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“Since Mahinda Rajapaksa calls UN panel report as Darusman report, we call Sri Lankan Government as Rajapaksa government. Right! What are good for the geese is good for the gander. Mahinda is a fair minded man, he will understand”

The irreversible and irretrievable nature of life demands that any person who knowingly take away another mans life be sentenced to the same fate. Therefore to reconcile we have to find out who was responsible for what. Responsibility, legality accountability, repentance must precede reconciliation. Those who are found guilty of murders cannot be part of the reconciliation process, even after they serve the sentence. The best they are offered is forgiveness.

The right to life is an un-bargainable and inalienable right of every living thing. Therefore we have recognized our uniqueness and have developed moral codes to live by. When any one does any harm to that human life we call it a crime and when that crimes ends up in the loss of life we call it a murder.

When such a crime is premeditated and carries a motive it becomes a premeditated murder or crime. The punishment for such a crime is exactly equivalent to the life taken, that is life sentence. When such crime is directed against a group of people, it is called a crime against humanity. And when such a crime is directed against an identifiable racial or ethnic group, it is genocide.

Therefore what happened in Sri Lanka to the Tamils amount to both crime against humanity and genocide. 150,000 innocent Tamil lives are missing and the government of Rajapaksa is refusing to provide answers. Since they have called UN panel report as Darusman report, we don’t call Sri Lankan Government, we call it Rajapaksa government, and it is a mafia. What is good for geese are good for the gander isn’t it? Mahinda Rajapaksa is fair minded man; to him a murder is fair deal and an equitable judgment. There are more than ample evidences from over a period of 60 years of planned pogrom to eliminate Tamils from Sri Lanka and colonize those areas with Singhalese. Systematically Tamils are driven out of the country, racial riots on a calculated regular basis is carried out overtly and covertly. What happened in May 2009 was one of the large scale elimination of Tamils. Now the plan is to fend off the world criticism and then lay plan for the next pogrom. The 2009 pogrom kind of back fired and all efforts are made to reduce the international criticism. No Tamil should fall for this circumvention, Tamils must not allow the world community circumvented. We must get to the root of this consistent racial policy of the nation, which leads to continued annihilation of the Tamils. There is a root or seminal source from which the identical policies of different governments arise. It does not matter who is in power the attitude towards Tamils are the same, WHY? There must something or some one else behind this attitude. I suspect it is the Mahavamsa, Mahasangha and the Mahanayakes, the fanatical arm of the Sri Lankan establishment.

The Singhalese have a plan and policies and are implementing in stages. One must look into Mahavamsa, the policy manual, the Mahasangha the secretariat and the Mahanayakes the administrative officers. The military is under the direction of the religious establishment. That no Tamil should ever forget. The rest of all the talks are gossip. Because of this nature, there will never be a solution to the ethnic problem in Sri Lankan. I am not interested in priests becoming politicians and animal scientist talking political sciences and equating peace with freedom. We need people who understand human nature. Human nature is inextricably driven by fear. The Singhalese fear that they may be alienated by the Tamils and the Indians. That is why the Singhalese despite being majority in Sri Lanka behave like minorities in South Asia. The Singhalese instead of entering into an honest and open discussion and dialogue is resorting to violence.

The talk of reconciliation is all an eye wash to fend off international criticism. Accountability cannot and will not be done for the Singhalese believe that we have done all we have to do in self defense, defense of our unique cultural heritage. The Sri Lankan Singhalese cannot stay out of the Indian integration. India is an integration of larger number of different ethnic groups such as Tamils, Muslims, Sheiks, Malayalis etc and etc.
This integration in inevitable! If the Singhalese want to maintain their uniqueness they must enter into peaceful negotiated settlement than applying violence and force. The best of times for the Singhalese are over, the Tamils have a huge Diaspora that is not easily fooled.

The Singhalese say that they want to reconcile, that is all bull shit, if they are truly interested in reconciliation that could have been done without any war. In the name of fighting the LTTE, they made it into a pogrom of elimination. Innocent Tamil civilians and surrender LTTE were indiscriminately slaughtered. There is more then ample evidence. There are deep seated animosities between the two ethnic groups and to talk of reconciliation is willful manipulation of popular opinion with the intent of making fool out of all. Reconciliation is only possible when an offence happens by accident or by lack of knowledge and it was not premeditated.

