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“An invitation to Singhalese people to discard their past sixty years of racism and fanaticism and join the Tamils for a free, just and dignified society”

The then prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan yew said I want to make Singapore in the image of Sri Lanka, it was the called Ceylon. Today Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the world with a per capita income of $50,000 surpassing Canada.

In 1950 all you needed was Rs10 to buy one British pound sterling, today you need about Rs200. That shows how far your country has gone down relative to the world. Sri Lanka cannot be a frog in the Indian Ocean, but it behaves like one.

What happened then for Sri Lanka to be one of the 10 worst countries? Once upon time Sri Lankan teachers went to the Middle East to educate the Muslims, now the children of those teachers are going to work in the menial jobs, as one Saudi friend put it, we had goats to do the scavenging; now we have Sri Lankans to do the cleaning. If you don’t believe me read the book on the confessions of an economic hit man. What you tried to do to the Tamils you have done it to yourself. Life is what happens when you are busy doing something else.
What you do to others come back to you.

Sri Lanka had three Singhalese leaders who brought this country to its knees. In the last 60 years in their arrogance to degrade the Tamils they degraded them to the bottom 10. Were they able to degrade the Tamils, yes to a certain extent, but most of the Tamil migrated to greener pastures and keep their kith and kin in good standing in Sri Lanka. Don’t you ever forget that the Tamils don’t need a government they are self empowering people. Besides we understand the need for a community so we despite our competitive nature we nurture and foster the community in our own self interest. Some people need a government some people need only empowerment. I am glad that I am a Tamil

The fundamental problem in Sri Lanka is not racial it is hydrological, the lack of good water in the north where the Tamils live. The Singhalese refused to give water so the Tamils started migrating to the south or to Europe and America. Water is essential, for our body is about 70% water and Agriculture and Industry needs water. The Singhalese do not want to allow us either, they resented us migrating south and they do not want to give us water. They have a morality problem, they have a human sensitivity problem, they wanted go against nature by denying life sustaining source to Tamils. All in all Sri Lanka cannot be a prosperous country due to its geography, demography and land man ratio. It has population of over 300 per square kilometer, which needs a hi-tech export based economy.

Since independence, Sri Lankan politics was mired with racism perpetrated by the politicians, fanaticism perpetrated by the religious establishment and state terrorism perpetrated by the military and paramilitary. On tracing the Sri Lankan strife we found that it was the triangle of evil as it is called, the Mahavamsa equivalent version of Hitler’s mein kampf, the Mahasangha the religious organization and the Mahanayakes the human side of fanaticism. We cannot blame the ordinary Singhalese people for they become what the state wants them to be. It is how the country nurtures its people. The Singhalese people are the biggest losers in this strife as moral laws says what you do to others you will do it yourself.
Or the corollary is “Do unto others as you would have do unto you” This is moral law several societies adhere to it except in Sri Lanka; something was masking their clear vision.

May be Sri Lankans fail to understand the moral laws of the universe. They looked at themselves as visitors to the earth instead of part and parcel of the earth. The earth operates on certain immutable laws; one of them is retribution, what you do to others come back to you. If you have not felt the impact of this law, you have not yet looked into to the cause of your misery in life.

What successive governments have done is to either undermine good motives or misappropriate other people’s hard work. In the 1970s they nationalized all assets belong to the foreigners, and then alienated the Tamils by looting their hard earned properties. These are self defeating policies and bahaviours. It is not a patriotic endeavour, it is a plundering exercise. There is no more gravy train to scoop from so they go to foreign lands to live as second class subject and work as menials. What they did to Tamils they are doing it to themselves. What goes around comes around.

So it is time for the Singhalese people to about turn 180 degrees and join the Tamils on a different journey. Come to Toronto, London, Paris, Frankfurt or Sydney and see what we have done. We are running neck to neck with Chinese and they like us for our astuteness; a china man is man of substance when he sees something good he likes it. Chinese are one of hardest working people and they like our hard work. You go to Chinese area in any part on the world and see Tamil businesses interposed, Tamils are welcome.

So what we can do for our southern brethren is a model on which they can reshape their lives, of course it is a highly disciplined long term trans-generational process. That is what the Singhalese people need, to wake up and see the children and grand children becoming great citizens. Not sacrificial lambs to kill and be killed or menial goats in the Middle East.

Your leaders have leaded you, leased you, sold you, and mortgaged you to plunder the nation. Ask Mahinda Rajapaksa and his inner circle to reveal their foreign assets, and then you will realize in the name of nationalism they plundered you to your bare bone. You have to either declare a moratorium on your debt or working the sweat shops or serve the tourist with the finest of your assert and you live like paupers. Nothing is free, nothing comes free and there is no free lunch. . There is no escape,

Mahinda Rajapaksa is prompting cricket, what for? His son is promoting golf, what for? These will not put food on the table, roof over the head or computer on the school desk. We want to offer you a better alternative. Come to us, come live with us, come and be our neighbours and friends and we will give you the ultimate formula for meaningful life. Do not let your plunderers use fanaticism and racism to make your adrenaline rise for no reason. Look back, when I was in Sri Lanka, I earned and saved out of my RS700, but today you have take the money in a lorry and bring the grocery in a shopping bag. That is what happens when you print money without corresponding wealth creation. All the good meat, fish and food are gone to keep the fun seeking tourist well fed and they get the other perks too. Why a young mother, wife, sister or daughter does should have to sell their body for pittance. Everyone knows what in going on among confinement of four walls. When fun seeking father encounter his fund seeking daughter at a massage parlour what becomes of the family? What becomes of nation?
You politician has brought your self esteem to that far down. Do you still want to part of that community or want to join community like ours which has the trans-generational family structure. Don’t tell me there is no rampant prostitution in Colombo, Gothabaya Rajapaksa recently sent in the police to a brothel to find top government (police) officials in compromising positions. As Pope Benedict said sex the river of fire has to be contained and moderated otherwise it will bring down the whole civilization.
When a young man joins the military and goes to war knowing that he may die, he has given up all hope on life; he has nothing to look forward to, so he kills and in the process killed. Mahinda rajapaksa is not in the field, he lives in his palace with personal body guards.

