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Global Tamil Re-emergence and Resurgence Initiative – Part 2

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Good day Ladies and Gentlemen,

My Name is Subramaniam Masilamany, I am a Tamil. Today my topic is on Global Tamil Re-emergence and Resurgence Initiative – Part 2


“Our prime objective is to ensure that every Dravidian kid must have at least 20 years of schooling” it means a university degree

“Our mission is to encourage Tamils all over the world to unite and come together as one community and form a synergistic social, economical and political high trust entity that will empower and entrust every Tamil to become a great citizen with self esteem, self respect and self sufficiency to attain a new state of freedom”.

“We, outran our life clock, we have more time left in our life clock and we want to help the community and the world to be a better place”

Let me pose a simple question to my Tamil fraternity, what is the difference between the Sheep and a Shepherd? Which one is easier to manage and manipulate. What the Singhalese have done very successfully is to destroy our knowledge base. That is why I am so dumb. If you talk to the people between the ages of 25-55 you see sense knowledge-less-ness. Why? They are the victims of destruction by the Singhalese. So we set out to neutralise, equalise and surprise them with our own plan. Every Tamil parent now knows that education is the bed rock lies below the foundation of any civil society. Thank God we got out in time to revive the glory of the Tamils. The burning of the Jaffna Library was done at the direction of the Mahanayake, who is implementing the agenda of Mahavamsa and managed by Mahasangha.
In any war the first thing that is done is to cut off the flow of information by attacking the command, control and communication centre. Communications is the most important single element in any community. Cut off the ability of a community to communicate you have them in total disarray.

Here is saying:

To destroy a community, take away their ability to think
To destroy their ability to think, take away their education
To destroy their education, take away their scripts and literature
To destroy their scripts and literature , take away their schools.

Remember my fellow Tamils, SWRD Bandaranayke, JR Jayewardene and Mahinda Rajapaksa are just the foot soldiers of the Mahasangha. Listen carefully my friends, Mahasangha is the real culprit, Mahinda is all for himself. He is dumb as a donkey. I always said Mahavamsa- Mahasangha and Mahanayake. The points of an evil triangle. This is where the power lies and where from the orders are given. Religion is a very sensitive issue but when it becomes fanatical it has to be dealt with effectively, efficient and expeditiously. The purpose of “religion” is to introduce fear in the mind of people.
I will tell you for a next few years the subjugation and genocide of Tamils will be put off. Then they will start it again. Fool me once Shame on you fool me twice, shame on both, fool me thrice shame on me. There are a few sheep like Douglas, Karuna and few others who follow the Singhalese Sheppard.

Take it from me; this racial issue will go on forever, till Tamils find an equalizer. Dear folks don’t look at Mahinda look at Mahanayake. Mahanayake has no problem with the 18th amendment to the constitution. Because Mahinda delivered more Tamils head than asked for, he exceeded the quota, won’t you reward some who delivers much more than asked for?
What were the Singhalese doing for the last 60 years, slowly but steadily degraded the Tamils. So we must understand the flow of personality of the Singhalese. But what I do not understand is the stupidity of the Tamil Modayas who are getting political mileage out our misery. Thosais, Panam koddais, and lately Modayas, where will it end. It ends right now. Hence we have embarked on a re-emergence plan, it has to begin with education, and I have given below a suggested

We have revised last years target to include Tamils worldwide, numbering 70 million.

1. 70,000 Tamil students to enrol in universities, out of which 7000 students to enrol in legal profession, 7000 students to enter Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT etc and at least another 3500 to obtain Master or doctorates.

2. At least 95% of the 65,000 must enrol in Engineering, Computer Science, Investment Banking, Business Management, Accounting, Chemical engineering, advanced material management and Political Science etc.

3. We need Investment bankers, constitutional lawyers, Writers, Journalist and Creative artists, Business experts, MBAs, Politicians, Members of the Parliament and City Councillors Unity experts, professionals and counsellors, Inventors, Scientist and Researchers, Technology transfer experts

4. 100,000 new businesses of which 10000 industries. Business is the incubator of new inventions, income and employment. If the Tamils want to be free they have to free then from economic dependence. We have to have our own seminal sources of income.