Therefore reconciliation is out of question unless the victor makes public apology with retribution and compensation, but the prime culprit must be identified, apprehended and sentenced. In this pogrom, genocide and holocaust, Mahinda Rajapaksa, Gothabaya Rajapaksa and their close associates are without any doubt the prime suspects, that makes reconciliation dubious, doubtful and difficult. It is a known fact that mahinda rajapksa is the prime suspect and all efforts are directed in hauling him before the international crime tribunal.

Mahinda Rajapaksa and Gothabaya Rajapaksa and the whole cancer must be removed; Sri Lankan peoples racist and fanatical mindset changed to hope, faith, love, human rights, and social responsibility and above all respect for dignity must be inculcated in their minds.
When the whole world has a responsible out look on humanity and human rights why only this tiny nation thinks and behaves otherwise. Some thing is fundamentally wrong in the constitution of the mind. It is out duty as Tamil Diaspora to harness the power of the international community to impose a different standard in Sri Lanka.

Overwhelming evidence is available to bring these Rajapaksa et al before a criminal tribunal and to find them guilty. They have to be brought before a forum where they will testify under oath and someone to present evidences. The idea of media releases and proxy talking are all dinner table talk. They are designed to pollute the minds of the people. If they are of impeccable character and record, come before a fair tribunal and let’s talk at each other instead of talking through third and fourth parties. Stop your nonsense. A little dose of discipline with plenty of praise and motivation is my management style.

It is irony that rajapaksa has gone into hiding and let the Lydians do the talking. Lydian is a person who sells his women to make a living. A man with a decent woman at home will never deviate his tongue.

It is our view that at least there are 3 reasons for accountability before reconciliation.

1. We have to expose to the extent to which Rajapaksa was responsible for the 2009 pogrom, genocide and holocaust.
2. To exclude rajapaksa and other found guilty from the reconciliation process.
3. To bring to light the very people who talk about reconciliation and the same people who masterminded this mass scale violation of human rights and right to life.

Mahinda Rajapaksa must appear before an impartial forum and answer several questions. There is no point talking to appointees and proxies, let have direct talk. The question she may be posed are

1. Did you or did you not order killing of any of your family members, friends, foes, unknown people since the year 1970. Why 1970? Because there is rumour floating that some one close to him was murdered in 1970. That will be a good starting point.
2. If you did not order any of the killing, who did give the orders.
3. This is the important one, if you have no connection whatsoever to the murders, why did not, as the President of the Nation, take any special interest in solving these murders.
4. If you know who killed Rajiv Ghandi. Premadasa, kathirgamar etc, how comes you don’t know any of the people who killed Lasantha wickrematunga and other 21 media people. Funny ins’t it you know that LTTE killed the first group, but you don’t know who killed the second group. Mr Rajapaksa you ordered these people killed. That is what the world thinks. That will be proved, but you seem not very keen in going before and impartial tribunal. Your mouth pieces say UN is corrupt.

The purpose of this exercise is to determine if you are fit to suggest a process of reconciliation, for it may be a ploy to stop the process of accountability. There must a process of accountability preceding a process of reconciliation. A convicted criminal cannot part of negotiation process. That is standard court protocol. It is the responsibility of the civil society to morally and judicially handle this issue for the very existence of society depends on the right dispense of law and as a respect to fellow human being. As a person who live in the west we know instinctively when we do something wrong. We seldom break the law; if we do they are minor traffic violations.

Part of the Sri Lankan problem is to be blamed on the Tamils as well. Our social character does not allow us to unify. We tend to be tribal in nomenclature; we are strongly divided by our caste and class system and weakly united by language and religion. There is sense of inferiority among us and accept that inferiority as acceptable. We don’t lead, if you lead, we bring up the caste and degrade. We have to get over these self imposed limitations and become magnanimous world class people.

What we do at world-class Tamil org is to create the conditions conducive for our freedom. Instead of accepting the status quo, we create new conditions than will favour us. We have work hard to alter the geopolitical situation and create a new one that we can control. We have successfully elected a Member to the parliament in Canada; we hope other will do the same in their countries.

To conclude my topic, Peace is easy, freedom is responsibility
Reconciliation is easy, accountability takes courage
I cannot deny the right to life; no one should have the right to tamper with life. Human life is precious, human life is every ones responsibility. Rajapaksa et al have violated the very fundamental of human life, at least 150,000 times. He should be removed, given a chance to defend and if found guilty must be sentenced to life without any parole.