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Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Subramaniam Masilamany, I am a Tamil, to day my topic is

WHO AMONGST US ARE THE LEADERS-The answer is we are all leaders in our own natural way

“In these modern days of total liberation of people and nations three things dominate leadership, freedom, empowerment and communication”. Finally we have come to the convergence of religion and politics, both are one and the same. Today, right now, the mission of any leader is to find ways, means and reasons as to why and how to unite people. If you unite people through negative traits such as racism, fanaticism, nationalism etc they will not last.
But if we do unite them by allowing them to choose a system they like we are likely to succeed, we need a open ended system that will metamorphose to meet the current and changing psyche of the masses.

Our mission at world class Tamils is to help people to free themselves from the feudalistic mindset of dependence to one of independence through self motivation, self empowerment, self encouragement, and to do whatever it takes to make their life better. This way we Tamils are the first in the world to form a corporation of people who are free and at the same time belong without any obligations to each other and any one.

The latest definition of a leader is a person who does not lead by directive but by his divinity. Knowledge and wisdom are the strength of leadership, are elsewhere available to every one via worldwide web. America leads and every one else complains. The definition of a leader has changed with time and the evolution of the human mind. Once upon a time, yes, we needed managers as leaders, who managed people and treated them as things. Then we had mentors as leaders, who trained people to be leaders, they are basically people with education, experience and emancipation. Today leaders are people who empower people. What we, the once upon a time managers, do is take people and tell them you are your own guide, here is the world, you are the master, be the best you are. We let people lose, we leave them alone but one thing we tell them is that you are totally free. Laissez faire is the action to remember, that is to leave people alone to mind their business. If it is good for you, it is good for me too, what is good for the geese is good for the gander. You owe it to, no one but you. The idea of leadership is to allow people to be better than they are and allow them to manage their own affairs at their own time. Space and expense. This way they develop a sense of responsibility and accountability. Look at Sri Lanka, the government makes empty promises to get elected, the people believe in those promises and at the end of the day, when the effect of hallucinogens are gone they realize that there is no dough at the bottom of the pot, so the politician go plundering the Tamils, who have worked for generations to build a simple life. Is that fair, I am asking the world is it fair?

As business people, when we hire an associate, we do not tell them what to do, first day, of course, invariable they come late, that is quite normal, next day we lock the door at 7.59am sharp. Our school system is like an old factory producing defective goods, and then they end up in our workshop to be rebuilt and refurbished. Once we start locking the doors, refusing to pay them and they go to the labour tribunal and we tell the labour tribunal to take us to the courts and then we tell the court that if I don’t produce goods and services they will not get their pay cheque , the judge realizes that after all this nut has his nuts well bolted so he gives in. Then the associates realize that they better get in early and ahead We re-educated them, we are telling them the gravy train stopped and they better get serious about their life. Once they are in, we treat people with complete respect and freedom and tell them to be the best at what they are. If there are ten people we expect every one of them to be different and do what they are good at. End of the day we have no managers, no supervisors, they are their own masters. This management style is the one that made 100 square miles of a dry and arid peninsula called JAFFNA in Sri Lanka, into a cradle of self governance. We had our unwritten customary laws that kept alive despite the invasion of barbarians from the south. I am proud to be product of the tiny piece of real estate called Jaffna. Any questions?

The era of government is over, the governments are bankrupt all over, most of the 3rd world countries are bankrupt, they do not know, because they will be rescued for today. Look at Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain etc. Here are the countries that are a stable and solvent; Japan, China, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Chile, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. The rest of the world is bankrupt. At the end of the month if you got more days left in your cheque book than dollars you are deemed bankrupt. Then, if the people with any savings they have lent you money they will be bankrupt too. If a guy cannot live within his means today, he ends up with a debt today and next day he starts with a negative balance, how could he pay for today and the debt of yesterday?

Here is my take on stable people and nations, a country where the “income” is more than “out go” and assets are more than liabilities. (You know the in-come and the out-go, did you get it) If you cannot afford to pay cash for your needs then you cannot have it. “Borrowers come in a Benzes and the lender come in a Chevrolets” The world has lent more than it can afford to lent and world has borrowed more than it can afford to pay back. The world is bankrupt, who did it? our politicians, who take from the haves and gave it to the indolent. They created a world of beggars who drive Benzes. It is better to be a beggar than brick layer. Man without morals is like plastic gold or gilt. All that glitters is not gold.

So we have a human society that has been misled and time to rescue it. We don’t need managers, leaders, mentors and empowerers, what we need is freedom to people. I mean absolute freedom to people. Every man and woman should be absolutely free to conduct their life they are naturally endowed with. God gave us life to live on our own. Therefore it is time for people to take back their freedom and the people who took it away to give it back. That is all we need. That is leadership to recognize the freedom of people.

May be we needed this evolution of the management of society up to this point of development, but future and further evolution depends of total and absolute freedom. The world has come to point where people are too busy and have no time for any thing else, that is great because they are in control of their own lives. When people mind their own business we have a good society.

What the world needs are visionary people who can guide the world slowly and steadily and allow it to evolve naturally and organically and let the people discover life. So then the functions of leaders are to define the mission, vision and commitments and to be honest, reliable, forthcoming, dedicated and responsible people for their action. Responsibility breeds focused commitment, convictions and conscience. When a nation is lead by morally sound and responsible people it becomes a great sanctuary for citizens

I could name a few leaders since the inception of society, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius, the philosopher king, Thomas Aquinas, Seneca, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Yuri Gagarin, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, martin Luther King Jr. Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, father of modern Canada, Barack Obama etc. The list is endless, but we all can be great in our own way if we stay in our own way and treat the whole world as our own self being. Once you treat the whole world as oneself one has reach the pinnacle of evolution. You cannot go wrong.

