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Mahinda Rajapaksa pleads (implied) insanity.

Mahinda Rajapaksa pleads (implied) insanity.

Mahinda Rajapaksa should be condemned to a sanatorium and confined to a mental health centre

On reviewing his speech on the second anniversary of the Tamil genocide, by him in Sri Lanka, he implies that he was insane during the period of genocide. He says his troops went to war with human rights charter in one hand and food and love in the other hand. There are about 150,000 innocent people missing and he cannot explain how they disappeared. Then he says he is developing the North and East of Sri Lanka, Sir, then why did you destroy it in the first place? Then you watched people being killed through an UAV video online real time. Only an insane man will enjoy killing, killing of people and talking like a derelict

Mahinda Rajapaksa does not believe in the collective will of the people. The collective will of the people is called a constitution. He does not believe in a constitution and the power of it. Obviously then he must be insane and unstable. He says there is no benefit adding human rights to the constitution. Why? Because he does not believe or respect a constitution, but his own decree. This demonstrates his inability to govern and his disrespect for the people of Sri Lanka.

Now that the United Nations, International community and human rights activist are demanding justice he is doing community service to avoid investigation and punishment.
He says he is doing community development work, therefore his criminal activities need not be investigated and presumes the position of just, justice and the jury to exonerate him. He has chosen community service in lieu of capital punishment. No sir, capital punishment cannot be commuted to community service. May be shop lifting not murders; you are already implicated in four murders plus the 150,000 missing Tamils.

Mahinda Rajapaksa says, “Even though terrorism was eradicated in Sri Lanka, terrorist living abroad continues to work to destroy our country”. Here is a man who clearly does not know the difference between freedom of expression and terrorism. He has very clearly spoken his mind and his attitude towards people; his words reflect his narcissistic upbringing, his self righteousness, his abusive and criminal behaviour as a result. He has clearly revealed the inner working of his poorly developed mind. I am pretty sure if investigated well he will be found the seminal source of several crimes in Sri Lanka. As a man incapable of reasoning he should not have any part in the administration or collective management of any society. He should be condemned to a sanatorium and confined to a mental health centre

The beauty of democracy is its ability to make people want to belong to a union or association, where they can retain their individual freedom of thought and action, but by the same token democracy is not fit for all, it can be easily hijacked by criminals, drug dealers and Mahinda Rajapaksas. Mahinda Rajapaksa is obviously misusing the great trust people place on the union. He is a disgrace to all world leaders and they must distance from him.

In the last 2600 years and especially in the last 60 years and specifically since may 2009 a new era have dawned in the hearts and minds of the Tamils worldwide. Though LTTE contributed to the globalization of the Tamil determination, their oblivion has brought to the fore front the real Tamil character. Today, as I write this article, we have proved much stronger and resilient than what we thought we were capable of. Canada elected its first Sri Lankan born and very articulate and capable Tamil member to the Parliament and Singapore appointed its first Tamil deputy prime minister. Today the Tamil matter is in the hearts and minds of the United Nations and the world of nations. We shall remember our brothers and sisters who laid down their life to make this pathway. Every life invested is the sleeper bed of the iron railroad. Imagine a railroad and each life is that sleeper wood that supports the iron track. No Tamil should ever forget these people, who enriched our heritage.

The best part is we have enriched the world the way the Greeks and Romans enriched the old world, but the worst part is we were not allowed to enrich the lives of Singhalese in Sri Lanka. The poor Sri Lankan people were the biggest losers in this racial and fanatical gambit. Yesterday’s Pearl of the Indian Ocean today is a pariah nation. Some super powers share the responsibility for this degradation. Even now the idea is to convert this island into a tourist fun paradise, I do not know how many Singhalese are aware of it. Sometimes we wonder if we should find a way to remove rest of the Tamil and allow island to deteriorate. Or what we need is Tamil President in Sri Lanka to put the country back on the tracks.

Since independence in 1948, Tamils have been asking the Singhalese to make this land equitable all communities but they want to make it unitarily Aryan Buddhist Singhalese. In this modern era of borderless world such an idea is foolish and not feasible. The Singhalese in Sri Lanka reacted like minorities instead of responding like a magnanimous people. What they have done in the past 60 years is to create a mafia style terror cartel. How to murder, how to kill, how to rape and how to plunder are discussed at the cabinet level.