5. We must establish at least one bank of international calibre equivalent to Hong Honk and Shanghai Bank. Ample assets and cash are available to make this bank a grand success. We need people with banking experience to undertake this venture. It is the greatest gift they can give to us.

6. 1000 International patents to be filed. A patent is a new idea or an improvement to an idea that gets governmental protection for between 15- 20 years. To this end we need to produce a few hundred patent lawyers who can assist inventors. We have filed several patents, the latest, if granted patent protection will save nations billions of dollars in energy consumption.

7. To ensure Tamil elders over the age of 50 remain healthy and vibrant to lead our next generation, Our elders must keep them physically active, change your eating habit form high carbohydrate diet to Vegetarian diet high in fibre, high in vitamins, high in anti-oxidants. Diabetes is not a disease but eating disorder. Change your nutrients and change your eating times and duration and you will live for ever.

8. Embark on Leadership, Courage and Confidence building training. As a businessman I have noticed that eastern people are great for qualitative and quantitative work but not so good in innovative and inventive work. Qualitative and quantitative work is working within a circle but innovation and inventions need thinking outside the circle.

9. We have to promote among our families the need for peace harmony, kindness, tolerance, patience and understanding. Coming form the east our men must learn to respect the freedom of women and women must respect the new found freedom. Seldom you can rebuild your family again, so do not tamper with what you already have. We also have to ensure we take care of our elders for they are the source of wisdom to our grandchildren.

10. Here is something we all must think about, to stop watching South Indian movies, they are designed and encouraged to keep Dravidians at the low spectrum of development. I go to some homes to see the whole family sit in front of 52” flat screen TV watching at least 3 movies a day and then they call me to complain about their family fidelity problems, sex is an acquired habit, love is natural. You become what YOU see. Right? If I am wrong call me at 1-800-881-8672.

Here are few motivational tips.

 “Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach him to fish he will feed all his life and more” Confucius.

 “Forests withstand hurricanes but single trees succumb. United we stand, stand alone we fall”

 “Help some one to start a business, give him or her head start, and buy their products and services”

 “No fish can survive without water; no man can survive without a community”

 “I, in my own self interest want to work in the interest of my community, one day some day when you are in distress some brother or sister will come from nowhere to help you, believe me”

The easiest way you can help the community is to help yourself and your family. We have come a long way since 1960 and how we remerged since 2009 is the proof of our persevering and determined culture. We are back in the international forum asserting our rights to freedom.

Here is another one for my people. There are about 1,000,000 Sri Lankan women working in the Middle East as maids. When an Arab man sees and talks me he thinks that I am working in Canada as a house boy in some wealthy family or when he sees a Sri Lankan woman he will say there goes another slut. Don’t call me names, I call it the way I see it. We cannot stop stereotyping and profiling. Once I asked King Mahinda when one of his maids return home pregnant, what happens to his Aryan Heritage. Destroyed or diluted?

So from here on no Tamil should call himself or herself a Sri Lankan. We will give that honorary designation to Mahinda's people. We are Tamils we are as good as Japanese or Germans, we are the creators of wealth for all. Every Tamil must make it a challenge to send all their kids to the University and when next time an Arab man comes in to see you he will treat you like a human being. In Saudi Arabia there are goats in the street to scavenge, no proud Saudi will ever work as garbage picker. One wonders Sri Lankan sheep or Sri Lankan goat?

What is wrong with the dark skinned people? Why do you pick the jobs that no one wants to do it? You know why? You guys are divided. You guys were divided and you are still remaining divided. I think if I am not mistaken, we dark skinned Indians are the only one still left divided.
Call me anything, Call me a reverse racist.

What can we do when in Tamil Nadu with 70 million Tamils have Film Stars as the chief minister and opposition leader? What do you expect?
But my dear folks, it is time to wake up, shut the TV off, and get down to family building, community building and nation building. If you are some one in the Indian area you have to work extra hard to get out of that feudalistic mentality

But folks as I always said, Tamils worldwide unite, stay together, work hard and never ever give up. The best is yet to come.
Thank you for listening
My name is Subramaniam Masilamany, a World-Class Tamil powered by Convictions, Commitments and Conscience