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SINGHALESE HAVE NOTHING TO GIVE THE TAMILS AND TAMILS HAVE NOTHING TO GET FROM THE SINGHALESE. Mahinda Rajapaksa is an incompetent criminal who has acquired the omnipotence of a national constitution. What a combination and what a coincidence! “Incompetence married Omnipotence”. Now he is criminal with the powers of a nation.

Tamils, on other hand, are a community of people who have the inner capacity, strength, character, culture, resolve and uncompromising determination of a world class of people. We saw such a mindset among the Japanese enduring the earthquake, resultant tsunami and the nuclear disaster. They are one of the greatest people on earth.

The answer to the above question of what will it take to unite the Tamil community lies in the question itself. What we need is an impeccable and almost perfect constitution or a written set of moral code of ethics to unite them. Our primary task at world class Tamils is to unite the community under one constitution, that is our primary and prime duty, and our most important and urgent mission. The feudalistic concept of one man leadership is incapable of delivering the diverse needs of people and hence it is obsolete. We have to replace one man leadership with the common will of the entire people. It is possible to produce such a constitution that can satisfy the wish of every citizen. It can be done by incorporating every ones wish as the wish of every citizen of the state and that way we can produce an all satisfying constitution. We need a non-man leadership and it can be best done by writing a constitution similar to the one in the USA. Where the ultimate power is spread among several institutions with one keeping a watch on the other. There are built in safety mechanisms. Knowing the men as they are, trusting them with their flickering mind that wavers with the wave and the wind is not the best way to hand over people’s power to one man. Power corrupts, so let us be conservative than liberals. The top people must be executive officers with limited powers or powers shared by several people. The judiciary must be completely independent. So then we have to come up with a set of covenants, articles and conditions that will satisfy every Tamil. We are going to give our Tamils especially the leaders a compelling constitution that removes all living person from being a superior or a leader and make them all equal, both leaders and citizens alike. Like the American constitution where the President has no more rights and privileges than any other ordinary citizen. It is in producing a constitution that empowers people, every one of them, that we can hope to create a unified, vibrant, prosperous and proactive nation of Tamil people.

It is the absence of an equitable constitution that is hampering our unity among Tamils. A constitution is one way a man can extend his powers and empower him to perform beyond his natural and limited powers. A constitution grants artificial powers to a man where there is natural and inborn limits to his performance. Tamils are pushing selfishly to improve themselves but then there are limits to which human capacity can stretch like a rubber band. The easiest, most efficient and effective way is through a joint mechanism. Tamils make great professionals and intellectuals but poor synthesiser of co-operation and corporations. The constitution for Tamils must be such that it should prevent future conflicts. Every time we see or experience of internal strife, one could see the causes of the conflict In the constitution being not equitable, therefore let us learn from the past experience and produce an impeccable constitution. We Tamils are endowed with that responsibility to produce a constitution that will be the land mark for future reference for other nations. Let us be the modern day Greeks!

It is not the leaders that are hampering the unifying process, they have zero calories without popular support of the people, and it is the people who support the leaders that make them stubborn and impervious to reasoning. It is the indifferent people and the indignant leaders that make nations fail. People must participate and leaders must practice what is good for the people. It is in my own self preservation that I commit a selfless act of forming a union. So our primary target is the Tamil layman, who has to be educated on how to estimate and justify a self proclaiming leader, who wants to lead the community. Are they naïve or nascent or narcissistic? The Tamil people must become community minded people and know what their objectives are, otherwise they will support anyone who is “sweet talking” with empty calories, that is not good for the community. Tamil people want freedom, so that is not a contradicting factor here. Tamil people must become politically savvy and seek out participation in the overall welfare of the community. We already have that trait in us, but we must extend it to the greater community. Freedom and democracy are orphans without our guardianship and guidance, people must participate to safe guard their own rights. Democracy is an innocent virgin who can be easily abducted by nefarious characters. Constant vigilance is the responsibility in return for the benefits of freedom, unity and dignity.

We as, Tamil must sit back and ask ourselves what can our leader do for the community? Is he genuine about it? See if he has the ship under control, sail up, rudder at hand, map in front and navigate in the right direction. Okay, we will say he is genuine. Next question is, has he got the courage and charisma to take the struggle forward. Okay, he has the courage and charisma, but has he or she got the guts to do it. Is he physically fit to lead a struggle? This struggle is not for the faint hearted. Has the leader got the knowledge, intellect, wisdom and the capacity to analyse and articulate? Has he got the intellect that is welcome and cherished by other leaders? Who among us will satisfy these conditions? Therefore we have to have a leader selection process, which will discard the weak and the meek and select the strong and the willing. The captain of the ship has to be in good health, please keep all your emotions out. It is a physically, mentally and emotionally challenging job, so it is not for the faint hearted and weak willed person. The leader must have faith based convictions, unshakable commitments and clear conscience. Nature has a way of eliminating the weak; select the best and then fertilize the strong to produce the stronger. That is right thing to do. It is Charles Darwin in action, leave the patsies at home.

