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An audacious attempt to rescue a community from Racism, Fanaticism, Barbarism, State terrorism and Dictatorship

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An audacious attempt to rescue a community from Racism, Fanaticism, Barbarism, State terrorism and Dictatorship

The ugly head of racism revived in Sri Lanka to win the election.

This is the best opportunity for the world to experience on real time the spectre of Sri Lankan politics based on racism against Tamils. There is an election for the local government bodies and the ruling party of Mahinada Rajapaksa is at it again, they are making false propaganda about the LTTE being active, supported and propagated by India.
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Who is saying this? The prime Minister of Sri Lanka D.M. Jayaratna in the Parliament. It is not off the record, it is recoreded.

For 60 sixty years and 2 generations the Singhalese politicians are hoodwinking the Singhalese masses for votes and to plunder them I feel that the United Nations must keep a very close watch on what is being said during this election.

I want to ask Mr. Ban Ki Moon, do you think Sri Lanka will ever learn? Do you think LLRC is true and honest? Mr. Ban Ki Moon, you will never understand the way of the Sri Lankan politicians. You cannot believe even a single word from these racists. This not lessons learnt and reconciliation it is “lessons learnt and repetition of crime” against Tamil. The United Nations must unilaterally go ahead with the inquiry into war crimes and genocide against humanity.

Singhalese people have been nurtured into racism and any propaganda based on racism sticks and it is a notorious way to get elected. But ultimately it is the Singhalese people who will suffer. Therefore we ask Singhalese people to join the Tamil on different journey which will bring peace and prosperity to all.

We Tamils have no choice but to reach out to the Singhalese people and say unto them we are your friends and saviors, come and join us for a better life. For the last 60 years we have been asking the Singhalese politicians to give our birth rights, they did not want to for they have converted peace loving Buddhists into violent racists and fanatics. They need the Tamils to win elections and plunder the Singhalese people.

We understand your culture and heritage very well, we understand that you are unique people and your culture and heritage must be respected and preserved. We have no qualms about it. We respect our heritage that means we have to respect your heritage. But your politicians want keep us a part so that they can divide and win. It is divide, conquer and plunder.

The question every Singhalese must ask is did our life get any better in the last 60 years. That is the acid test of your politician’s commitment to you. Therefore we instead of asking you what you can do for the Tamils, we are asking what can the Tamils do to help you. We need your help to fight this racist war propagated by Singhalese politicians.

We know how to rebuild your shattered lives and economy. We came to foreign countries because of the state terrorism unleashed by your politicians and we rebuilt our families and businesses. We have the know how to build your life too. Let us all unite and defeat our common enemy, your politicians, Rajapaksa family et al. Rajapaksa has about 500 billion rupees in US dollars in foreign banks. Every time a bullet was purchased with your hard earned money, Rajapkasa family received commission deposited in foreign banks.

Yesterday your Prime Minister informed in the parliament of the existence of 3 LTTE camps in India, he said it to instigate the Singhalese masses and to vote for them in the upcoming elections. India said if that is true Sri Lanka should have informed them first before going to the media, but it did not. This is how your politicians are still creating racial tension and they claim they have a LLRC to bring about reconciliation. This behaviour of the Prime Minister is a hot off the oven example of how racism is used as a political tool by your politicians. It is time for the Singhalese people to about turn 180 degrees

If the Singhalese as well as Tamil were to live with peace, prosperity and esteem we have to co-operate or lose everything we have. There is no point depending on your politicians, they are corrupt and plunder your blood and sweat. Mahinda Rajapaksa in November 2009 came to New York and stayed at Waldrof Astoria one the most expensive hotel in the world and the total bill was 10 million dollars or 1,000,000,000. One billion rupees then he went to London and staged at the Dorchester inn the cost is again 8 million dollars or 800 million rupees. So then what is happening, they use the Tamils as the scapegoats to fool you. Only you can stop it.

The news is that Sri Lankan lands are being sold to foreign companies, and out of that money about 10% will go into foreign bank account held by Rajapaksa family and the 90% will go to pay off the debt. What do you get? Nothing. This is not the way to reward the people who voted them in. In Sri Lanka, politics is business, war is business, and people lives are mere meat and flesh. The biggest losers in these 60 years of failed policies and politicians are the Singhalese people. They were made into sacrificial lambs or into menial Middle East goats. First the sold the people, now they are selling the land. It is business of making money while promoting racism and fanaticism.

Your politicians have no plan for the ordinary people. Every time they wanted get elected they will play the racism and now they have invented terrorism as political tool. If any Singhalese raise the issue they are killed. Who killed Lasantha Wickrematunga? We know who it is, do you know who it is, ask Mahinda Rajapaksa he knows 100% who was behind it and who were the assailants.

We Tamil have come to the conclusion that if Tamil were to live with self esteem, self respect , freedom and dignity we have to reach out to the Singhalese masses and make them our family, friends and neighbours that is the only way we can convince them the real culprits of the nation are the corrupt politicians. Actually speaking us Tamils have a social and moral responsibility to salvage the Singhalese people and the civil society. I will guarantee that your politicians will never ever work for the socio-economic emancipation of the Singhalese people. I do not know if they lack the intellect and the know-how.

