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Good morning Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Subramaniam Masilamany, I am Tamil to day my topic is

Part 11

The previous article on in search of leadership excellence among Tamils aroused so much of interest we hope to continue with it in this presentation.

Our immediate task is to provide some form of guidelines to keep the community from falling into the trap of the jackals and jackasses. We are deeply concerned about the self proclaimed leaders who are leading the community into the black hole. I think the reason may be that there is no sense of community and the sense of belonging among most of our people. They are fast becoming lost in the unknown. It is not the negotiations and political maneuvering that is bothering us but the position from which we are negotiating; are we ready to walk away if things are not discussed from an equality position. We must be ready to continue our struggle for freedom by building invincible positions. It is not wise to negotiate from a position of fear or inferiority, all we will get is promises. I can understand the need to negotiate but one cannot negotiate when one is weak, therefore lets us build that social, economical and political stamina to sit as equal parties to a negotiation. What is the hurry? It is of very little use if both parties do not negotiate in good faith and from equality point. Do not worry about the status quo, but we must look ahead into future and the shape society to come.

I was puzzled as to the existence of about 4 groups of Tamils, saying that they want to unite the community but they themselves are not uniting. The credit goes to the Singhalese to have kept them divided. It is the lions and the cattle story. You all know the story how the lion divided them by talking only to one cow at a time. We have four groups one is headed by religious figure, another by Lawyer, another an outstanding athlete and the last one by elected head of a Tamil party, all seem to be fairly wise, why they cannot talk to each other instead of talking to Mahinda Rajapaksa? Don’t give me that cock and bull story. Mahinda Rajapkasa is doing an excellent job of keeping them divided. He is using either gentle persuasion or outright intimidation or a combination of methods. It is our inability to think beyond our petty selfish interest that keeps us from growing into community minded people. We are soon going to be obliterated and absorbed as subservient slaves. I fear a once vibrant community is in danger of becoming an endangered species and extinct culture.

Mahinda Rajapaksa says he won the war, then why does he want to talk to the Tamils? We all know that how he divided us in Sri Lanka. What is left is the Diaspora, he is out to divide us and our groups succumb to his knave talking. We don’t want to talk to each other but we will talk to our enemy, why? They are putting feelers at every direction and are poking with deep penetration units to get in and divide us. We know that, don’t our leaders know it? Sure they know it. I will tell you the truth, there is competition as to who sleeps with Mahinda first. These are not leaders; these are destroyers of our community. All we hear are silence, finger pointing and abusive language to our own kind.

Let me talk about Tamil National Alliance for a moment, just prior to the presidential election they supported Sarath Fonseka, the guy who killed innocent Tamils by thousands. Then when he lost the election they abandoned him and now trying to join Mahinda Rajapaksa. He is gloating in the glory! Mahinda Rajapaksa has at least a four prong attack plan on Tamils. Their job is to lure a portion of Tamils at time, like the lion and the cattle. Knowing the weakness of the Tamils he is playing a well crafted game. When our leaders stand on unstable mindset, slippery slope and no fixed policy to stand on and short term illusion dominate over long term survival we become vulnerable. We must stand firm on certain principles, we draw admiration and respect when we stand firm, right or wrong. This is missing among us. I do not know if any one of the four groups knows what they want, at least one group wants Mahinda Rajapaksa destroyed, but that does not to help us. We have to unite the community, worldwide and improve their socio-economic bed rock, rock solid. I thought when TGTE was elected, the first thing they will do is to reach our and unite community, they have not done it and I was called a traitor and a bigot. So much for ignorance! I am pretty sure at least three groups are in talk with the government. There is a slogan floating around, “Do not say anything to divide the community”, come on folks there is no community to divide we are a scattered and dispersed by our own inability, I will not use the word stupidity. So far I have received two telephone calls telling me not to say or write anything about TGTE. It sounds more like Mahinda Rajapaksa silencing the media and opposition. Where should the Tamils go? We are caught between the rock and hard place, one side is the dungeon and on the other side is the devil. So people are leaving the community in droves. I go to wedding and see Tamils marrying outside.