The Tamil people, in Sri Lanka, too have to make some major changes in their belief system. We keep asking the Singhalese give us our rights, but the problem is they did not take it away from us, we let it go. It is our state of mind that led to this debacle. We were told by defunct Tamil politicians that the Singhalese took away our rights. No one can take away my right to freedom and thought. If they do then they do not have freedom and power of thought. No man who cherishes his freedom to think will ever tamper another mans right to thought. It is in coming to the west that we realized that we gave up our rights. No man can take way my right and freedom to think without my consent. Anyways we have realized our follies and inferiority thinking. But the Tamils in Sri Lanka still think the same way and the Singhalese too think that the Tamils have taken away too much of their freedom and rights.

We have in Sri Lanka, The Tamil National Alliance, wants to negotiate with the government of Rajapaksa. Do not negotiate with them and give them the power over you. The Singhalese cannot have any more power over what we give them. Due to our misconception that the Singhalese hold power over us we have given them a sense of powerfulness. Today Tamils may be the prisoner and the Singhalese may be the policemen, but the day the prisoner begins to believe in his power, the policemen loses his power. Ask Nelson Mandela and he will explain. The enemy may hold your body in confinement but he cannot hold your breath away and your thoughts down. He might as well kill you. This is how the concept of “give me freedom or give me death” arose. Two men cannot continue to exist without total freedom and freedom of association. The key point is freedom of association, not forceful association or confinement. What the Singhalese are trying is coercion, but the minute we begin to defy coercion he will lose his power. He cannot exist with you without your freedom for then he loses his freedom. That is what happened in the last 60 years, the Singhalese lost all their freedom and became house maids and bus boys. Today in Sri Lanka Rajapaksa has armed thugs from the villages and hold Tamils at bay, he call it peace and harmony we call it forceful confinement. If the Singhalese people have not realized their foolishness, follies and their failed fanaticism and racism they are bound to fail as community of people, and that time of reckoning is not too far away

Sooner after the world war 11, the Americans gave absolute freedom to both Germany and Japan, for they knew if we do not free them they will drag them down through passive defiance. Mahatma Gandhi through passive resistance defeated the British. An enemy can be defeated simply with passive resistance and by making him weary. The enemy wants to impose his will on you that is why he is stupid. Imposing will achieves very little and soon the enemy will be bankrupt. He will get less than what he puts in. That is why most countries pay attention to freedom and ensure people are free to make their own choice within a social contract entered upon by the citizens. Singapore is the best example; Somalia is the worst example and Sri Lanka heading in the direction of Somalia. Remember that all empires ultimately were bankrupt, because they tried to control people. Americans are smart they want all nations and all people to do well so that they can do better. Look what have they done with China, they helped China and China in turn helps them and today they part of an inseparable global economic power. China may support Sri Lanka but not human rights violations. Great Liar Peiries is trying pulling wool over Chinese eyes!

Today I read Mahinda Rajapaksa address to the nation on the second anniversary of the death of freedom, human rights, right to life and massive genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka. We believe all what you say sir, but give us the proof, you say your troops went with Human rights charter in one hand and gun in the other hand. But then you do not have any video footage to proof your claim, but we do have video footage to proof summary execution of innocent civilians and surrendered cadres

Mr.Rajapkasa, do not take coal to new castle, do not pull wool over our eyes and let an independent panel consist of Russia, China to go in and talk to people and find out the truth.
Our mission is to catch you before grim reaper catches up to you. My deepest fear is that you may take your life on your own or grim reaper will visit you before you pay for at least some of your sins. What happened in Mullivaikal is shame to all Buddhist and Singhalese all over the world.

If there are no more murders in Sri Lanka, it is because of you, you not giving orders to kill, and you are being watched from outside. I think you must be drinking Kaddafi brand kassipu. The next politically motivated murder and you are in. You know that. There are no more high profile murders because all fingers are pointing at you. We have got 4 murders and you are suspected to be in the midst of it. Ranil Wickremasingha, John Amaratunga and A.S.Gnanaratne are the living witnesses to your involvement in several murders. Then look at this picture below, you with Yakadaya in the Presidential palace. Something is not in order and alignment, all ducks are not in the same line, so to say that there is something funny and there is smell of sewer rats. The paradox and dilemma among world capitals is that if you are not involved in any of these crimes, why are you not investigating these killings?

