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“Our mission is to encourage Tamils all over the world to come together as one community and form a synergistic social, economical and political high trust entity that will empower every Tamil to become a great citizen with self esteem, self respect and self sufficiency to attain a new state of freedom”.
“We outran our life clock, we have more time left in our life clock and we want to help the community and the world to be a better place”


“If you take away freedom, people become dependents, dependent people become liabilities, therefore do not interfere with freedom”

The future world of Tamils will be decided by a set of conditions that we will make the largest number of people to come together and form a community. We have to identify the needs that have to be satisfied to make them to feel a sense of belonging and the courage to unite.
Let see what may be those conditions.

There is only one single condition that must be satisfied to at least making people to think about belonging to a community. That is their freedom. Freedom is a non negotiable, un-bargainable right of all people. So feedom is common to all. Any man tampering with the freedom of others is tampering with his own freedom.

Let see what else is common to all, right to life. The very purpose of freedom is to preserve oneself life on earth. This then is another non negotiable and un-bargainable right of the people. When one takes away another’s life the penalty is his own life taken away.

The next is, right to produce or vocational freedom, life depends on food and other needs, one must have the freedom to acquire and retain them. This is called the property rights.

The next is, right of association, that is a man or woman can form a partnership with another man or woman for peaceful purpose, either for living together or for any purpose other than an armed struggle against the nation.

The next right is, Educational freedom; one must have the freedom to choose the direction in which one wants to further his intellectual development

The next right is, religious freedom, one must have the freedom to choose a believe system that is conducive to their life. Religion is not fanaticism; it is a way of organizing our internal operating system.

The next right is choice of communication. One must have the freedom to choose the medium of communication written, spoken and read. Sometimes called language rights.

The next right is freedom of movement and relocation, one must have the freedom to live anywhere he or she wants to live by proper methods of acquisition.

The next right is, right to defend, one must be able to bear means of deterrence in case of aggression, invasion and intrusions.

The next freedom is, right to fair hearing. One must have the chance and choice to making his views heard and a means to an impartial judgment.

These are the minimum conditions to form an association or community or nation, but there is more. If I have to join an organization what will I gain over what I already I have? This is the crux of the quest. The question is what is in it for me.

If we form an association called Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam, what good is it? What are the articles of the constitution? Why should I join? Will I be breaking the laws of the resident government? To these the TGTE government has not provided any answers.

So if we want to unite our Tamil community we have to make tremendous effort with trustworthy, responsible and compelling insights and deliberations to make them think about joining a union of Tamils. Tamils are no ordinary people, to convince them will take lots of efforts. I do not think we ever had a selfless, convincing, charismatic, knowledgeable leader in our community.

It is my opinion the present condition of the community is due to its selfish leaders who were always infighting. As far I know from S.J.V. Chelvanayagam- G.G.Ponambalam era till now we are divided, it is more so than before and ever. After living over 65 years and worked 16 hours per day and still coming to work at 5.59am sharp, I got something to say and I have that right to say, To preserve me, in my own selfish interest, I force myself to apply high degree of moral standards to operate my enterprise to benefit all, for without that union of people, I will not be able to survive and maintain this superb standard of living. My family, my relatives, my friends, my associates, my customers, my suppliers, my community, my city, my province and my country Canada is all part of my overall view of my life. I work with all these people in my mind. Because I am selfish.

The unity among the Tamil community is lacking and the community is at a verge of collapsing. I can feel the desperation of the people and the degeneration of the leadership capacity among our people who are calling themselves to be leaders. At this juncture we need a leader who devotes himself or herself fully and entirely for the community. Do we have any one? Do we have leader or person who can reach out to the other leaders and factions and bring them under one dedicated and focused mission? TGTE elected a Prime Minister, did he ever bother to reach out to the other factions and convinced them that we all must unite? Did they write a constitution that will mobilize, galvanize and crystallize the community? Did they ever tell the Tamil people, through repeated address, that we must unite, work hard and maintain a healthy community? No, it is not in their mind, get up in the morning, where is the coffee, and focus on what is wrong with others is the prime time discussion. The day goes fast when the tongue is loose. For 60 years we watched this division and blame game, it gets votes. People live in hope, nothing happens.

We run a weekly youtube programme to coalesce the Tamil community worldwide, 70 million strong, we are making head way, we feel it from the people who participate in our discourse. We are running socio-economic stimulus programme. Tamils do not need any help, which is the plus plus about this community. Show them and they will do it. So we have an excellent stock to breed from. I am proud to be a Tamil because I belong to a determined persevering community like no other. What we lack is leadership, to lead such a vibrant and virulent community you need a Sir Winston Churchill or a George Marshall type, I hope Prabaharan is alive. I see one emerging in Tamil Nadu, Mr. Seeman, I see some in Malaysia and few in Singapore, I see lots of them in Europe and America. This community needs a selfless smart leader. Donkeys are easy to lead but try leading the horses.

This is a long journey with no end, but we need a community that will stand the test of invasions by barbarians; a community that will maintain a high degree of trust and unity. India and Sri Lanka are talking about giving our rights, they cannot give our rights because they don’t have any rights, if they do how comes that they are so far down in the social ladder?

To conclude this week’s address, Is TGTE the organization, Is Rudrakumar the leader. He has so far not demonstrated his dexterity. If he is aloof and elusive then the Tamil people have to look for other ways to salvage them. His first task should have been within the first 100 days is to unite the community, which he has not done, We hear of draft constitution, but cannot see it in any of the websites. He undertook an enormous task, Tamils in the west are the best, well educated, well experienced, and seasoned in the American and European market place. They follow great leaders like barcak obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton and very many others. In scale of 100, If Barrack Obama is 100, where will Rudrakumar be? This is the question Tamil people are asking us for we too are in the same arena but to unite the Tamils worldwide.

What Tamils need is to discover our self esteem, self determination and self preservation. No one need to give us anything, if you do then you have plundered from us. I live in Canada, I do not ask for any handouts but there is sufficient freedom to conduct my life my way without infringing into others and not tolerating infiltration by others. In my own self interest I respect my neighbor’s self interest; by respecting freedom of others, they reciprocate my freedom. How far is Sri Lanka, or India or China for that matter? The Singhalese in Sri Lanka in their quest to demean, disgrace and degrade Tamils demeaned themselves to menial positions. 20 million people set out to destroy 2 million people is nothing but ignorance, have they realized their follies, not at all. And in this troubled waters of the Indian Ocean India and China are competing for material advantage.

May be TGTE thinks that Tamils are still Panam Koddais and Dosais (backward people), not we are now well educated and experienced people who dress like statesmen, not like sailors some times who appear on BBC. If we don’t display our Visual, auditory and kinesthetic ability mahinda rajapaksa will say let have another drink and let us all gloat in the glory. He will say, never disturb the enemy while he is making Mistakes. The best way to destroy an enemy is to not to interrupt him while he is making mistakes.

If I have said some thing to hurt some one, as they say, if the kitchen gets hot you can always leave. Some people think that we should worship our leaders; no they should worship the people, while others think that when elected they are entitled to get the cream and the gravy. What you asked for is to carry us on your back. Get that one right.

I hope I have put enough dough in your thought processor, think about it.

As I always say, all Tamils unite, stay together, work hard and never ever give up, it is working I see it in my daily encounter with my fellow Tamils.

Until next week, I am Subramaniam Masilamany, a worldclass Tamil powered by convictions, commitments and Conscience.