The meeting of Shavendra Silva with TGTE was not an accident or coincidence it was a well planed preview to what is in store for us. If TGTE was really against Mahinda Rajapaksa they would have organized a bigger crowd to confront the war criminal. They did not. The head office of TGTE is New York, to send only 4 people is beyond comprehension. We hold TGTE responsible for this debacle. You don’t shake hands with a murderer, there is no plea bargain for murder, no mitigation of sentence, no amount of social or community service will pay for the sin. Premeditated crime is a disease and the punishment is life time repentance under confinement. One can deal with an ignorant enemy but not with an unreasonable enemy.

The meeting between Government and TNA is shrouded in secrecy. Why? TNA agreed to keep it a secret. I can understand a Tamil marriage proposal; you have to keep it secret otherwise some one will spoil the soup. But this is about the future of Tamils; we should know what is going on. What is that they want to discuss in private that cannot be discussed in public? It is about the Tamil public so let it be open. I am beginning to believe we are at this plight because of what we are. We are not ready for freedom and social justice. Neither the Singhalese nor the Tamils are ready for self rule, democracy or freedom. To most us freedom means right of the might. When one does not return some thing given in good faith, one thinks it is one right to have it. That was hunter gatherer society where you go and gather what is available free in nature.

There is something going on between the World Tamil Forum and the Mahinda Rajapaksa.
We don’t know. A weekly or monthly address by these leaders will tell us who they are, what they believe in and where they are heading, but it is all silence, silence and silence. Why? The dilemma we are facing is why don’t the four groups compare notes with each other and see what is going on. But it is not in our Tamil blood to do so.

To tell the truth most ordinary Tamils have given up hope with our self proclaimed leaders.
The game that is played is to get Sri Lanka off the hook of war crimes and genocide investigations. We all know that, so why are the Tamils talking with them, is it short term memory or second class mentality? People say that Mahinda is bribing our people, to fool Tamils you don’t need bribe, just tell them the other side is willing to talk with us. We are an emotionally unstable people, we cannot respond, we just react. We have to become mentally tough people.

As we are, is there anything left to lose? They have pushed us to the very end and now they want to offer us to be slaves and servants. Some people are happy may be they have no choice. The only choice we have is Diaspora, but they are not uniting. There seem to be internal struggle going on to decide who to lead, in my opinion only the capable man should lead with a carefully and properly written course of action. We all know that we have to unite, but what is holding us back?

Looking from another angle, do we have the resolve, determination and perseverance to continue a freedom movement like the African Americans in the USA and the South Africans against apartheid? Do we have Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Mahatma Gandhi etc among us? No. Do we have Winston Churchill, George Marshall, and Abraham Lincoln in our community? NO. We do not have any one with a moral obligation, moral stamina and moral direction to stand up and say, we are free people; we want the Singhalese to respect our freedom. We must stand up firmly and let them destroy themselves. There is an invisible power within in each of us, but it will only come out when we stand for what is right. That is a force no army can penetrate. No man will have the moral courage to face what is right. What is right is an invincible force.

Why are Tamils struggling? Because we are ignorant. Society, community, family are highly complex and advanced form of living. To be a member in any form of human association needs several qualities such a trust, loyalty, honesty, belonging, duty and very many others. These are developed through years of schooling and disciplined life. The concept of society runs against the very nature of our human nature to be selfish, self protecting and fearful nature. Man is a scared animal and to expect it to associate with another man is daunting challenge. Hitherto almost all associations are varied forms of master servant relationship. None based on equality

The concept of equality, fraternity, freedom, unity, responsibility is all scary concepts which undermine who we are. To overcome the fear we need courage and confidence. To have formed societies is the greatest achievement by mankind, but that association is under stress today. The concept of one man rule is the biggest threat mankind is facing today.

In the last 60 years the Tamils have prospered in sciences but not in politics and community building. We seem to be more divided than united. We are united by weaker features of language and religion and are strongly divide by class and caste system. Our lack of interest in social sciences and focus on creative sciences may be one of the reasons. Another feature I observed is that we do not give credence and importance to our own kind. I write very frequently and some of my articles are published by other communities and three important ones by the Singhalese people owned news media. Only one the Tamil new papers or news sites feature my articles. Why is that we do not have feeling to our own kind. When I started writing on our website there was so many negative comments by our own people. Some outside news sites used to feature my articles, but they stopped, when asked why, they gave reasons that lead to believe that some one from our community has requested that they do not feature my articles. What I write is to make my contribution to my community, why would they stop me helping the community? It appears that some group is trying to hijack the community and hold them at bay.