If I am in Sri Lanka, I will not able to write like this, but it is our duty to stand up against all odds to what is right. Denying life or taking away life has no pardon, no penance or pity, he has to suffer the same fate. That deterrence must overhang every charlatan’s head.

Mahathanamuktha mumbling again, Mahinda Rajapaksa is spiting venom and racial venom is coming out of his teeth again. This guy looks like a criminal, talks like a criminal, hence think like a criminal and therefore he acts a criminal What Singhalese people must realize is that they will never progress in this racial and fanatical direction. Mahinda and mahanayake will get their 3 plus meals a day and other facilities. When they get sick they can go to the best facility in the world.

I on behalf of the Tamil people ask my Singhalese brethren to look at their life, is there any improvement in your quality of life under Mahinda’s leadership? Ask if your life today any better or worst than when you got freedom. Are you free toady? How comes the whole nation has been turned into a fanatic state?

Let me ask you a question, your leader Mahinda rajapaksa says he won the war with Tamils, then why is he still talking about LTTE. LTTE is gone, rest assured, but he has to keep the LTTE alive to keep you controlled with fear. Trust me if LTTE is alive around the world, he has no control over it. What does he want to do? Send Mervyn Silva to the world cities to kill Tamils. Singhalese people must come to grip with the fact that they cannot live in isolation. You have an export import economy so then the world matters a lot. So obey the international laws, but first your leaders must give credence to your laws. Dictatorship is for a few people to benefit at the loss of masses, so you must insist that your leaders are fair, democratic, just and respect dignity of people. It is your responsibilities to safe guard your sanctuary and chastity of the society, don’t let any leader rape your society. Mahinda rajapaksa is exactly doing the opposite to your society. It is the responsibility of the people to be responsible to their freedom. As it is 20 million people have been incubated and inculcated into racism and fanaticism and the frightening out come is this monster. Look at him, does he look like a statesman, what statement does his attire and attitude tells you? You got a poisonous wiper with venomous fangs. People are too naïve to fathom him!

If any of your leaders bring forward the LTTE, please don’t pay an attention. LTTE has transformed into LIFTING TAMIL TIDE EVERY WHERE, no Singhalese should fear Tamils any more. In fact we can help you to rebuild a once paradise but first of all there should be a 180 degrees about turn. Young misguided boys took up arms and derailed a democratic process and innocent people paid the price and Mahinda got 5 billion in the foreign banks. So in effect you did not win the war, Mahinda won and got money too.
Do not worry about the resurrection of LTTE, we will not let them raise their ugly head again. It was the most expensive experiments a few misguided youth undertook. Don’t let your dictators keep the LTTE alive for them to rob you of your blood and sweat.
If they are Singhalese loving and Tamil hating, why did they kill 150,000 Singhalese youth in 1971 uprising? It is class struggle; it is the nature of dictators. “Among human beings are a segregation of genes that produce offspring that are worst than the worst animal
They have no remorse or reproach; it is their nature to kill its own kind for survival. It is mentally weaker progeny that has preponderance towards materialistic protection. Rajapaksa family fits perfectly into this definition and description. Capital punishment must be preserved and reserved to deal with this genetic aberration exceeding standard deviation”

But you must not forget that Sri Lanka is part of the world and you have fit in with it. You cannot have it both ways. Either perish or prosper. Dictators always keep the people looking in the wrong direction so that they can steal, that is what your Mahinda Rajapaksa and his inner circle and the armed uniformed thugs are doing. Which parent will send a son to war to die; they have over the decades converted decent Buddhist families into butchers and barbarians. How can a mother send her son to war knowing that he may get killed or he will kill some innocent human being. It is unimaginable looking from outside. So you have to change and change the leadership. You cannot continue like that. Don’t look too far, just to your west there is country called Somalia, it did not come about in a few years, it is the culture of impunity, corruption etc.

Look, your President has friends in the wrong places or as they say birds of the same feather flock together. Gaddafi, Ahamanijad, Kim il sung , Zadari etc are all tyrants pretending to be the saviors of people. It is their ignorance than ingenuity that keeps them making the same mistake

To end my insight, Singhalese people of Sri Lankan must look at Tamils as their brethren not as enemies. If any of you leader advances such a theory it is your responsibility to reject them. It is you who make the king and you who suffer the king. So become politically savant and ensure the country sail smoothly, do not let any selfish dictator drive you into the sea of turmoil. If you have not learned in the last 60 years you will never learn. Injustice and injury never achieve anything only it begets injustice and injury.

I hope I have said something useful today to my friends in the south. We can only suggest but you have to make up your mind or it will be marshaled into you.

In the mean time I am going ask my fellow Tamils worldwide to unite, stay together, work hard and never ever give up, the best is yet to come and we are winning.

I am delighted to see a few Tamils have got my disease, they are branding them as world class Tamils.. Very good, excellent.