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People- Liberty- Equality-Fraternity-Responsibility



“Human Rights and Human Dignity are inalienable rights of the people and no government has jurisdiction over it. It is the supreme power of the people. Any nation that violates this universal charter is in contempt of the United Nations.”

Welcome to a new world where Sovereignty, National borders, violation of minority rights are all gone or must go. The world has become an interconnected one contiguous real time tiny village, where except people and goods everything else moves in nanoseconds. The abuse of the minorities by the majority of people will not be tolerated. The majority must enshrine equitable laws to remove national segregation, discrepancies and discrimination. Institutionalized disparities cannot exist. The concept of minority is no more an excuse; either have an equitable constitution or concede separation of the nation to several nations. Even the concept of government is obsolete for government are becoming dysfunctional and is being used by politicians to further their own self interest. In fact majorities must stop being majorities for it does not exist any more. Due to trans-border connection with people any wrong doing of the majority can become problem to the majority. It is paradigm shift that people must get used to.

What politicians and politician scientist must understand is that the average man is well ahead in their understanding about their individual freedom and human rights and there is grassroots level consensus developing among people. These people are well ahead of the politicians and political scientist who are still entangled with outdated political models. The utopian model is direct participation of the people in the day to day running of the government. The government of the future will be by people, for the people of the people and managed by the people.

The condition of association to form a government will be the same for all, there are neither majority nor minority and the condition will be the same for all, and precisely because they are the same for all, it is in no ones interest to make it onerous for the other, for whatever one makes it onerous to other will be onerous to the one who made it. This way we have an equitable, participatory perpetual democracy. Basically speaking ownership and tacit crafty slavery of people will and must come to an end.

The United Nation will become a world government with the power to mobilise military from many countries to go in and fix discrepancies the national governments are not willing to address and alleviate. The national governments are in fact becoming a liability and all they do is take away from the hard working and give to the indolent. To get elected they promise goods and goodies and then when it comes to fulfilling the promises they lead the land into debt. That model has to change.
It is not sustainable form of management. Therefore governments have to govern less and empower people more. There is only one way to do it, free the people, let them be their own masters of their own destiny. Look, we Tamils, who are self managing and self regulating people came from a selfish Singhalese nation of Sri Lanka and found very fertile and conducive environments for growing a family, educating the children and building communities. Today we are a role model to new immigrants coming to Canada. We came from a racial dictatorship of Sri Lanka to rational democracies of the west and are contributing to their socio-economic development while we enjoy excellent standard of living. For 2500 years we lived like nervous subjects, no more.

We are hoping and praying the Social Tsunami that is racing, ravaging, rummaging and reshaping the Middle East terrain spread to India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the free the people from feudalistic family based nepotism and empower the people like we do here in the west. We Tamils are the proud inventors of Trans national Government of Tamil Eelam, a new way forward in democracy where through social net working we root for each other and root out corrupt governments. Look the Tamil in Sri Lanka are at least able to breath because of our global connection. Money flow freely, mind flow freely, ideas flow freely, goods flow freely and hence we are in a world that is well balanced, next time around if any Singhalese dare touch the Tamils they can visualize a Libya. The UN took the lesson learned in Sri Lanka, where it was too late to act, but acted firmly on Libya and the people of Libya are free. They can mind their own business from here on. A warning to Sri Lankan Politicians when it comes to Human rights violations there are no excuses, Human rights is supreme to sovereignty, human rights is a non negotiable, inalienable, non-bargainable rights of all people. Thugs belong to the dungeon and not in the Parliament. Can any one name me a man who looks like thug, talk like thug and hence behaves like a thug.
Leave Maumar Ghadafi out. You have him in Sri Lanka.

Human rights will be given precedence and prominence and will be the responsibility of the world government. National governments will not have any mandate over certain basic human rights. If a man kills another man he is a murderer and the state punishes him, but when a man kills 40,000 people, what is he? How can he be free? How can he govern a nation? Something is not right! United Nations must have the power to prosecute him and punish him.

What is in are trans-national organisations that are united by common language, religion etc. Bell Canada did a “listening” of the Telephone calls and found out that English is no more the language of choice it was people mother tongue was heard more often than English. That showed us the world was moving into a social connection phase. People live Trans-nationally but connect locally. The world belongs to the people not to the national borders.

Another phenomenon that is taking place is direct participation of the people in the formulating and formalising legislations. All and every new legislation will be voted or vetoed by the people through web based voting system. It is coming due to the advent of internet where people can communicate securely. It is an infinite system of combination and permutations. People just get ready for it and the politician learn to live with it. The world is too complex and the people are all too well educated and informed to leave the matter in the hands of the few elected law makers and the parliamentarians.

