to survive. He knows the civil society will not point blankly point fingers at him. The world is a nicer place; it has no recourse against tyrants. His intellect is criminality and he runs a criminal cartel. He sent a qualified lawyer to the Humans rights in Geneva and he showed the middle finger at the world. That shows his guts and his disrespect for the world.

As far as Mahinda Rajapaksa is concerned there is only one person who is right, that is him. He thinks he should be the legislator, the executor and the adjudicator. A quality all criminal like to have. He has been right so far because he is the legislator, executor and adjudicator. When these three functions are combined it is called anarchy and the acts will be tyranny.

His other intellect is to divide and destroy. You will notice that despite all the powers he confiscated he still want to divide others, the latest is he is trying to divide a tiny Tamil National Alliance. It is an incurable disease that is ravaging his mind

The Third is, if the opponents are strong, he finds another opponent and plays one against the other.

The fourth intellect is smile to the face and sticks the knife to the back. He has no conscience. He has no respect for his own words.

To him all freedom loving or demanding people are terrorists. Recently he called the Tamil Diaspora as terrorists for speaking out against his crimes. S.J Emmanuel and V. Rudrakumar, who were once Prabaharan's followers, are now covertly following Mahinda Rajapaksa. Both are trying to lead the community but have not got the idea as to how to do it. They want to negotiate, but with who? Mahinda Rajapaksa is not ready to negotiate. You have not created a motivating condition for him to negotiate. It is indeed hard for the strong to be just to the weak. These two people lack that intellect. They are good people that have nothing to do with politics. Their prime task should be to unite the community and build up the political and economic strength of the Tamil community. If you have no bargaining power there will never be any incentive to negotiate. Both of them don’t have this intellect.

Mahinda Rajapaksa is a smart crook and a wise criminal and he knows most people are willing to settles for pittance than fighting for the full compliment. We Tamils due to our ignorance, sometimes due to our kind heartedness will settle for nothing, we do not know the art of bargaining. So far in the last 60 years the Singhalese never even gave us a tiny fraction of our rights. Rudrakumar and Emmanuel are surrogates of Prabaharan; they seem not to have any leadership ability. They have no vision as to how to lead a community.
Do they know that there is nothing to talk, discuss or negotiate with Rajapaksa? Knowing rajapaksa as he is, his words are mere empty promises. If they knew the history of Rajapaksa they will never even talk. To negotiate out of inferiority, weakness and desperation is playing into his hands. They neither have the ability to develop the community to a point of strength. They are neither interested in uniting the community. To unite a community one must first of all understand the importance of community. They are either pursuing a personal ambition or fulfilling their egotism. Our vision is to increase our intellectual capacity and transform Tamils worldwide into an economical and a political power.

We took time to unite the community and developed their education and entrepreneurship thus made the community politically, intellectually and financially strong. When we campaigned for Rathika, our theme was unity and we won, while with Raghavan, who divided the community? One handout clearly indicates the dirty hand of TGTE. I do not blame TGTE for it is the duty of the leader to be honest with people so that they will follow him, but how to follow when the leader is missing. There is one important feature that will make us powerful, that is unity, but they do not seem to do that. The info flowing into our centre indicates that they are fighting each other than fighting the common enemy. The community is always united, but it is the leaders who are divided for selfish purpose.

We can understand the position of Tamil National Alliance; they are constantly being threatened by Mahinda’s invisible hand of paramilitary proxies. May be they don’t know what the hell is going on. Someone gave them money to buy a computer for their office, and they sent an account on how the money was spent. Lunch was one of the items but computer was missing. It tells how they are oblivious to the main task in hand. As Occam’s razor indicates there is a simple solution to all complex situations. The simplest solution here is unity. We have to do that first.

TNA must visit any meat super market and see what kind of meat is available. They will find chicken, sheep or goat, rabbit, beef, pig etc but they will not find lion, tiger or elephant meats. Not that the latter is inedible, but it is hard to kill them. The moral is the weak gets killed and the strong survive. What Tamils need are robust, tough, winning leadership, who refuses to talk to an unreasonable enemy, who has no sense at all. We must not talk to wife killers, murderers, rapist, drug dealers, state terrorists etc. what we should do is to do what every Tamil did during the exodus; we worked so hard to build our lives all over the world. Our leaders and leadership organizations must foster communal unity, education, entrepreneurship, civic improvements etc and bring people together instead of bootlicking the unreasonable and stubborn enemy, who has no faculty of reasoning. All powers originate from economic power. That is exactly what we are doing, one must understand that money is work and the power of money works like a charm!

Looking at Rajapaksa and his terror cartel, which refuses to listen to the world opinion but showing middle finger to the world organization is sufficient proof to know who they are. Rajapkasa is an ignorant, uncivilized barbarian, with murderous look, who cannot function within a free and civil society. He is fearful of the past that may reciprocate at anytime. He lives in constant fear and he kills any one looks honest or intimidating for no apparent reason. He is also a man without a back bone and without moral guts.

Ranil Wickremesinghe is the key to solving Rajapaksa's involvement is crime. He knew and has the evidence of Rajapaksa’s involvement is at least two murders. He also made him the President of Sri Lanka, for which he is repenting .Both Rajapaksa and Wickremasinghe cannot hold office for the former is a murderer and other failed to uphold justice.
He made political decision instead of moral decision. That is wrong. Murder is neither compromisable nor commutable crime.

The problem in Sri Lanka is absence of leadership or people are confusing tyranny with leadership, it is tyranny that rules when there is no leadership. There is nothing people can do when a tyrant rules except accept prudence in lieu of peace and freedom. No nation can function, produce and prosper under one man’s decree and order. It is the people who make the state and if the people cannot produce the state cannot exist. Mahinda Rajapaksa thinks otherwise. Leaders do not develop nations it is the people who make the nation happy, contented and caring. The leader is a servant of the people, the best leader is being no leader at all and the best leadership is absence of leadership except helping people to lead themselves.

Tamil National Alliance thinks Rajapaksa and Colombo is the centre of power, no it is centre of tyranny. Neither Rajapaksa nor Colombo has any power, power is within us. Neither Rajapaksa nor the Tamils National Alliance know that none of them have power, the power is within people. If people decide not to participate then they will lose their power. But there is greater power emerging in the world that is the reemergence of South India after 3500 years of incipient division introduced by the invading Nordics. The paradigm shift or the seismic shift is too large for ordinary minds to fathom and understand. Year 2000 or specifically 2010 marks the visibility of the turn over. The Dravidians especially the Tamils are surging worldwide and nations and people are recognizing and converging towards their psyche. No force on earth can stop the creeping of civilization. Recent inventions indicate an economic power shift from the north to south India with which moves the power base. Power does not emerge from the barrel of a gun but from the basket of bread. Only tyrants believe in guns and games, gambits and gamut, others simply believe is straight forward greatness.

The war in Sri Lanka is a symptom of deep seated malady within Sri Lankan psyche due to our ignorance based on false belief in religion and race and language. We do not know how this racial, religious and fanatical strife started but no one wanted to stop it, but every one used it to make personal profit. But the nation stands bankrupt. There is no creative endevours going on except tourism and servitude.

There is something the Sri Lankan establishment must understand that the end is coming and the few who lead this nation in this direction will be removed and a new era will begin. There will be no more easy way out. Parents of the 1950s made things difficult for children of 1980, and the people of 1980 made yet more difficult for children of 2010. Instead of creating better future for our children we created a bad situation. This has to be ended.

The Singhalese nation has to make course correction, may be 180 degrees and then move forward keeping up with rest of the world.