Among Singhalese are needed a new breed of thinkers to redirect the psyche of the people. Tamils are fast discarding their old, narrow minded peninsula thinkers and replace with world class thinkers. We think transnationally, transculturally with shared vision. Shared vision, shared responsibility and hence shared progress. We need that in Sri Lanka.

Mahinda Rajapaksa has sent in few of his people to see if he can cause division and trouble among the Diaspora. He has taken state terrorism to a much higher level. He is using diplomatic immunity as a cover to cause trouble in foreign lands. I hope he is watching what is happening to his friend Colonel Gaddafi in Libya. His nature and nurture is to follow a path of violence and not tolerance as preached by Lord Buddha. By the way have you noticed the absence of the statue of Lord Buddha any where in his office or home. Why is it? I have Lord Buddha in my home and at my place of work. He is not a Buddhist he is a butcher and a barbarian. That means he is using Lord Buddha and Buddhism as means to his own benefit. I am sure he has enough money stashed away in foreign banks to lead a comfortable life. I am sure he will either go to Switzerland or Swaziland to lead relaxed life while your grandchildren will toil in sweat shops paying the foreign masters and bankers.

Maid service, prostitution, tourism, barbarism, state terrorism, corruption, murders etc define your nation. There is no respect for the country any more. It is the Tamils who are keeping the name in good standing. Ask any one in the outside world and they will say Sri Lankans are good workers and good savers. That is what the Tamils have done for you, but your Mahinda Rajapaksa wants to destroy that goodwill. He is worst than Mahathamuktha, He destroyed the Singhalese now trying to destroy the Tamils abroad. He is a schizophrenic psychopath or a psychosomatic paranoid or both

Three tomb stones clearly mark the regression of Sri Lanka. First the devil called S.W.R.D. Bandaranayake, who destroyed the psyche of the new nation, secondly the dragon called J.R. Jeyawardene, who dragged the nation into the sewer and thirdly the Dracula called Mahinda Rajapaksa, who sucked the vitality of a dying nation. And then the triangle of evil the Mahavamsa, the Mahasangha and the Mahanayakes. These three devils along with the Triangle of evil destroyed the nation for the Singhalese people. I will tell you that you did very little damage to the Tamils in Sri Lanka but then we have made it in the western world. This policy of racism, fanaticism and state terrorism will not reclaim the nation from poverty, plaque and prostitution. A strong democracy with relative freedom and respect for human dignity and human rights can pull any nation out of difficulties.

If one reads into what Prime Minister D.M.Jayaratna said one will understand the Sri Lankan political culture. There is an election for the Local Government bodies coming up and what is the theme of the propaganda? LTTE is re-grouping in India. India has denied those charges. So why did he say that, racism is an excellent vote getting slogan. This is the proof that Sri Lankan politician will always use Tamils are election vote getting means. The Singhalese masses forget all other difficulties and vote for these people. This is where the Tamils have to become smart and practical, we must reach out to the Singhalese masses and show them how they are being fooled for the last 60 years and their corrupt politicians still using the same slogan to get elected. I hope Mr. Ban Ki Moon and the United Nations member nations pay attention to this spreading social disease of racism around the world.

The people of Sri Lanka have been installed with a racial prism and they look at the other nationalities through that prism and all they see is racial tonality. When one looks through red prism all you see it red. Innocent Singhalese Buddhists have been cultured into racism, fanaticism and terrorism.

Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cronies are talking about reconciliation, which is all hog wash; it is their way of deceiving the world. While the people are kept in the hallucination of race and religion, the nation is slowly but steadily slipping in its ability to stand as a nation, it is losing its ability to sustain its ability to live, it is heavily borrowing outside, it is losing it assets and source of income. The power of natural, moral and universal forces is stronger than any man made army or armament. We saw the force of nature in Japan a few days ago.
The force of nature is unfathomable and undefendable. How ever much Mahinda Rajapaksa tries if they are not aligned with natural, moral and universal laws not only it is bound to fail but also may brought about disasters. I hope the Singhalese people will come to grip that despite their 60 years of unfairness to Tamils, they keep growing and growing. Have you ever wondered how? This is how it is; anything that is not natural, moral or universal is not in alignment with the universe and will not survive. Your politicians are losing the nation despite their rhetoric, racism and reaction. The Singhalese people must reject reactionaries and give the nation to responsible people.

What the Singhalese people must realize is that, our people, assets in Sri Lankan may be within the reaches of your misguided people among you, but our connections, our assets and sources of income are spread all over the world and beyond the reaches of your corrupt politicians and criminal plunderers. All your embassies, high commissions are presently under the vigilance of the law enforcement agencies for they think you may spread racism, fanaticism and violence around the world. You have lost the respect as a just nation. You do not have the basic understanding and etiquette which sustains goodwill.

I am a tireless writer and have endless energy when it comes to the welfare of people. But I think I have given enough substance for Singhalese people to rethink and redirect their minds to a more equitable nation of Sri Lanka. It is a simple advice.

That is all folks, the message to my Tamil folks is as usual, 70 million Tamils worldwide unite, stay together, work hard and never ever give up, the best is yet to come and we are winning

My Name is Subramaniam Masilamany, One of the world class Tamils, powered by convictions, commitments and conscience.