Leadership is not the one that wins the race; but it is the quality that makes everyone a winner. Leadership is like the mother hen that is there when the chicken need her. Leadership is the art of giving away the power, a power without power, one who gives away all the power yet remain reverend. Leadership is like carrying the entire burden but giving away all the benefits. Leadership is not about acting like a leader but every one accepts you as the leader. Leadership is about giving away all the powers to the people and helping them to grow into leaders. Leadership is a multiplication process where you incubate and grow leadership within people. Leadership is about showing the pathway known to you, but give them the choice to follow or not. Leadership is just being there like a symbol; eyes closed, mouth shut, ears opened.

Empowerment is the most important part of any leadership; it is total alienation of one’s power to the supreme will of the people that makes a sovereign nation sustainable. As the universe expands it evolves and become pure intelligence, so then we people are the terminals of the terminal buds of evolution, and when we evolve faster than the universe itself, it is what we call harnessing the universe is power.

Let us now focus on Tamils. Tamils, in the back ground of the above said, did ever had a real leader? If he or she has not achieved any thing for the community then he or she is not leader. Tamils are like horses, very competitive and very opinionated, failing which, we are devious.

Here is something good and bad of the Tamils, we are quick to criticize our own kind, but scared and slow to point out the fault in other communities.
Referring our self proclaimed leaders of Father Emmanuel, Rudrakumar, Surendran, Nediyavan and Sampanthan, my challenge to them is, I want them all to appear on a common platform and present there credentials, mission, vision and commitment to the Tamil people and let the people select the right one to lead the parade. We need these people to come into limelight, express what is in their mind and let the people come to know who they are and let them let you lead them. As it is, you all are aloof, illusive and invisible. In the first place we want to know why you want to be a leader. Are you sure you know what you are talking? Okay, then lets find out if you have the stomach and stamina to carry through your resolve. Father Emmanuel wrote several books so I have some access to him, but others who are you? There is a person called Nediyavan or Jeyachandran, who is he? Why not he come out and present his credentials to the people to judge him? As it is, they all want to be leaders in hiding and operate by remote control. To me, it all looks like scam and sham, shoddy and shady operation. No wonder Mahinda Rajapaksa is gloating in glory. I was reading the book written by father Emmanuel and on one page father Emmanuel and Rudrakumar appearing together, but today both are arch enemies.. These guys are not for the Tamil people, they are all for themselves.

Today, America is coming back ever so strong because it is not Barrack Obama, but a nation that has the procedure in place to select the best, and then elect the better than the best. Barack Obama is the manifestation of the American psyche.

Look at Sri Lanka, how do we select a leader, we do not, but a guy with the clique of criminals terrorize people and take the leadership. I am sorry to say this, Prabaharan and Mahinda Rajapaka is just mirror images. Look where are all our potential leaders, they remain hidden because these criminals will kill them. Do Tamil have any leaders? No where are they all. Talk to any Tamil in private and they will tell you we killed them all. Where are all the Singhalese leaders, Mahinda Rajapaksa killed them or will kill them all?

How did Mahinda Rajapaksa get to power? Through intimidation. “Running Horses” if you want to pass exam in Sri Lanka, you get a jockey to run the Horse, that is you find some one who can write the exam for you. Mahinda got to be a lawyer that way and his son is following the same way. Chip off the old block. If you have chip on your shoulder obviously there is wood in your head! How can one write an exam and hope to pass, Right or wrong?

Sri Lanka with so much of natural wealth, why is it so far behind? It is the only country in the world with the largest amount of natural wealth, a country sitting on stable bed rock unlike Japan, so much of oil under the water, sea food riches, environmentally selected brain power, yet they are either street prostitutes, Middle east Goats or menial workers. Who is responsible, we the people, we are for electing the bad boys to the power house. SWRD, JRY and MR are all crooks. How do we always elect the crooks and leave the capable out? What we need is Tamil leader to salvage the Singhalese people. But do we have any? When I sent the money to TNA to buy a computer that bill I got was how the money was spent of lunch. Leaders or losers.

What is modern leadership? It is all about communication. That is all to it. It is communicating that we develop into great human beings. We listen and listen which is 90 percent of communication. So then why is America so strong? Because they promote a culture of freedom, liberty, equality, fraternity, openness, respect and responsibility. This brings out the honesty in us and takes away our fear, deviousness and craftiness for we discover that freedom is the key to reclaiming fearful societies. That discovery has not percolated into several societies, until such time they discover the power of freedom they will have difficult time progressing.

Look back 200 years and guess how many people in Europe could read and write, except the religious establishment. Today there are countries with 98% literacy rate, that is 98 % of the people can read write and speak at least one language, there large number of people with 2 languages and some with multilingual capacity. Today Internet has revolutionized knowledge and most people are educated. So we can mind and manage our own affairs. Freedom has given women and children tremendous amount of knowledge. Freedom alone can increase knowledge tremendously. So we can lead ourselves. Only a leader can do is to be part of an empowering team to share his two cents worth.

Thence what is the role of head of any organization? The role is to combine the individual forces in the best possible way. To be a head of nation one has to very well educated and well experienced so that one can understand people. People must be willing trust a head of an organization. So who in us can be head? The man with the most positive qualities such as honesty, integrity…etc.

That is it all folks, as I always said 70 million Tamils worldwide unite, stay together, work hard and never ever give up, the best is yet to come and we are winning the hearts and minds of the world.

My name is Subramaniam Masilamany, a world class Tamil powered by convictions, commitments and conscience.

That is all the time I have until next week