What the Singhalese in Sri Lanka must realise is that this is the beginning of a long path to advancing the art of democracy and we Tamils will then are in the forefront of this evolution. Mahinda Rajapaksa has demonstrated to the world that a tyrant can hijack the greatness democracy offers and mislead people in the wrong direction. Democracy is an innocent child, it needs strong guardians. Democracy can only function in a moral society; there are a few preconditions for it to operate equitably. Democracy is precious jewellery to be left in the hands of a monkey called Mahinda Rajapaksa.

During the genocide of the innocent Tamils he did not allow any humanitarian people to take care of innocent people caught in between, in fact innocent Tamil people were wantonly decimated. He did not even want to listen to the United Nations. He will pay his price. The world must rid of people like him; he is a genetic aberration and an abnormal child.

How does the international community then protect the innocent people that are being persecuted within a nation by a fascist or racist terrorist regime? Whatever happened to the Tamils in Sri Lankan for the last 60 years, who is responsible for the 40,000 innocent Tamils slaughtered by the state sponsored violence? When a murder happens the law enforcement deploys man power and financial resources to apprehend the assailant, and the prosecute him to the fullest, but when the same nation commits mass scale murders there is to recourse. How does the world reconcile its morality? A government that up hold the full force of the law to prosecute murderer resorts to the same crime multiplied several times. Where is Justice, Where is morality? Where are all the people who talk about human rights and human dignity? What is good for Libya is good for Sri Lankan too, isn’t it?
The task of the civil society is to find ways and means of protecting the freedom and the aspiration within a sovereign nation. Hitherto there are insipient persecutions, discrimination and atrocities going on in very many nations. It is pure insanity and ignorance. Both the majority and the minority suffer so then why should not the majority accept minorities as equal citizens of sovereign nation? Some countries understand the deleterious effects of discriminatory policies and partisan politics. Sri Lankan is a prime example of a nation that lost not only its credibility but socio-economic development due to its racial, fanatical and as lately terrorist policies and practices against the minority Tamils. What did the Singhalese gain? They gained entrance to the Middle East serfdom where they are modern slaves. That is all they got.

In Libya Maumar Ghaddafi unleashed violence against his own people, similar to Mahinda Rajapaksa unleashed violence against his own people. How does one stop these atrocities? The Arab league that was supposed to mind the welfare of the Muslims did nothing when Ghadafia unleashed violence against Libyan people. But when the West involved they call it foul. It was their problem in the first place. There is no need for violence; all matter can be solved by dialogue.

The uprising in the Middle East marks huge historical land mark in the evolution of man kind.
The human being are better educated, broadly educated and have access to latest in social, political and economical information that is available online real time. People who resent American efforts must relax and look at the events unfolded during the 1960s. The civil rights movements removed segregation all over the world. I remember how some people were denied access to schools of learning, place of worship, use of sanitation facilities and food form restaurants. That was a significant land mark. Now we are seeing the next land mark, and the people who hate America are only the kings and the family serfdom. The Middle East people who suffered repression are finally free. I remember a South American Muslim usually comes dressed in his traditional dress to see me, last week he came dressed like an American. I said when did you become an American imperialist? You know what he said, brother finally we are free. God willing.

But what is surprising is that this tsunami has not hit the Indian subcontinent where there is social oppression going on unabated. India is suffering from social outcaste disease and Sri Lankan is suffering from racial segregation disease. In Sri Lanka the Family of Mahinda Rajapaksa is trying to emulate the Middle East system of family ruler ship.

Middle East as whole is going to be changed for good. But what about India, Pakistan, Bengal Desh and Sri Lanka. Are we going to allow them to be a drag on the whole world? How do we free the 1.5 billon people from poverty, ignorance and feudalism? How can we stimulate the people to rise up and institute freedom and democracy? India instead of leading this progress is acting as brake to progress. How can we remove the caste and class system of India? We Tamils are trying to lead social revolution in the South Asia but India does not like that idea. It is Indian people who have to change the system, it is too big nation for outsiders to enter and change. When one sees an unwed, young, single mother with a child in her hand and hip on the streets of India begging for pittance you see the whole Indian fraud system in one snap shot.

But there is hope, the Tamil have rebuilt here in the west on a much stronger foundation and can now exert pressure on South Asia and Sri Lanka. We have reach out to the Singhalese people to join us on different journey. A journey that will give self esteem and self respect to every Singhalese in Sri Lanka. The Singhalese people will have to wait somewhat patiently for the Tsunami to hit. This will be a good one bringing forth peace and prosperity.

In the mean time Tamils must continue with what they are doing right. They must stay united despite the attempts by Mahinda Rajapaksa to divide the Tamils. He is a disgraceful child forma dysfunctional family, he need therapy and counselling to remove some of his child hood traumas.

As I always said, 70 million Tamils worldwide, unite, communicate, stay together, work hard and never ever give up, the best is yet to come and we are winning the hearts and minds of the world.

Thank you for listening, my name is Subramaniam Masilamany
A world class Tamil Powered by convictions, commitments and conscience.