Picture of Serial killer invited by Rajapaksa to the Presidential palace.

Let me come to our Tamil losers, I do not call them leaders, I mean Sambanthan of TNA, S.J Emmanuel of WTF and Rudrakumar of TGTE. Tell me brother Mahinda; you must be gloating even in your dreams about these three guys. Don’t worry about Tamils we got TNA, WTF and TGTE will keep the Tamils on a wild goose chase. Get it from me, I do article and watch for the response, some of my words is used by Rajapaksa! Rajapaksa used the word Right to Life, at least I am happy at least Rajapaksa as a Singhalese read my articles and gives little bit credit for my work, but I do not know if any of three Tamil losers read my articles. If you read it you will be winner. So the Tamil problem is Tamil leadership problem. Did any of you losers made any attempt to stimulate the Tamils to excel in education and business formation? Emmanuel’s and Rudrakumar’s days are numbered as losers of the Tamil lives and heritage.

We made history in Scarborough rouge riding in Ontario, Canada by working for Rathika and elected her, but who worked to defeat Ragavan Paramchothy? We know who defeated him; I read some of the hand outs. We should stop defeating each other and unite to defeat the common enemy! It is shame that Raghavan lost by few hundred votes. Why did the Tamils defeat another Tamil? Some one asked me are we fighting against each other or are we fighting against a common enemy? We have to stop fighting among us. If I am Melinda Rajapaksa, I will give Tamil eelam and watch and gloat as they fight among each other. There are too my chiefs and no Tamils. In Canada we say too many Chiefs and No (red) Indians, which means every one is for himself. Ford motor company had two senior executives fighting with each other and one day Mr. ford called both of them a told them listen boys are you fighting each other or are you two fighting the Japanese. That is the day ford turned around and starts making cars to compete with the Japanese.

The Tamil problem was made in Jaffna, not in Colombo. The caste system is the deciding factors. One day, In Canada, some one asked me which part of Jaffna am I from, I told him I am from the pariah (parayer caste). There is only one caste among Tamils, we are all pariahs, but we have sub caste called Vellas etc……. Etc. One day I went to the Scarborough general hospital and found all the vallas in lie in beds with Diabetes, high cholesterol and hyper tension, and then I turned on the Tamil new paper to see people half my age is in the obituary section. The caste system was introduced by the invading Nordics 3500 years ago to weaken the strong Dravidian race. What a beautiful way to defeat a perceived enemy!
My wife keeps reminding me that I come form a lower caste than her, but little she know that both of us are from the lower caste. If the Tamils in Sri Lanka needs are firm future they must abolish the caste system and become modern people.

What TNA must do is to formulate a socio-economic revival plan and raise capital in the western world by either issuing bonds or shares. Take that money and invest in education, business and cultural development. Do not ask anything form the Singhalese, they will not give you anything for they do not have anything. If they can print money we can also raise capital in hard currencies, they don’t have that advantage, and they can print rupees and cause a revolution. By raising hard currencies and converting then into rupees we can have bargain tool. Someone has to think wise instead of wizardly and wizardry! Set up bank either in London or New York and accumulate bond and share capital and keep them outside Sri Lanka. Do it legally, there are legal ways to do; the Jews do Israel bonds all over the world. So there is legitimate way to do so. Keep it transparent and file your annual return with the Securities and Exchange Commission and revenue depts. As you convert them into rupees you will cause inflation and thus you create socio-economic problems in the south. It is better to have them fight each other than they fighting us. Some one has to think realistically, psychologically, humans behaviorally. After all man becomes an animal in the absence of ample food.
The Tamil politicians are either outdated or they simply too selfish and greedy. To lead and empower a society of people is simple, all we need is to come up with a collective directions, vision and goals and impart them to all people. People will do the rest; the problem with politicians is that they tend to manipulate the people instead of motivating them to greatness. All we have to do is to respect their freedom to think and act in their own natural way.

Mahinda Rajapaksa calling Tamils living abroad as terrorist. That is where the problem is if you speak your views you are terrorist. Every one has the right to speak their minds, otherwise how do we as collective entity know what the need of the people are. To Mahinda Rajapaksa, there is only one view, that is his view and is the only right view and all other should not exist. He is ignorant and insane, he should be destined to a sanatorium for rehabilitation