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It is the responsibility of every Tamil to show determination and perseverance and resolve to bring about justice to the criminals responsible for the disappearance of 150,000 Tamils.. Mahinda Rajapaksa will try every tactic and strategy available to hood wink the international community. But we Tamils must prevail over him.

In this tiny island in Indian Ocean, the moral obligations and the legal responsibilities of the world are rising and reducing the chances of war criminals escaping. Sri Lanka resembles Alcatraz in very many ways. Alcatraz is a small island in the San Francisco Bay serve as Federal prison where some notorious criminals are kept. Today Sri Lanka resembles Alcatraz.

Water is the most dangerous of the four elements of fire, earth, air and water. Water does not allow any breathing room. Recently we saw the power of water in Japan. Now we have a few felons and fugitives trapped by water in Sri Lanka. They shall remain there until arrested for crime against humanity. Every day the amount of evidences and pressure rising to investigate and prosecute Mahinda Rajapaksa et al at the International Criminal Courts. It is matter of time he will be apprehended; it is torture time for the world most ruthless criminal.

Free education in Sri Lanka did not produce any outstanding scholars but a large number of criminals. Some have risen to the level of professors in the universities. E.G are Dr. Palitha Kohana, a state terrorist, but serve as the permanent representative at the UN, Dr. Mervyn Silva, a mistier and a drug dealer, Dr. Rajiva Wijesingha, Dr. Keheliya Rambukewella to name a few. They are all part of the rajapkasa's terror cartel. It must be a culture of violence that induced these educated people to become criminals. This is a nation of cultural disease if left unchecked may spread to other nations and engulf the world into criminality and hence push the world into dark ages.

The million dollar question is 150,000 innocent Tamils unaccounted for… Where are they?

United Nations is one of the greatest institutions of the people, by the people and for the people. It is the best institution we have to safe guard translational matters of member states. We must ensure that such an institution is not disgraced or marred by rogue and rowdy nations like Sri Lanka. They have gone on the attack of this great institution. Imagine if they are so narcissistic to such a powerful union of nations what they would have done to innocent powerless Tamil minorities. They killed 150,000 innocent people out a total population of 2,000,000 people, about 8% of the total Tamil population. Compare this with Srebrenica massacre where only 8000 were killed and only 40,000 drove out.

To kill 150,000, that is the total number unaccounted for and the Sri Lankan Government is responsible for these people. The President Mahinda Rajapaksa, His brother Gothabaya rajapkasa are the prime suspects in this forced disappearances. They have the audacity to challenge the united nation from investigating these disappearances. Why would they stop an impartial body of the world government to which Sri Lanka is a member of which, to investigate what happened. Sovereignty has no jurisdiction over human rights. Human rights are every one’s business and right. We are not asking the UN to investigate what happened to the LTTE forces, but we are interested in what happened to the 150,000 innocent Tamils caught in the war.
That is a legitimate concern and question. They were either killed by the Sri Lanka military or LTTE or both.

Sri Lankan instead of responding in a statesmen manner to the concerns, trying to tell the world that UN has not right to investigate. That is like asking we don’t need the United Nations. Whether Sri Lanka likes it or not, United Nations is the world government having jurisdiction over world of nations. It has to have administrative and military power to intervene. If Sri Lanka does not like the way UN functions it must resign from the United Nations.

Sri Lanka is nation that is run by a bunch of criminals; Mahinda Rajapaksa himself is a criminal since 1970. Through years of racial and fanatical indoctrination they have a nation that behaves like barbarians. The people have gone back in mental and moral evolution and are violent in temper. What this country needs is complete clean up of racial, fanatical and barbaric leaders and a complete overhaul of the education and administrative system, basically what they need is George Marshall who can re-organise the law enforcement and bring people to justice. As it is rajapaksas are pushing the people further and further into violent behaviour. It is bad for the Singhalese, bad for the other people and bad for the neighbours. No nation can condone the behaviour of Rajapaksas. Rajapkasas do not want the UN to investigate the 150,000 disappearance of innocent Tamils. It is Rajapaksa that gave the order to ethnically cleanse the region of Tamils. Now they are colonizing that very region with Singhalese form the south. Obviously there is motive behind these mass scale murders.

