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“There lies a tiny Island in the Indian Ocean called Sri Lanka, that is attempting to disrupt and drag the whole world back to primitive nature”

A head of a nation or law enforcement agency can be found guilty if he or she fails to investigate a crime which he or she reasonably knows has occurred. Now that a reputable world organization has found credible evidence, if Mahinda Rajapaksa fails to investigate he can be found guilty of “blanket crime”. No further proceedings necessary. The acid test is due diligence, did he or did he not investigate the miscarriage of the right to life, the very basis of International Human rights laws, which transcend national borders and barriers.

Taking away ones life is an irrevocable crime, the punishment for murder is death penalty, life sentence is mere provision for “incase” any miscarriage in the process of judiciary. That is how much precious life is. Since life is irretrievable or redeemable, Human rights laws are enforced vigorously. Russia sentenced a man to death penalty for killing a Human rights Lawyer.

In Sri Lanka, large scale murders were committed; the prime suspect is Mahinda Rajapaksa. He says I am reconciling with the families of the loved ones killed under my decree, therefore I am not guilty of murder. Right to life laws argue otherwise. The issue at hand is between Mahinda Rajapksa and the Right to life, which he is trying to deflect as an issue between the Sri Lankan Nation and the United nations. United Nations is merely a purveyor of the right to life laws.

The killings of innocent Tamil civilians amount to an indictable offense under the Human rights law of the world. What Mahinda rajapaksa is attempting is to replace magisterial judgments with political judgments by whipping up the emotions of his nation and the international community. Our duty, as displaced Diaspora, is to keep the world on real time with counter arguments and evidences. There is no substitute for retribution; it is the law of the nature. Repentance may be commendable but reconciliation is making fools out of the civilized world, where benefit of the doubt is a norm, but misused by many criminals like Mahinada rajapaksa. Reconciliation is no substitute for retribution and repentance has to be felt while serving the sentence. Repentance without retribution is wishful thinking but will not serve the purpose. Repentance must continue during the rehabilitation period after serving the sentence. It is life time punishment.

The country of Sri Lankan has a moral issue. It is in their culture for over 2500 years. A culture of crime without repentance had pushed this nation backwards. The media must not support bad people, put in simple terms. Freedom with protection is not the norm or respected by Mahinda rajapaksa. It is bad for all, including the people who subscribe to. Who in their right mind will invite a known murderer into the Presidential palace? Mahinda Rajapaksa's involvement in crime since 1970 has been known all over the world capitals.
His picture along with Yakadaya, the serial killer is circulated world wide. Sri Lanka has made it self a pariah nation. This country has to work on its image first by respecting International organization, laws and protocols. The more it defies UN, more damaging it will be.
Have you ever seen Russia, China or India criticizing the United Nations? United Nations is not LTTE for you to go out and disgrace it. When you disgrace United Nations you are disgracing all nations.
The current strategy of Mahinda Rajapaksa resembles a plot by a few rogue and rowdies who have got into power and misuse the nation. Nations like Russia and China have found a way to stabilize their countries; they have found the American way of economic prosperity. The best Sri Lanka can expect from China and Russia is abstinence at the Security Council. If motion is brought by the United Nations no one will object to it. If it is brought by any nations they may object, not United Nations. I think Mahinda Rajapksa must clearly understand it. The best he can do is to allow an independent commission set up by UN to investigate with total freedom and transparency. He must accept his criminal out look and seek counseling. He is suffering from a moral disease narcissism

Sri Lankan must start visualizing a nation without Rajapaksas. Sri Lanka is guilty by default that is by refusing an outside agency to investigate war crimes, it is deemed guilty and it is guilty by default. The verdict is made and it is obvious all they have to do is to fill in the blanks. Magisterial judgments need deliberation in court of law; Political judgments are deliberated among the wider world populations. World has deliberated and passed a judgment, "Sri Lanka is guilty of Human rights violations". Only way you can disprove is to allow unfettered access to investigation and go to the International crime tribunal and present your case.

Human rights is not United Nations or Darusman decree, it is a moral, natural and universal law. Do you hope to live in nation that has no respect for human lives? I am asking you as a reader, how safe are you? You think you are safe, right. What people are saying is that we don't blame Tamils for want to separate, if they are so nasty and defiant to one of the most powerful organization, how they would have treated a small minority of Tamil people. To understand the power and force of Human rights laws, we must go to the original covenant which says, man’s original and basic need is self preservation and when he enter a social context he makes social contract with the rest the men who will ensure the preservation of his life and the means to life. The Singhalese and their establishment must understand these basic covenants; otherwise they will perish under their own tyranny.