We Tamils have a tendency to patronise people based on compassion. Yes we need compassion, but electing a leader based on compassion alone will not help the ship to triumph the tempest. I can understand the head of place of worship, where you have people who are looking for mercy of the unknown and unseen, but politics is a deadly game. Politicians are special breed of people who are very competitive and will go to any extent to eliminate all and every opponent; we don’t do that in a place of worship. So keep only a small portion of religion in politics. Let us select a leader who is strong, shrewd and heat seeking in very many ways. What we need is a community that is intelligent in very many disciplines nit just in arts and sciences.

So then the idea is to come up with a constitution that is almost perfect, so that every one wants to belong. participate and obey the constitution. No body wants break a decree that is good for all. I am going to quote certain paragraph from the “Social Contract” by Jean Jacques Rousseau.

“The conditions of association to form a government will be the same for all, there are neither majority nor minority and the condition will be the same for all, and precisely because they are the same for all, it is in no ones interest to make the government onerous for the other, for whatever one makes it onerous to other will be onerous to the one who made it. This way we have an equitable, participatory, perpetual democracy. Basically speaking ownership and tacit crafty slavery of people will and must come to an end. The constitution is the supreme head of a nation and all living and corporate persons are under the force of this supreme will of the people. Hence no one is above the law”. Therefore I ask the true, genuine, intelligent, courageous and capable leaders among Tamils to stand up, others may remain seated.


Man is an animal, a weak animal compared to rest of the animal kingdom. If that is the case and a fact, we will reach a point where the obstacles or challenges to our preservation in a state of nature or on earth planet will prove greater than the strength each one of has to preserve us within that state. At this point of realisation, we cannot continue to live as selfish individuals or as tribal tiny groups. Therefore we have to change our way of existence. We have to unite and combine our forces in the best way possible. Basically speaking man is a social animal, it cannot exist in any other form. We Tamils must understand and accept this irrefutable fact. The constitution is a way of pooling individuals to produce a sum, greater than the sum of individual forces. One plus one is more than two, leave your mathematics at home.

Since we cannot create new forces, as individuals, but we can combine and control the forces we already have, the only way we can preserve ourselves is by uniting our separate powers, resources and knowledge in such a way to overcome any resistance or obstacles or dangers such as aggression or invasion from other forces or powers or tribes. Our strength, power and force will be proportional to the best possible way we combine our individual forces and powers.

I hope it is very clear to my Tamils brothers that we have to unite in number, in will and in resolve. We have to unite mathematically, numerically and metaphysically. If we do not unite in the best possible way we are bound to perish. We are already far behind very many other cultures and to reclaim our survivability we must unite. This ability and propensity to unite will define the survivability of any culture. We have to become advanced social animals than secluded tribes. We have to become world class culture and world class people. I am very certain and confident that we Tamil can do it, for I see it that we have a strong moral foundation and a never ending energy for excellence. The set back in Sri Lanka is only temporary, in fact it was an eye opener to many of us.

A union people and sum of their minds, might and forces can only be produced by the union of separate men, but as each man’s own strength and freedom is the chief instrument of his own preservation, how can he merge his with others without putting himself in peril and neglecting his care he owes to him self by nature? Therefore the dilemma is to find a form of association which will defend the person and his property of each member of the association with the collective force of all. (I hope it is clear that to defend the individual freedom and property by the combined force of all) and under which each individual, while uniting with others, obeys no one but himself and remains as free before but with the protection of the combined force of all. That is he is free as before, owns property as before but mere by associating or uniting he gains more power. When man experiences this bliss he cannot remain tribal any more or he will perish soon. If Tamils do not unite this will happen to our great heritage. I may be gone in the next 30 or so years but the community must continue.

This union be achieved by each man totally alienate of all his right of his might to the whole community. Since every one gives up completely and absolutely, it is same for all, because it is same for all it is in no ones interest to make the condition of association onerous. In simple terms the laws of the union will be uniformly applied to all. You will gain more than what you have but may not gain as someone else, but the fact is that you will gain more than what you have, that is sufficient motivation to unite.


To unite people there must be compelling features and visible benefits in the union so formed. The question is what will they get in return for uniting with another man and other people? People are born free in nature and it is their birth right to be free. But little do they know that they are dependent on nature to be free. So basically they are not free but part of the natural system, which is common to all and taken as granted. It is their birth right. As long as they can control this natural environment and live they will remain free, but when conditions become too burdensome they want to unite to preserve them. The crux of the matter is that a man needs both selfish motives and common motives to survive. How does one merge while preserving his selfish nature? Man can survive to a certain extent by being selfish, but if he wants to progress he needs to form union with others. The challenge then is to unite without losing ones uniqueness. This paradox is solved by an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omni competent, omni-equivalent, ubiquitous constitution. We need both, freedom and sense of union. One must not lose his freedom and one must not take way ones freedom, and at the same time one must feel strong and free within a congregation or communion. When neither of it happens we lose our humanness, and we regain our natural strength and become animals in nature. One must never lose the sight of humanness. Free to belong and free of belonging, looks paradoxical but it is possible.

