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In Toronto, where I live, there are two communities that excel very well, The Chinese and Tamils. The Royal Bank of Canada, one of the biggest in the world, widely advertises among the Chinese and Tamils. Well, if only this individually intelligent community can get over its dis-unity and division and come together we can make history. History says the invading Nordics 3500 years ago and the invading barbarian from the south of Sri Lanka are actively engaged in keeping this community divided. I wish if only we can unite, we can become a very healthy and prosperous community. I hope we Tamils begin to appreciate each others brilliance and form one united community. We stand to benefit and the world stand to benefit.

A friend of mine just returned from Dominican Republic from a week holiday. I asked him how the people are. He said they are mixed and aimless. That is what happens when there is tourism. That is called bastardization of a nation. Tourists are fun seekers so they look for booze and once senses are tamed look for fun and frolic. Now can you relate this to Sri Lanka, it is being converted into a fun paradise. Then there is the fanaticism fan by the Triangle if evil, the Mahavamsa, the Mahasangha and the Mahanayakes. Two opposing cultures within one, but they took these children of fun and frolic and channeled them into fanaticism. But the Tamils coming from a well structured living seeking redress from these people. Tourism is the preferred economic model of Sri Lanka, but the Tamils are focused on the German-Japanese- Korean socio-economic model. I do not know why the Singhalese are trying to pollute a vibrant race of people. That is why we have embarked on a journey to reclaim this community for the cultural genocide of the barbarians.

Sex is a river of fire and it has to be controlled through orderly marriage to produce healthy disease free community. We cannot change our anatomy so purity in relationship is prerequisite for a cleaner society. Some of the worst diseases find comfort in our sexual organs and transmitting them through sexual promiscuity leads to diseased and dysfunctional individuals. Therefore we need an extremely disciplined culture to maintain the purity of the society. Otherwise the burden of healthcare expenses will bankrupt the world and it is coming. Health care drains the economic vitality of any nation. Besides Trans-generational outlook on life has been replaced with Friday paycheque syndrome. It will not last. Thank God, I was born in Tamil culture, where we focus on the next 1000 years. Booze, sex, gambling, fun and frolic are for instant satisfaction with bitter after effects and not for eternal glorification. Let’s have it all today and who cares about the next generation.

Now one can see the trouble in Sri Lanka, one is a planned community and other is a plagued community. I operate a small enterprise and I make sure my associates put away money for future. Once they have a stable family with financial security they become excellent performers, this excellent performance lead to improved income, thus I create a fountain of never ending wealth, a cornucopia.

So we have set out on a journey to recapitulate and reclaim this community of 70 million people scattered all over the world. We have embarked on education and entrepreneurship to revitalize this community. No economic emancipation is possible without an exacting cultural heritage. What have India done to Tamils? It has created a romantic careless unstructured community of movie goers, the Sri Lankan Singhalese are at the same game. The Singhalese have set out now to divide the community around the world. I hope Tamils keep a close watch on them.
We are not a community ravaged and savaged with fanaticism. What we need is a sociological model where people live in harmony without fear of famine or threat to their life and health. I am confident that china will do it, but India, Pakistan, Bengal Desh and Sri Lanka will never, unless the Tamil 70 million takes over the cultural heritage of South Asia.

We are not racists, fanatics and narcissistic, we are simply people with preponderance to harness the power and resources of the universe for creating better life for all. Look at Germany, Japan, USA and Korea, they are everywhere with their wares and wealth, you see them, you buy them, you use them and you enjoy them. That is what we Tamils want to do. Look our enthusiasm for life was subdued by numerically larger but mentally weaker race of people. That is wrong. It is bad them and bad for us, it was not good for them and it is not good for us.
Today like the Greeks and Romans, our culture is enriching the whole world except in Sri Lanka. I hope the Singhalese change and become mentally strong than physically abusive. We want the Singhalese in Sri Lankan to become smart instead of being stupid. When Mahinda Rajapaksa, before him SWRD Bandaranayake and then J.R. Jeyawardene talk we can feel the barbaric mindset in their words, deeds and behaviour. If they have to introduce Rs5000.00 denomination, what does it tell you? There is no productivity but proclivity for racism, when you cultivate racism and fanaticism you pay the economic price.