But you can rest assured that Mahinda Rajapaksa and few others are going to gallows, it is a question of who is going to do it. Sri Lankans must handover these people to the International War Crimes Tribunal and get on with their life. Ghaddafi is going, going and will be gone soon, next is Iran and then Sri Lanka. It will be all done from inside. Who will do it, how it will be done will be as always a method unheard of. There will be no precedence to plan for. How long can criminals live in bunkers? Sri Lankan people must rise up and put these criminals in their jails and save the world of unwanted work and responsibility, you elected him, you dispose him.

150,000 people are missing and the government of Sri Lanka has a responsibility to tell the loved ones what happened. Tamils within Sri Lanka may keep quiet for fear of reprisal, but what about I outside the country lost my nephew and he was not in the LTTE, can you find out what happened to him? Therefore stop your hypocrisy and get down to providing credible answers.

Trying burying the mountain of Human rights violation and genocide in a mole hill of Sovereignty and right to investigate is like pulling wool over our face or sending us on a wild goose chase. For every smart crook, there is a smarter crook our there.

The Diaspora must press the refresh button regularly to keep human rights violations and the genocide alive in the minds of the International community. Since the Tamils living in Sri Lanka are living in a dungeon with the Cyclops watching from outside, they try to equate peace with freedom. What other choice do they have? To preserve oneself one has to be prudent. It does not mean there is freedom of speech or action. If there are any Tamils who can openly speak, that is the Diaspora. Some Diaspora still lives in constant fear in the western world. They should read the constitution and the charter of rights and bill of rights to understand their rights and freedoms.

There was a war between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, who were representing the Tamils of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan government military representing the majority Singhalese. The war ended with the LTTE losing the war. During this war, the Sri Lankan Military composed of Singhalese, committed human rights violation to innocent Tamils citizens caught in the war and to the LTTE cadre that surrendered. There is more than compelling evidence.

Sri Lankan government did not allow any media or United Nations to monitor the progress of war. As the world government the United Nations must have unhindered access to the war zone to protect the innocent citizens who have nothing to do with the war. Sri Lankan government did not allow unhindered monitoring of the war. There is no reason for it.

Sri Lankan government believed that what happened during the war sooner or later loses its memory. Now they are saying a different story contradictory to what they said to the world nations and public during the war. The United Nations knows what the two dichotomies are, but do the outsiders like nations and people know exactly what they said? The Sri Lankan government play to the psychological situation of human memory, what does not affect me vividly does not stay in my memory, too long. It is like a scar on our skin, some scars go away, some stay. It is the duty of the Diaspora to keep pressing the refresh button regularly to keep the past remembered in the minds of the international community, the nations and the international institutions.

For the last 60 years and especially during the war, for unwanted and unnecessary reasons violence was directed against the innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka, who have nothing to do with the war. It was a policy of misguided fanatical religious establishment and narcissistic racial political scoundrels who for their selfish purpose dragged the nations into social destruction. Today, Singhalese are either household maids in the Middle East or house keeping workers for the tourists. This misguided policy neither benefited the Singhalese nor the Tamils. In the interest of both the Tamils and Singhalese people, this nation has to be salvaged from outside.

Tamils people have to be salvaged and the Singhalese people have to be guided in the right direction. If the Singhalese are left the way they are they will continue to subscribe to fanaticism and racism. They have to be educated into freedom, moral justice, liberty, fraternity, and equality and important of all social responsibility and moral justice. All these qualities arise from the Right to life, which are Human rights laws. Humans are born with that faculty of moral compass but can be also made to focus in the wrong direction.

The Sri Lankan situation is a great example and eye opener to rest of the world to promote social unity and social responsibility; and to preserve the social contract that gave us the power over beasts and to certain extent over Mother Nature. We have a Great world of social unity, social responsibility and social security, but there lies a tiny island in the Indian Ocean that it attempting to disrupt and drag the whole world back to primitive nature.

As I always said, Tamils, 70 million worldwide unite, stay together, work hard and never ever give up. The best is yet to come