Can man preserve himself in nature alone by himself? Possibly till the next beasts encounters him. Earlier man barely made to the age of natural death, it was invariably a brutal or bacterial death. So then there is no reason for man not to unite and combine his resources. But then how does one combine his resources without losing them? It is by the covenants and the articles of incorporation. A set of rules all are willing to respect and obey. That is modern democracy.

So then if we are going to unite people in a modern society where the fear of the beast has been removed, he must feel the necessity to unite. So then what do we have to offer the people to unite? A sovereign state is a good one where he can remain free and united. When the Sri Lankan Singhalese started alienating Tamils freedom, the Tamils at the beginning try to negotiate a solution peacefully, then by peaceful agitation and then by violent means. That is quite natural. No man wants to put himself at harms way unless his life is threatened. Religion and race are two dangerous weapons in the hands of the weak.

If at all Tamils are going to make a deal with the Singhalese They must get the Singhalese to change the constitution, any other deal is not a deal, any other agreement signed is not an agreement. The constitution is the supreme law of the land that is what has to be changed, any agreement that is made outside the constitution is not a valid agreement or and can changed or abrogated at will. May I suggest to TNA that they do not negotiate, but only with the blessings of the 70 million Tamils world wide. But then no one negotiate with murderers! Tamils must not behave like ignorant selfish people. Trust with our responsibility and words without deeds are empty twist of the tongue.

Tamils must think not for today, not for tomorrow, not next year, not even ten years but al least for the next 10 generations. Freedom has no end; it is not some thing bargain-able it is all or nothing. No citizen need to bargain for his freedom, it is an inalienable right given all citizens. Freedom has no color, no class, no caste no boundary. Freedom is the essence of life that creates goods and markets. It allows one to be best at what he or she is. SINGHALESE HAVE NOTHING TO GIVE THE TAMILS AND TAMILS HAVE NOTHING TO GET FORM THE SINGHALESE

Any Tamil who wants to represent the Tamil people should present himself or herself to the Tamils and make a case for his candidature. We need to know the credentials of the person who is going to represent us. This will allow us to know the education experience, the road he or she travelled and the usefulness to the Tamils. We are not interested in KPS, MPS,GGS, SJVS etc. That is of the past, now we have seen the best of democracy and the way it functions to benefit the people.

We all know that Tamil people are very smart, but how are they smart? And how smart are they in their smarts. Every one is smart. There several forms and types of smartness. What is your intelligence? Every one is intelligent in their own way. Here is my take on Tamils, They are smart in sciences. Political smartness, how dumb are the Tamils? If they are trying to make peace with the Singhalese how are they going to do it? The constitution is the supreme law of the land. Then they must begin to understand the judiciary, the executor and the ordinary public. Are the Singhalese peace loving people, as a group will they respect the Tamils. For sixty years it didn’t happen. Any thing that contravenes the constitution is null and void. Constitution is the act of collective will that cannot be easily changed; it will probably need two third majorities. So unless there is constitutional changes guaranteeing equality, fraternity, liberty and justice there should not be any deal and the aspirations of a distinct group of people there should not be any deal. Any ways they won the war so they write the rules and they write the history. It is a done deal why are we going to them? The worst is over, possibly we have to be subservient for sometime till we find a means. Whatever numerical advantage they may have, if equality, liberty and freedom are not applied uniformly the state is bound to fail.

What Sri Lanka needs is an outside agency like United Nations to act a moderator till the poison in the collective psyche is changed. How can we change a fixed mindset of 2500 years?

One of the short coming in our Tamil community is the almost absence of the sense of community and sense of belonging. Our demise was not due the astuteness of the Singhalese, but the lack of unity, respect and reverence among us. I think we are fortunate that this war happened that our divisions and caste system will be abolished. We are divided by our class and caste system, then how can we unite against a common enemy? The hypocrisy that Tamils are united is a myth. We silently ask which part of Jaffna are you? That is to find out what caste you belong to. When people ask me which part of Jaffna am I from? I always say I am a Thamil Parayan. I have seen the havoc caste has wreaked in my community, small made people, diabetes etc. Call me anything, but when I see them I feel sorry for they all look like midgets with a devious look in their eyes, high cholesterol look in their face, diabetic look in their bodies and hypertension in their hands. Time to cross breed and improve the herd! If we intent of breeding ourselves to inferiority through our class and caste system, some of us have no choice to move out of the Tamil community and seek sanctuary among vibrant communities.

Mahinda Rajapaksa has only one entelechy, criminality and violence that are his only way of reacting to situations. Mahinda Rajapaksa is an incompetent criminal who has acquired the omnipotence of the constitution. What a combination and coincidence! “Incompetence married Omnipotence” Whatever he undertakes it ends in ruins. He reminds me of the animal Tasmanian devil in the children TV programme bug bunny road runner show. Anything he touches turns into dust. He is curse on this tiny nation.

Folks, I have spoken too mush today, but thank you for listening and as I always said, Tamils, 70 million , worldwide, unite, stay together, work hard and never ever give up, the best is yet to come and we are winning.

My name is Subramaniam Masilamany, a world-class Tamil powered by convictions, commitments and conscience.