The nation Sri Lanka has been made into a racially and fanatically motivated nation with the upper leadership consists of thugs, criminals, murderers, drug dealers etc.
They have learned the art of deception and the art of manipulation so well they can shake some of the strongest nations in the world. If this nation is a left unchecked, it could serve as nucleus for other nations contemplating to deny human rights. This nation has to be fixed.

Now that the united nation has made firm resolve we have to give all our assistance.
This is the moment we all waited for and this is the time we all unite and insist on full, impartial and transparent inquiry into the atrocities committed to Tamils. Mahinda Rajapaksa has been cornered and he has only two choices 1) suicide 2) allow UN to fully investigate. Tamils must insist on complete investigation into what happened in Sri Lanka to Tamil since 1948 and with very special emphasis on the fate 150,000 innocent Tamils in 2009 and those who were taken into custody at the end of the genocide. There was never any war, it was ethnic cleansing

These are the request we must make to the United Nations.

1. We must request that UN open up a special unit where Tamils can lodge complains to be investigated by the Sri Lankan government and satisfactory answer given.
2. Palitha Kohana and Shavindra de Silva, who are already in USA, must not be allowed to leave the country till their names are cleared.
3. The constitution of Sri Lankan must amended to remove any racial or religious tone and the parliament must make provision for a permanent representative from the United Nations.
4. All property that belonged to Tamils must be retuned to their legitimate owners.
5. All monies seized from Tamil organizations must be returned to the legitimate guardians.
6. All Gold that was taken away from Vanni must be returned to the laws full owners.
7. All colonisations must be stopped and removed
8. The administration of North and East must he headed by Tamils
9. The Mahavamsa must be removed from the school curriculum. This is the root cause of the strife in Sri Lanka.
10. The Mahanayakes must be investigated for their role in the genocide.
11. All victim of violence must be adequacy financially compensated.
12. The names of all war criminal must be published.
13. Mahinda Rajapksa’s past since 1970 must be investigated. A special panel must investigate and interrogate Mahinda Rajapaksa as to what role he played in the genocide.
14. Sri Lankan government must take full responsibility for the safety of the people who are willing to testify to a UN team. The President of Sri lanka must, without any cause, take personal responsibility for the safety of the witnesses.
15. Who should be investigated?
Of the LTTE following people may be investigated

1. Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP.
2. Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan alias Karuna
3. Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillaiyan

On the Sri Lankan government's aside following people must be investigated

1. Mahanida Rajapaksa, the President
2. Gothabaya Rajapaksa, the defence secretary
3. Sarath Fonseka The army commander
4. Palitha Kohana, permanent Representative at the UN for his role
5. Shavindra Silva, the commander of the forces that carried out the genocide.

We request every Tamil to participate in this moment we have been waiting for the last 60 years. There will never be another opportunity to put an end to Racism and Fanaticism directed at the Tamil people.

For sixty years the Singhalese people repeatedly unleashed violence and discrimination against one the most creative and industries people. I thought we are going to be another Sparta. The Singhalese instead of gaining economic advantage from our strength they tried to weaken us and this is the price of their ignorance.

And last but not the least, we will forgive our Tamils who patronized the enemy though their ignorance and selfish motives. We will remember them too. The wheel of justice turns slowly; it will catch up to them.

The fundamental question is what happened to the 150,000 missing. Sri Lankan government must provide answers to them. Simply telling that UN has no right to investigate will not let the problem go away.

The President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa and the government is responsible. There is no way out of it. If they think that China and Russia will come to their rescue is ridiculous for no man with conscience is going to close his eyes to human rights violations. It is in giving up and compromising our basic birth rights of self esteem, self respect and self determination that we drive our self into second class nature. Even if one man is left standing he must have the right to stand up for what is right. That right is inalienable. The enemy standing on immoral grounds will sooner than later run out of stamina and strength, all we have to do is to stand firm on our convictions.

Any ways the ball is in Sri Lanka’s court, they will deal it with it. But we Tamil 70 million must stay united, work hard and never every give up our quest for decent life.