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Is it a seminar on exporting state terrorism? Or “Defeating Terrorism

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Is it a seminar on exporting state terrorism? Or “Defeating Terrorism – the Sri Lanka Experience” – an International Seminar by Sri Lanka Army

What is happening in Libya is an eye opener to nations that do not heed the distress call from numerical minorities about Human rights violations. It is a violation of the UN charter and UN is coming out swift and strong to impose the international law. Mahinda Rajapaksa watch out, if I were you I will cancel this seminar. It runs against the UN resolve. Human Rights violations are not internal matters, which Gaddafi and Mahinda Rajapaksa must accept, there is no choice, no buts and no ifs. It is an inalienable right, the right to freedom and right to life. Mahinda Rajapaksa and Mummar Gaddafi both are criminals, they have no respect for human life and human dignity. Anything irrevocable is inalienable, un-bargainable and non-negotiable. Human rights are an International Law that is under the management of the United Nations, not by the national or regional governments. Not knowing the law is not an excuse, Mr.Rajapaksa.

In the name of eliminating terrorism, Singhalese politician unleashed unimaginable amount of deadly military force on innocent Tamil civilians and about 40,000 was killed in May 2009. We are experiencing first hand the amount of psychological, physiological, physical damage and many medical problems caused to people from this indiscriminate torture for 60 years, they are shell shocked, unable to coherently function and are having nightmares. As an employer I see their difficulties. Who are responsible for these life long disabilities? What should be responsibility of the world nations and the United Nations to these people?

We are requesting nations and their leaders to boycott this seminar where you will be told how to annihilate innocent minorities in your country. Let me tell you at the very outset, violence is not the way to solve politically solvable problems. What Sri Lanka is looking for is nations to practice what they did, so that there is a trend in the world to solve minority political issues. Sri Lankan problem is about 60 year’s old struggle. It is culture of impunity, irrationality and irresponsibility. It is recipe for disaster. At no stage the Singhalese politicians want to consider or concede even a small amount of minority rights. When numerical minorities revolted they called it terrorism.

Most developed countries have realised, long time ago, that for a nation to be free, just and prosperous socio-economic development is very important. They found that a nation that is less governed in the best governed. By providing absolute freedom and the necessary policies to safe guard freedom, human rights, justice and dignity a nation could develop, progress and maintain civility with less effort and resources. They also found they have to involve every citizen in the nation building and hence they brought in laws and regulations to eliminate discrimination in all forms. Discrimination is a deadly force that can destroy just and free nations. Today most countries have realised that irrespective of who they, what religion they practice, what sex they are what age group they are, what color they are and what beliefs they have, they all have to be treated equally and equitably. They also realised that in their own self interest and self preservation they have to make a social contract legislated or otherwise with every other person, so that no one acts as brake on progress. The world has reached that state of development. That is the backdrop from which I am analysing the acts of Sri Lanka to bring in nations and show them how to stifle freedom.

We want these nations to understand that what Sri Lanka will tell you at this seminar will take your country in the wrong direction and into the dungeon and cause civil unrest in your nations. Look at Sri Lanka; in 1956 they caused the first racial and civil riots. From then onwards the country went down and today it is a shattered nation. Tamils as well as Singhalese are the losers in the misguided policies of the corrupt politicians. In 1950 Sri Lankan was a model nation to South and South East Asia, Singapore wanted to copy the Sri Lankan model. Look at Singapore and Sri Lanka today, and you ladies and gentlemen you decide for yourself if there are any fair minded people among Sri Lankan politicians. Gothabaya Rajapkasa is the only man who practices political terrorism. He said in the international media that he will hang people with out any justice. That is poor evolution not ignorance. That is barbarianism; he is guilty by his own words.

War is bad, there are no winners in any war, and you may have a victor and the vindicated, but no real winners. Today Sri Lanka is going around with begging bowl asking for help and while others are doing menial jobs in the Middle East and the corrupt politicians are minding their own affairs. Ladies and Gentlemen, we Tamil left Sri Lanka due to it failed policies and partisan politics and we have raised to world class standards. In Europe and America we are doing very well, we could have done the same in Sri Lanka. Why was it not possible? It was because of their partisan mindset towards Tamil. Do you want to take this idea to your country and destroy your nation? All sensible people are fully aware that stifling another man’s creativity or denying his freedom is denying ones own prosperity and freedom. Why would one do harm to oneself.
This total ignorance.

Look at USA, Europe, Japan and China and India too are fast becoming not only free and open societies but they strongly practicing equality, fraternity, liberty, self responsibility and self employment to give people the best for themselves. Only a naïve man will stop another man's progress. What for? Who is going to feed him? If everyone dies then what am I going to do? So then regressive thinking is suicidal and regressive. Ladies and gentlemen you do not want to take Sri Lankan suicidal ideas to your country? If there are civil disparities fix them in the interest of all citizens. Don’t be foolhardy like the Sri Lankan politicians. Sri Lankans are frogs in the Indian Ocean. They are mentally unstable and emotional people.

But come to Europe and America and see our model. We are the Tamils from Sri Lanka. How we have created a socio-economic model that weans the government from the people and people from the government. The laissez affaire system is the least expensive socio-economic model that every country should have. I, as business man, invest $5000 creating one job for another Tamil. That job will pay for itself in the next 3 months. It is a win-win situation. Why did not Sri Lanka invite you to see their socio-economic model? Why don’t they a seminar on socio-economic development? It is because they don’t have one to show you, all they have is a military-dictatorship model that will destroy nations. You do not want that for your nation. Definitely not!

Sri Lankan economy consists of Tourism, Middle East menial service, looting and misappropriating hard earned possession of others etc. Can you name a country that has made significant progress through tourism? Tourists are basically people from rich nations they come to relax in cheaper nations, but all their daily needs are imported so then the money goes back to their own country. So basically you have provided them a net saving to their credit. That is why all nations that depend on tourism are still poor. There is no net gain from tourism. But Sri Lanka wants to promote tourism. Some one has to do a thorough cost benefit analysis.

The problem in Sri Lanka is not terrorism; it is the clash of two entirely different ways of life. Tamils are basically hardworking, Trans-generational people who due to their land below and sky above have to be Spartans and savers. Land below is loamy and saline, the sky above is scorching and unforgiving. The Singhalese in the south with ample supply of fertile soil and water would not give us any. They neither want to give water nor give us land in the south. This geological disparity has transformed into social disparity and perceived racial riots and at the end Tamils were called terrorists. Now their politicians want other nations to practice what they have undone to their nation. If knowledge is expensive try ignorance!

We Tamil, by the grace of God, were accepted by the kind hearted people of the western nations, including Australia and are predominantly Europeans and we have reciprocated their greatness with our gift of creative greatness. We are indeed contributing tremendously to the socio-economic advancement of these countrieswith our new found freedom and acceptance. We do not feel like second class citizens any more, if few of us do they point out and say you are another human being, we see the content of your character and your capacity to create, not your external complexion, so feel free and make yourself a wonderful life.

There may be isolated incidence of intolerance but there is absolutely no institutionalized discrimination as practiced in Sri Lanka anywhere is the world. Therefore on behalf of the all Tamils I humbly request nations to boycott this seminar and by chance if you do attend do not practice what you hear in your country. You are basically asking for civil unrest in your country. I hope I have given you a convincing case with compelling reasons for you to reject your attendance to this seminar.
Thank you.

And as I always request my Tamil folks, 70 million Tamils worldwide unite, stay together, work hard and never ever give, the best is yet to come and we are winning the hearts and minds of the world.
We 70 million people are one political, economical and social force no that country afford to ignore.