That is pure ignorance. Some people think that they own the community. These people are not for the community, they are not selfish, and they are stupid to destroy their own sanctuary. My boss always told me; watch out for those people who sit in the boat and drill holes in the bottom. There is nothing wrong with them, it is pure ignorance.

One organization wants to issue national identity cards. I asked them what for, no reply from their head office. You know what it is for; I think if there is another election of members for the Tamil government in exile only people with membership can vote. That way a bunch of people can own the name TAMIL. Or put the name Tamil in front, middle or end of the name thus fooling the Tamils. They held a cabinet meeting recently, what for? Because people have begun questioning them about what is going on. Transparency and clarity is always missing, if questioned you are a traitor. We have to become much better people to open up and allow others to pry into us and help us grow. I hope we grow out of this and become world class people.

In my view, the function of any group for the Tamils must be to work for the betterment of the community. They all want to present a front that they are fighting the Sri Lankan government. When you do that you gain acceptance among people, but all in all we should improve the community’s standing in the world. To fight for our rights in Sri Lanka and else where we have to attain acceptance by other communities. The African Americans through moral standing and Jews by economic means, we have to develop that moral deterrence so that others will recognize us.

At our mission is to.
“Our mission at world class Tamils, is to encourage and empower Tamils all over the world to come together as one community to form a synergistic social, economical and political high trust entity that will empower every Tamil to be a great citizen of the world and to live with self esteem, self respect, dignity and self sufficiency to attain a new state of absolute freedom”

I heard that the Tamil National Alliance has begun talks with the Terrorist government of Sri Lanka. I am not happy, now I know why a little kid in Moneragala, Sri Lankan called me a Pariah, it is because we behave like pariahs. Here is group of hare brained people abandoning the 70 million Tamils worldwide, the United Nations, the Europeans the Americans and the Diaspora and talking with the enemy who slaughtered their kith and kin. The blood has not even dried and these losers talking with the enemy. It is lack of depth of character in Tamils to be blamed, not the Singhalese. When will these characterless people learn from the African Americans in USA never to compromise what you think is right, Did our American brother ever compromise what they believed to be wrong. Tamils must learn to stand straight even if you are alone. One should never negotiate with an unreasonable enemy. I have in my life faced these situations and when I stood firm on my convictions they respected me for what I am rather than who I am. What you are speaks louder than who you are. It is the what that we have to plant, cultivate and nurture among each one of us and among our community.

There are perceived enemies and unreasonable enemies. Perceived enemy is one who will listen to reasoning and morality. Unreasonable enemy is a barbarian who does not have the moral faculty of logic not installed in his operating system. To abuse a community of people for 60 years and then unleashing deadly force cannot be comprehended by poorly developed minds. The plea by world leaders was not heeded. Only way this enemy will understand is through harsh methods and we have been succeeding and as we make progress but there are few among Tamils who derail the process and progress. It is their immaturity, inability etc are the cause of the community’s misery.

Here are a few ideas that Tamil leaders can think about.

1. Sense of community and sense of belonging
2. Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity, Trust, Responsibility etc
3. Industriousness and Involvement
4. Emotional energy and intelligence
5. Limitations and acceptance
6. Non aggressiveness and non violence
7. Education and experience
8. Transparency and openness
9. Keeping it all together
10. Ability to listen and accepting all
11. Ability to stand firm and steadfast
12. Social responsibility and strong moral foundation
13. To be a great citizen promoting unity.
14. Courage and leadership training

When one reads about the so called elected leaders, very few seem to have at least some substance. What the world community needs are true leaders who can commit to greater welfare of the society. Two basic things any society needs are Prosperity and Peace, Freedom and Justice, give them and they will do the rest. As Plato said a society that is less governed is the best governed. By giving people time, space and freedom we make them better citizens more willing to coalesce, co-operate and co-exist and govern themselves.

