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Tamil culture and Singhalese cancer

Tamil culture and Singhalese cancer

What the Tamil people must remember is not to forget and never to forget to remember that freedom is a constant battle with the narcissistic elements of human character. Evolution is about the selection of the best, it is about the selection of the best to produce something better than the best. In Sri Lanka there is a fight between Tamil culture (good) and Singhalese cancer (bad). Culture enriches and cancer destroys what culture produces. There is a malignant cancer in Sri Lanka that has to be destroyed to preserve the Tamil culture.

On the instruction of the Mahanayakes of Mahasangha and Mahavamsa, Mahinda Rajapaksa gave the orders to ethnically eliminate Tamils. Mahanayake and Mahinda Rajapajsa are the double barrels of a gun directed at the Tamils. Both should appear before an independent panel and clear their names. Rajapakasa thinks he is the descendant of Dutta Gemunu, who went to war with Tamils despite his father’s objection.

In Sri Lanka, somewhere with someone or in some institution there is a written plan similar to the Mein kempf by Hitler to eliminate all non Singhalese and ethnically purify Sri Lanka. The effort of the international community is to find it and destroy it. Such literature has no relevance to the modern united borderless world. The Singhalese people have to be brought into modern society of freedom, equality, right to life etc.

In the meantime Tamils worldwide must begin to think of a borderless world and use their timeless cultural and scientific inventions to enrich the world. Some of those quantum leap technologies are Anti-Gravity, Magnetic levitation, harnessing the earth’s magnetic wave for energy, planning of trans-generational family, memorization technique etc. One of the profound technologies which the world will be interested is the memorization technique, it is a rigorous life time of programming of the mind like programming a computer. Basically a human computer is created. It is something we have, we don’t know we have it, but others are fascinated by it. It is a culture of relentless and tireless memorization that gives us that edge. You will see those students studying and workers working for long hours to burn it into the subconscious mind. Our music, dance and the relentless effort burning midnight oil to perfect our life are the examples. This is what the Singhalese want to destroy, they will only destroy themselves. What am I doing at this age going to work at 6.00am, working till sunset, when the Canadian Government say you have worked enough time for you to retire. I am working for my grand children and children beyond. No wonder South India is the centre of memory and programming of the world. As a Canadian I want to leave Canada better than I found. Only man has the faculty to create new without destruction.

Why the Singhalese in South Sri Lanka would wants to destroy such a timeless elegance and then end up working as Middle East maids and tourist Industry busboys? The Singhalese and their intellectuals must begin to think like the Singaporeans and not like Somalians. The criminal element and intent must be removed surgically. The Singhalese people in their own interest must put this Rajapaksa’s criminal cartel of trial and save the world of unnecessary work. One must not forget that the seminal source of the identical racial policy of successive governments must be identified and neutralized. The world must be weary that Sri Lanka is seeking nuclear technology and the long term plan is to acquire nuclear military capability. We want to warn the world of this so that they can take care of the rogue nations that may provide such technology to Sri Lanka. Iran comes to our mind instantly, Pakistan may be another.

The Tamils in Sri Lankan must take courage; console that they have people around the world to support them. There are about 70 million around the world and a large percentage is just 20 miles north in India. Tamils in India is our big brother. In the last decade south India has become the silicone valley of Asia. Tamils in Sri Lankan should about turn and look in the direction of Tamil nadu in India for support and strength. Tamils must ask the Singhalese what we can do to make your life better, instead of asking them what they can give, they will never give it for they don’t have it.

There are large number of Tamils in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Europe and America.
The European and American connection came in the last 30 years. This Euro-American influence has a tremendous bearing on our well being in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the only nation that ill treats the Tamils, all other nations have identified our valuable contribution to their societies.

This Tamil Singhalese conflict has been going on for the last 2600 years. This conflict has not benefited any one, especially the Singhalese more so than the Tamils. Tamils are only a small percentage in Sri Lanka, but the majority Singhalese behave like inferiority complexed minority. For some reason, though earlier blamed on the British for undue favoritism to Tamil, since independence the Singhalese could not make a go of it. In the last sixty years of aggressive behaviour has evolved into state barbarism, terrorism and criminality. Mahinda rajapaksa is a product of the cancer of the people. The biggest lesson we learnt is that peaceful populations can mutate into violent people.

The policies of successive Singhalese government were to discriminate, abuse and annihilate the Tamils. Tamils are part of the Sri Lankan mosaic; to abuse and harass its own population is harmful to whole nation. Through years the policy of fanaticism and racism has evolved into a culture of violence, abuse of civil and human rights and acts and incidence that evolved into a nation of non repentance and impunity.

The military and law enforcement became a racist and fanatical in stature and nomenclature.
When majority of people assume military power and law enforcement and judiciary become part of the national psyche of criminality without accountability and impunity, the majority of Tamils had no choice except to leave or lead an armed resistance. No Tamil ever picked up a gun and shoot any one in aggression or aggravation. It was all in self defense. The Sri Lankan government tried to paint a different picture and called the Tamils as terrorists.
To make my point short, today the same Sri Lankan government is calling the United Nations a terrorist organization. The world knows the truth.

In the final analysis, this is what we have distilled out of the Sri Lankan Singhalese
This is our assessment, for some unknown reason they have become a belligerent, defiant and, intransigent community of people. The normal and moral world has not found recourse to correct their narcissistic behaviour. They do not seem to listen to reasoning, they are emotional people imbued in self righteousness.

They say they won the war with LTTE, but they was never a war, they simply walked in, killed people as they appeared, people innocent, pathetic and begging for life. Okay we will presume they won the war and why are they still behaving like barbarians and thirst for blood. They are running rape farms where women are taken out and raped several times by several people every day. It is torture. No nation is able to do anything, and then there are rogue nations like Pakistan supporting their activity. Then there is Russia and China, at least in the name of the innocent people should not interfere with the UN to investigate and enforce.
Does the human race with so much of education and culture have to stand by while another human being is raped and abused? The Singhalese in Sri lanka, the land of lord Buddha, are just not killing people, but they abuse them torture them and the kill them. There is plenty of video evidence. It is disgrace and disgusting.

Whatever that happened is water under the bridge, but why is Mahinda Rajapaksa not allowing an independent international body to investigate the abuse of basic human rights. War is different, but if innocent people were killed that amounts to premeditated murder. My belief is that Mahinda Rajapaksa gave the order to ethnically eliminate Tamils. He should appear before independent panel and clear his name. His past indicate that he can do such things as murders.


As human beings we are very courteous and well mannered. We do not like to offend anyone unnecessarily. We have what is called the social etiquette. The laws too are designed to safe guard individual rights and freedoms. Most of the time the society and the world functions very well, except for isolated events in isolated places at isolated periods of time

In this present analysis, my focus is on Sri Lanka and its internal strife. It is known that deep seated animosity has been incubated and propagated by the Singhalese in Sri Lanka. They felt that Tamil do not belong to and in Sri Lanka and must leave.

Since independence in 1948, discrimination, physical violence, murders and rapes are going on to make Tamils to leave Sri Lanka. For this was the policy of successive governments and that of the people. That thought cannot be easily forgotten or covered up or eradicated. Whatever the post 2009 gestures by the Sri Lankan government is to appease and fend off possible human rights violations. Mahinda Rajapaksa for his part in this genocide trying to commute capital punishment into community service.

There is massive cover up going on and a ploy of reconciliation is unleashed to fool the international community and the United Nations. The charge here is International Human Rights laws were violated and it is the duty of the United Nations to investigate it. Sri Lanka as a member of the United Nations must agree to this investigation.