I trace the Sri Lankan problem to the Triangle of Evil. The Mahavamsa, the Mahasangha and the Mahanayakes. If they teach racism to children at school especially in the early years, what do they become? Mahinda Rajapksa is product of this indoctrination. He said he is Dutta Gemunu No 2, but God put him in his right place. If the Singhalese people do not turn around 180 degrees they will suffer the fate of Palestinians. The Singhalese people must come into the modern society respecting human rights and human freedom to for an equitable and just society. For 60 years of waste and wanton killing and abuses of Tamil will never go unrepented. Some one will pay the price.

Couples of days ago, one of Mahinda Rajapkasa Golayas (Servant) savant in his racist performances surreptitiously organized a political meeting under the disguise of religious function and preached racism in the USA. This is no one other than Shavendra Silva, the man who carried out the order to decimate 40,000 innocent Tamil civilians. The tone of his voice, words and body language told us that he is here on mission to create trouble. We are keeping a very close watch on his whereabouts and words uttered.

The current strife in Sri Lanka was fundamentally caused by natural factor deficiencies, specifically the lack of sufficient salinity free water to sustain life in the north. It is the Singhalese by purposely withholding water to the North perpetrated this racial tension and the civil war. They deep in their mind want us to either leave or die. If they are any wiser they would send the water to the north so that the Tamils do not migrate south looking for water rich lands. I hope some one understand this natural problem becoming a human disaster. Neither Tamils point this out to the Singhalese, sorry to say that Tamil were never united in their minds. In their greed to grab they sacrificed every one! It is their poor evolution of the minds and the understanding of the purpose life that lead to this national disaster. We have set out to correct that defect too through education and knowledge building.

Sri Lanaka has land man ratio of 350 people per square kilometer. It cannot hope to maintain a healthy society on traditional income sources; it has to become a high tech export oriented society similar to Japan, Korea and Germany where the land man ratios are pretty high. Tamils have successfully exported them to wiser and wealthier pastures and now has a healthier balance of people to land supplemented by hard currencies from around the world. The Singhalese are trying but they end up in the Middle East as maids and mistresses.

Can we change the mindset of the Singhalese? It has to be done unconsciously and subconsciously. We have to slowly but steadily provide the necessary stimulus for change.
We have to reduce the focus on race, religion and language and replace with internal diversity within us such as the multiple intellect of creativity. We, as Late Rev. Martin Luther King said lets look for the internal content of intelligence than the external complexity of language, color, caste and religion. He set the paradigm shift towards a newer society, but for that we must praise the American constitution that treat all as equal. Sri Lanka is about 100 years behind.

Where are Mahinda Rajapaksa and his people? They are into violence, criminality, state sponsored terrorism, Para militarism, stifled Judiciary etc. Will they ever change? Unless we starve them through trade and economic sanctions. Can the United Nations help? No. because it is not a just organization too many culprits have got in along with courage less, cunning and listless people.

Today the world is guided by social net working through internet; we Tamil 70,000,000 strong must come together and form one homogenous community looking out for each other. Though 70,000,000 in number we are numerical minority in all nations. We must take advantage of the world wide (spider) web to connect with each other and promote socio-eco- political dialogue and help each other to rise to a new high level of social standing. The Singhalese in Sri Lanka and the Indians in India if they wish can join us for different Journey. In India they racial disharmony is getting too strong and we must be ready to accept those Indian people who divorce from the intolerant Indian culture.

Quoting from Emile Durkheim, The division of Labour in Society,
“A society composed of an infinite number of disorganized individuals, that a
Hypertrophied state is forced to oppress and contain, constitute a veritable monstrosity. More over, the state is too remote from individuals; its relations with them too external and intermittent to penetrate deeply into individual conscience and socialize within. A nation can be maintained only if, between the state and the individual, there is interposed a whole series of secondary groups near enough to the individuals to attract them strongly in their sphere of action and drag them in this way, into the general torrent of social life.
And hence as Alexis de Tocqueville said, “The art of association then becomes the mother of action.
I hope we Tamils take this to our heart and become united to our hearts, minds and deeds. There has never been and never will be a compelling opportunity for us to bring our people together. The will is there, but the leadership is missing.

I may not have said much, but I keep trying and learning; I do not want regret later that I did not try.
As I always said, 70 million Tamils worldwide unite, stay together, work hard and never ever give up. The best is yet to come and we are winning.

Thank you; I am Subramaniam Masilamany, A World Class Tamil Powered by Convictions, Commitments and Conscience.