I looked at the G20 Finance Ministers posing for the media and I could not find one single empowerer but all celebrity seekers. They all want to be seen not heard, it is an illusion. There is one leader I admire, Barack Obama and one constitution that I love, USA constitution. And its democratic system that selects the best. The process and procedure that ensures a vibrant leader is selected, we had one in Canada called Late Mr. Pierre Elliot Trudeau. People don’t need to be bailed out; they need a sense of freedom to bail them out on their own. What we need are not governments but empowerments.

The sense of community, the importance of society, the commitment to universal moral laws, the conviction to stand firm on what is right are not in the minds of countries and the United Nations Organization. We saw that in the Sri Lankan Genocide of 40,000 innocent Tamil people, millions in Sudan and in Rwanda. Media also failed in its duty; they were either bought or sold. The world has failed to produce leaders who can stand up for what is right. That is why we at world class Tamils took to the cyberspace to penetrate the greater walls of larceny, conspiracy and the den of thieves. There are massive revolutions unfolding around the world and all these front pieces of pawns appearing on the media screens are just the foot soldiers of an evil empire to control the people with debt and destitution. But the evil empires are in trouble, the heads of the nations that plunder the people and drive them into debt and then dump them into destitution will have no place to go. Governments have become a business with the mandate to kill for making money. Mahinda Rajapaksa is making all necessary arrangements to leave the shores of Sri Lanka on short notice. He will move his presidential secretariat to Hambantota and from there he can jump a Chinese ship to Maldives for sanctuary. The question is where will he go from Maldives?

As for Tamils we expected our so called Prime Minister to reach out and unite the community. He seems to move with trepidation, sometimes elusive, some times aloof and mostly invisible. There is deep division in the community among the self proclaimed leaders and the lion has spotted the opportunity and reaching to the Tamil Diaspora and slowly alluring them to their side. If we let any organization to rise with out totally uniting the community we are sowing the seed of future debacle. The so called Prime Minister is either incapable or incompetent. He has neither captured the audience nor the spectators. He is the greatest damage to the community for the foreseeable future. That is why we at world class Tamil are staying neutral and infusing the community with our insights so that they proceed cautiously.

Our so called Prime Minister and his members must stand up for what is right, Fighting for freedom is not a crime, and he has not displayed that intellect to the international community and to its leaders. It also appears that his organization does not want to hear opposing views. Like Mahinda Rajapaksa, he too believes that if you are not with us you are against us, they believe that they are absolutely right and there are no other avenues. There seem to be some parallel between him and the Sri Lankan government. Here is my take on the current situation of the Tamil community, it is frustrated that there is no unity among groups. It is simply due to lack of leadership training and experience. Therefore we must embark on programs to cultivate and nurture new breed of leaders among our community.

Tamils also must develop the sense of community and sense of responsibility. A man called me form North Carolina accusing me of something I wrote or said. He called me on my business toll free number. He was threatening me. Hey, if you want to degrade me at least pay for the telephone call, or call me from your own telephone. I am not willing pay my money to purchase his problems. I have crossed that bridge long time ago. My friend, if you want to call me have the guts, bones and courage, I am not a Pannam Koddai or Dosais.
I am living in a free country I know my rights and limits and I function within it. It is an advice worth following to some Tamils. Not knowing the law is not an excuse. As they say in the legal circle due diligence is the ultimate in litigation and crime avoidance.

What we need are crisp, robust and steadfast leadership grounded on absolute moral foundation. Press releases, constitutions and cabinet meeting are needed but uniting the community under one mission is the prime task, which we have not done. To reach out and ask some one to come to our side is the easiest of human nature.

Here is an advice for the Singhalese, call upon the Tamils and say here is your Tamil eelam now get out of our country. 12% of the population therefore here is your 3129 square miles take it or leave it. If I am a Singhalese, that is what I will do. This will make them to think realistically. Tamils, you have two choices, you can have it all or you can have a piece of the pie. The choice is up to you.

As I always said, 70 million Tamils Worldwide Unite, Stay together, Work Hard and Never Ever Give Up, the best is yet to come and we are winning.

My name is Subramaniam Masilamany, I am world class Tamil powdered by convictions, commitments and conscience.